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  1. I have done this, and when I spectate new joining players it shows them as having $50,000 which is what I defined, however I use ESSV2 and when players go to select a class and a spawn position it wipes their banks.
  2. Okay so if youre confused by the title what I am trying to do is to make it so that everytime a new player who has never been on our server before joins in, it puts a defined amount of money into his bank. I only ever want it to happen once per new player. How can I do this?
  3. my intention was not to be salty, I would recommend you use config based traders, if you do I would be happy to help you and show you how its done.
  4. why are you sitting here asking someone to do this work for you? I mean did you even bother to comb through these forums? tons of tutorials have been posted on how to do anything from make map edits all the way to customizing loot tables and traders please come back after you have thoroughly combed the forums if you still need help.
  5. okay well I have overpoch cherno and overpoch tavi setup, what I need to figure out is on my dedicated box I have extra ips, how can I assign the taviana server to the other ip because I cant get the server to run on dayz launcher sponsored listing nor can I get it on gametracker because the cherno is on the same ip but different port.
  6. Hi guys, Rentiger here I was wondering if there was a chance anyone would be willing to help me get an overpoch server or two setup on my new dedicated box, I keep running into the same issue and cannot seem to move past it. I get stuck saying the server is running the incorrect epoch version yadda yadda but I just downloaded the files from the github today? I am willing to pay anyone who is able to help me setup the two overpoch servers using the single currency pbos that I have already made.
  7. so that would be today at 3 gmt im down with that idk when gmt is but Im us eastern time and ill be on around 3 then too.
  8. Join my teamspeak @ and ill walk you through it when your not busy, I will show you the basics and help you setup everything on GTX.
  9. this could be due to the fact that your using the modified death messages with the gun icons, I had this issue for a while when I replaced player_death on the mission side and the server_playerdied etc.
  10. are you using a custom hud? T.B.H. I would recommend you use a hud instead of a debug monitor but thats just me. You can always download someone elses too if you want, if you wanna see my hud im using it was custom made by me & cen, original creator cen but I worked it around a bit for my earplugs scripts. if you wanna see what it looks like: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16448-release-cens-custom-gui-for-epochoverpoch/
  11. and also I was really just asking if I payed someone would they be willing to help me add sc 2.0 to the pbos I already have.
  12. I use notepad ++ to do this with a compare function.
  13. HI guys, me again, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to put in the time to help me add single currency 2.0 to my existing pbos, I have been told that it would be easier to start from scratch with single currency and installing everything after, I know this is an option but I have spent months coding and refining all the addons and mods I have running together and I really do not want to start from scratch. If anyone wants to collaborate with me let me know, thanks, Ryan.
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