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  1. How can i disable for othr players remove (sandbags H-barier, fences, fuelpump, and etc) only ovner or friends from plotpole can remove it
  2. I already know what this is script Instead of a box you can set a vehicle Now looking for script you can only one times spawn box. I saw it on another server
  3. yes i am using essv3, but your script spawn box only for new players on scroll mouse or near player when they spawn on ground?
  4. in server_playersetup.spf PVCDZ_plr_Login2 = [[0,respawn_west_original],_state,_worldspace,_randomSpot,([_randomSpot,_playerID] call spawn_config)]; and sarver can't run 119 sec server to start .....
  5. I'm sorry for the late reply but unfortunately this script does not work
  6. I have already added money to new players, but I want to add a starter pack with building
  7. How can i add something like money for new players but a starter pack (scroll menu). Do you know what i mean
  8. You must correctly install it in accordance with read me. Or contact the site administration
  9. you have corupted all file plz reinstall your server and And start over AND WHY U AH AND AH CONFIG IN INSTANCE?
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