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  1. well i fixed my problem with what i was having, it was with the fn_actions but it wasnt the same exact thing he had.
  2. im not quite sure what you mean on this, what did you change exactly?
  3. sorry for the late responce, i was at work, and i meant to say mission.sqf not sqm..all traders still have the normal trader menu but the only ones that have the advanced trading is the medical guy and food guy, the rest of them do not have advanced trading
  4. all i see in the mission.sqm is Soldier_Sniper_KSVK_PMC which is the same as the trader sqf
  5. pretty sure its correct..i didnt even edit the list and its already on the list so idk what else i can do.
  6. i am..my weapons guy is menu_Soldier_Sniper_KSVK_PMC for example is in there and when i go up to him it says "tactical specialist (KSVK)" Edit: also this is in my root init.sqf: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders_tavi_13.sqf"; //Compile trader configs so i know its pointed at the right traders sqf
  7. well is there a way to disable the limits? cause im running an overpoch origins server so its on Tavi. My trader config is "server_traders_tavi_13.sqf" but only a couple of the traders in the city have advanced trading like the doctor and the food trader but not the weapons guy, ammo guy,the building supplies guy, and the vehicle trader.
  8. How do I allow the weapons, ammo, building supply trader to have advanced trading? i realize zupa has it disabled for security issues but is there a way to enable it?
  9. i have the same issue, i dont even have the Option in the scroll menu to bring it up
  10. I am having issues, followed all the instructions and using P4L, btw bualdoot, i dont have a server_monitor.sqf anywhere else besides in my dayz_server.pbo. anyway. Plot management doesnt work at all, there is no option for me to open up the GUI menu when i look at my plot pole. I have no errors in any of the logs i have. I followed everything in the instructions. I also have Admin Tools, Single Currency 3.0, and advanced trading installed. I understand they all have a defines.hpp but i merged them together and they seem to work just fine, no errors with them. also my advanced trading doesnt work either so i dont know whats going on.
  11. Hey, i tried this and not working..do i need any of his older scripts for this to work? Like i only downloaded the global storage, do i need the banking one as well?
  12. Hey thanks man, I am actually away from my pc for 4 days so I will try that out when I get back and will contact you if that doesn't fix my issue.
  13. Hello, i am trying to figure out why the hud for single currency doesnt work for me, everything else works with the script besides that. I will post what all the files look like. Playerhud.sqf Description.ext Init.sqf: Hud.hpp:
  14. Im having this error when trying to join my own server in my client RPT file: Error in expression <ace getVariable "AsReMixhud"; _vitals = _wpui displayCtrl 4900; _Player = player> Error position: <_wpui displayCtrl 4900; _Player = player> Error Undefined variable in expression: _wpui File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tavi\ZSC\compiles\playerHud.sqf, line 16
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