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Multi Mission DZMS - n Major and m Minor Missions

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This is the changed DZMS to have n Major Missions and m Minor Missions:

1) To configure the number of Major and Minor Missions, open the file DZMSConfig.sqf.

2) Inside it change the value of the variables:

DONN_DZMS_Maj_n = 3;
DONN_DZMS_Min_n = 3;

Where the first is the number of Major Missions and the second is the number of Minor Missions.

3) When using static positions, make sure the number of positions is equal or greater than the total number of missions (Major Missions + Minor Missions).

4) Other changes: Bots only spawn when players get at a minimum distance of 700 meters from the mission.

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ty6o1swda11gmnb/Multi%20Mission%20DZMS.7z?dl=0


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I compared your files to mine and adjusted where needed.

Getting this error now:


22:07:53 [DZMS]: Running Minor Mission SM5.
22:07:53 Error in expression <)) then {
_findRun = false;
if (_majMin == "Maj") then {
DZMS_MajBlack set [_cod>
22:07:53   Error position: <== "Maj") then {
DZMS_MajBlack set [_cod>
22:07:53   Error Generic error in expression
22:07:53 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\DZMSFunctions.sqf, line 111

If i go that that file it show me this code:


if (_majMin == "Maj") then {
DZMS_MajBlack set [_code-1, [_pos,400]];  <------------------------------------------------------------- This is line 111
DZMSBlacklistZones = DZMSBlacklistZonesOriginal+DZMS_MajBlack+DZMS_MinBlack;
if (_majMin == "Min") then {
DZMS_MinBlack set [_code-1, [_pos,400]];
DZMSBlacklistZones = DZMSBlacklistZonesOriginal+DZMS_MajBlack+DZMS_MinBlack;

Putting my old back in now.

Would love to have a better description on which files you adjusted so i can do mine.

I simply cannot overwrite my whole DZMS folder.

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The maximum you need to change, in most cases, are custom mission you have.

The installation process is the same from the original DZMS.

Do you use any custom mission? If yes, and the changes you did are just a few, you can re-do it on this MajN-MinM-DZMS. If you have a completely new mission, like SM7.sqf or SM10.sqf or SM_MYMISS.sqf, then you need to change this file... but not the entire DZMS.

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Hey Donnovan, i like how you have it setup to spawn more mission my players love the idea for more to do but we are using EMS and that is Based off DZMS it has 13 mission files each and does more for us but we like more to spawn any steps that can be done.


http://www.filedropper.com/ems our ems folder to give u a idea what he has any info on how we can convert ours to spawn more mission would be great





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17:35:23 Error in expression <waitUntil {DZMSUnitsMinor2Near};>
17:35:23 Error position: <DZMSUnitsMinor2Near};>
17:35:23 Error Undefined variable in expression: dzmsunitsminor2near

Small problem, missions won't spawn AI ;) Random missions and big spam with this three lines :)

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Works fine for me?


Cheers Donnovan, I grabbed this rebuild of yours and added the _hint sections to it so all missions start and end with the picture up the top right. Where do I change the minimum distance before the AI spawn in?

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In DZMSInit.sqf, search for this line:

if (_x distance _coords < 700) then {

You will find it two times, one time for the Major missions and another for the Minor missions.


The distance to spawn bots in this case is 700 meters, you can change 700 to wathever you want.

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