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  1. Did you edit MaxVehicleLimit = ?
  2. you didn't read his message properly you need to change your dynamic_vehicle.sqf . and don't have that many vehicles it will lag and its not dayz. That's wasteland.
  3. what are you talking about "had to have more than 50 messages"
  4. so you change some colours and the format a little bit and charge £50... Do me a favour go work for survivalservers they are expert on ripping people off like that.
  5. I checked them already seem fine unless there was a small typo i missed.
  6. That is pretty retarded of you.
  7. Never used them you sure your uploading it correctly? do they compile pbo's automatically on restart like vilayer?
  8. yep, this is DZMS you are having trouble with? also what provider you with? and try WAI or EMS instead maybe?
  9. upload server rpt and wait a little longer or set it shorter in the config edit: i meant server rpt
  10. remove the file of the site people can still see it on my quote, and no, you waited ingame for them to spawn? and post your server RPT
  11. You posted this in Arma 2 did you mean it to be posted here because if you expect this from arma 2, then it won't happen. Speedy
  12. ok 1. You've always stored mission files in appdata since forever. 2. snooping in peoples mission is frowned upon
  13. please remove your download! You have uploaded it with infistar...
  14. Vehicle spawns are set in server PBO - missions - *mission name* - dynamic_vehicle.sqf
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