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  1. Buck0

    Chainsaw Vs Cinder

    here's what I used to use when people actually played this game, don't remember who made it so no creds while {true} do { _notAllowed = [ 'ChainSaw','ChainSawB','ChainSawG','ChainSawP','ChainSawR' ]; _noBreaking = [ 'CinderWallHalf_DZ','CinderWall_DZ','MetalFloor_DZ' ]; _cwep = currentWeapon player; _typeOfCursorTarget = typeOf cursorTarget; if (_cwep in _notAllowed && _typeOfCursorTarget in _noBreaking) then { player_fired = { deleteVehicle (nearestObject [_this select 0,_this select 4]); cutText ['ChainSaw is too blunt to destroy Cinder Walls And Metal Floors!','WHITE IN']; }; player removeAllEventHandlers 'Fired'; player addEventHandler ['Fired', {_this call player_fired;}]; }; sleep 0.1; };
  2. hello, do you know where i can find maca's roaming trader script?

  3. Dont think ive ever posted in one of your theads before but cool story bro 10/10 GG
  4. Vilayer used to be good, never had an issue with them, untill i did.... Lee used to be helpful, not so much anymore
  5. I often get pms and i often resolve peoples issues, very rarely do i tell them i require payment to help. But its ok, people who come to me are the people who buy a 50$ server setup off someone like you and want it fixed and error free.
  6. I remember when i had a thread like this, it was deleted in under an hour My how times change
  7. Check out how macca does it, Not hard terribly hard to do
  8. I can honestly say i run 99% map additions client side, with the only exception being barracks and mil spawns. I have never had a complaint of ai shooting through walls ect, maybe your not defining them eairly enough
  9. Not sure why you guys think map additions are required to run server side. Its much more efficient to run non essential buildings client side.
  10. Map additions should not always be run server side Only thing you would ever run server side is high end loot spawns
  11. Buck0


    None of them come with zombie damage adjusted up as base
  12. Variables.sqf dayz_resetSelfactions ={ s_player_nitroinstall = -1; Ect for each undefined error your getting
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