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Counter Combatlogging Alt+F4


-hi i would like to ask the community if there is such a anti combat logging script where if the player press Alt+F4 the automatically get Knocked Out and a msg comes up, something like "really?  really dude?!? ur gonna try to combat log in battle?!?!" lol and they just stay knocked out

-or mabye to where Alt+F4 is remaped and make a player 'surrender' lol 

if ya'll could point me in the right direction pls thank you kindly

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    • By Kovicson
      Hey guys!
      Trying to see about adding a anti Combat Log system, spawns a box from the disconnected players gear.
      Wondering if anyone's got a working setup going!
      Can post my server_onPLayerDisconnect and server_playerSync if it helps.
      Thank you :)
    • By Andrej
      anyone have anti combat log script for 1.0.6?
    • By StiflersM0M
      Hey guys,
      i found a quite old script from a old hack release, (looking often in this forums too be up too date with hackers)
      Just a imagine, i think it would stop alot of combatloggers who are exit via the menu and press alt+f4, maybe anyone can rewrite this script that it will work with epoch ?
      i cant my scripting knowledge is not enough for that...
      would be just awesome, here the script:
      sdasdadsasdsaffsdsdfrtretrwe = { private["_display","_btnabort"]; disableSerialization; waitUntil { _display = findDisplay 49; !isNull _display; }; _btnabort = _display displayCtrl 104; _btnabort ctrlEnable _this; }; publicVariable "sdasdadsasdsaffsdsdfrtretrwe"; gfdiogfhdoigfdhiogfdoigfhd = { _dikCode = _this select 1; if (_dikCode in actionKeys "IngamePause") then { _id = false spawn sdasdadsasdsaffsdsdfrtretrwe; }; _handled }; publicvariable "gfdiogfhdoigfdhiogfdoigfhd"; TAG_onKeyDown = { private ["_key", "_return"]; _shift = _this select 2; _key = _this select 1; _return = false; if (_key == 62) then //Scroll lock { player setdamage 1; TitleText [format['Hah, ALT+F4? Nah you dont get off that easy. I remapped those keys to suicide.'], 'PLAIN DOWN']; _shift = nil; }; _return }; waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 46)}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["keyDown", "_this call TAG_onKeyDown"];
    • By M4rk3r
      I am trying to set up my first dayz epoch server and have this kind of problem. It crashes the server after you try to log in. I mean you go through lobby and world creation loading screens but after that when client is trying to authenticate server crashes and this error comes up:

      I reinstalled VC++ redist for 2010 x86,x64 SP1 2012 x86,x64 and 2013 x86,x64, all the root server files including tbb.dll and it still crashes.
      Google didnt help. Nobody knows what is this. If anyone ecounter this kind of problem and have found a solution please share here and help. Thanks in advance.
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