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  1. How can i disable for othr players remove (sandbags H-barier, fences, fuelpump, and etc) only ovner or friends from plotpole can remove it
  2. I already know what this is script Instead of a box you can set a vehicle Now looking for script you can only one times spawn box. I saw it on another server
  3. yes i am using essv3, but your script spawn box only for new players on scroll mouse or near player when they spawn on ground?
  4. in server_playersetup.spf PVCDZ_plr_Login2 = [[0,respawn_west_original],_state,_worldspace,_randomSpot,([_randomSpot,_playerID] call spawn_config)]; and sarver can't run 119 sec server to start .....
  5. I'm sorry for the late reply but unfortunately this script does not work
  6. I have already added money to new players, but I want to add a starter pack with building
  7. How can i add something like money for new players but a starter pack (scroll menu). Do you know what i mean
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