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Is there a way to increase the "object" amounts per plot pole?


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    • By McLovin
      NOTICE: Duplicate of another question posted in the wrong section.
      So I've been playing this server that has a number of mods installed. I've been playing it for quite a while with the only errors I've been getting are regarding a 45 round RPK mag being missing, but other than that I've had no errors or any issues loading. Upon trying to place a plot pole, nothing happens; absolutely nothing, like no preview shows up, no prompt saying "starting construction" or anything like that, just blankness. When I try to do it again it says "building already in progress" and I can't do anything, not even lock my vehicle. Is there anything that can be done, or that can explain this phenomenon? To further the understanding of how this came to be, I bought a plot pole from the trader in Trader City Stary and tried placing it near Stary, but not too near it (near a thicket of bushes in the distance). Upon right clicking and hitting the build option, that's when I face my issue.
    • By Kovicson
      Hi Folks!
      I was wondering if theres a way to stop players from removing plot poles that aren't theres?
      Using a toolbox, crowbar and Etool players can remove Plot poles that dont belong to them, anyway to fix and remove that option?
      Thanks :)
    • By Ghostman
      How can i add to server Vault Management
    • By Thug
      Does anyone know how to turn off the Maintain Area for the plot pole? I know it will still say maintain area and maintain area preview, but i dont want it to charge for maintains.
      Before you say it, I stay on top of my servers and keep them cleaned up.
      The data base has no functions and events enabled. So its not that.
      All I am finding in this forum is over 2 years old, still looking.
    • By sholk1337
      Hi, sorry for asking this but i need your help. i looked for solutions but couldn't find one.
      So here's the thing: Someone took the plot pole ownership of our base, now we have found anotherone and it could be from the one who took ours a few hours ago. We want revenge and so we are trying to take the plot pole ownership of his base but it is impossible to do.
      How do we get this ownership?
      (I dont know if someone asked it before)
      Thx, Sholk
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