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Found 22 results

  1. Hey guys! Trying to see about adding a anti Combat Log system, spawns a box from the disconnected players gear. Wondering if anyone's got a working setup going! Can post my server_onPLayerDisconnect and server_playerSync if it helps. Thank you :)
  2. Hi! Ref to nonnetwork object 3c14f900# 984738: wf_barracks_east.p3d Log generated /1 sec (lag generated) RPT log
  3. How to log the jammers destroying and placing??? Where to put the diag_log thing???
  4. Hi. How to fix error battleye? 02.05.2017 14:14:46: Szebi (myip) ab5d0800bcab47282dd156fee60ebbcd - #2 "0)) then { _x setVehicleLock "UNLOCKED"; }; } forEach (allMissionObjects "allVehicles"); }; while {true} do { if(!isNull player"
  5. Hi! Please help. What might be the problem? Here is the server log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4UOmZbujgeNbi05MUVGRm5GalE/view?usp=sharing Thanks, It would be important
  6. anyone have anti combat log script for 1.0.6?
  7. Wondered whether anyone knows what causes the following type of error in the server.RPT and whether there is a fix. Pertinant to my question is that blckeagls mission system has been running and a few missions had been spawned and cleaned up. 8:44:15 Client: Object 3:298 (type Type_90) not found. 8:44:15 Client: Object 3:298 (type Type_91) not found. 8:44:15 Client: Object 3:298 (type Type_413) not found. 8:48:32 Server: Object 3:429 not found (message Type_413) Thank you in advance for any feedback you may have. Ghost
  8. Hey , guys.... Im not very familiar with coding or scripting stuff... Much worse than a noob to those stuff. :S Our server is regularly getting hacked ( Instant Loadout and Mass TPn ) these days and the owner/scripter is offline for couple of weeks due to personal reasons. So i was going through the scripts.log to see if i can find anything. Then i noticed the below mentioned logs for 10 guys only. Only they get this log. Not the others. I havent seen these logs before in this scripts and it started recording only when these players joined the server... I would really appreciate if someone could take a look at these and tell me if these logs indicate anything suspicious or if they are just normal logs. 01 - Are these some kind of suspicious / hack related logs ? 02 - If not , then why only 9 guys are getting the same type of logs. ( None of the other players has these types of log ) 01.10.2015 12:35:37: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 "_dummy = [_this,"vote_kick"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 13:12:24: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 ""]; _dummy = [_this,"login"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 12:35:18: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 "dummy = [_this,"vote_admin"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 12:35:40: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 "my = [_this,"vote_missions"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 12:35:42: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 "my = [_this,"vote_reassign"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 12:35:14: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 #2 "mmy = [_this,"vote_restart"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"13.10.2015 14:25:33: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 " _dummy = [_this,"shutdown"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";"01.10.2015 12:35:10: VooDoo ( ffcba49367sddasdasdcdd77d29d8a79 - #2 "; _dummy = [_this,"players"] execVM "\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf";" Thanx Tart
  9. HI there, There are a couple of LOG tables in the Redis database for example deathlog-LOG which records all deaths. Since the update these tables are not updating anymore. Is there perhaps a setting that has changed? Thanks in advance. BUMP
  10. Hey guys, i found a quite old script from a old hack release, (looking often in this forums too be up too date with hackers) Just a imagine, i think it would stop alot of combatloggers who are exit via the menu and press alt+f4, maybe anyone can rewrite this script that it will work with epoch ? i cant my scripting knowledge is not enough for that... would be just awesome, here the script: sdasdadsasdsaffsdsdfrtretrwe = { private["_display","_btnabort"]; disableSerialization; waitUntil { _display = findDisplay 49; !isNull _display; }; _btnabort = _display displayCtrl 104; _btnabort ctrlEnable _this; }; publicVariable "sdasdadsasdsaffsdsdfrtretrwe"; gfdiogfhdoigfdhiogfdoigfhd = { _dikCode = _this select 1; if (_dikCode in actionKeys "IngamePause") then { _id = false spawn sdasdadsasdsaffsdsdfrtretrwe; }; _handled }; publicvariable "gfdiogfhdoigfdhiogfdoigfhd"; TAG_onKeyDown = { private ["_key", "_return"]; _shift = _this select 2; _key = _this select 1; _return = false; if (_key == 62) then //Scroll lock { player setdamage 1; TitleText [format['Hah, ALT+F4? Nah you dont get off that easy. I remapped those keys to suicide.'], 'PLAIN DOWN']; _shift = nil; }; _return }; waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 46)}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["keyDown", "_this call TAG_onKeyDown"];
  11. Hi, anyone know how to change the standard epoch log rotator so it names the folders correctly for english Uk regional settings? Currently it's like this: :: Set Time and Date SET HOUR=%time:~0,2% SET dtStamp9=%date:~-4%%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%_0%time:~1,1%%time:~3,2%_%time:~6,2% SET dtStamp24=%date:~-4%%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%_%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%_%time:~6,2% ::Make Date Stamp if "%HOUR:~0,1%" == " " (SET dtStamp=%dtStamp9%) else (SET dtStamp=%dtStamp24%) ECHO Todays Date and time (%date%)(%time%) / %dtStamp% if %debug% == 1 ( timeout %dbsecs% ) But, that means all the dates and times of the folders are messed up for me... Please see examples below. Thanks for any help :)
  12. Access Logging Dome Script Note: You will need to know what your doing to install this. Credit to Axe Cop and infistar for helping me figure some stuff out Features: Does NOT kill players that enter the dome! Allows the server admin to "protect" bases while the base owners are offline, by logging dome access to the server report file. Prevents building/logging out inside the dome for players who are not whitelisted when the owners of the dome are offline. Does none of this when the owners are online (on our server, they have to defend their own turf). The actual Dome Script (ie: MPMission / scripts / dome.sqf): private ["_owners","_name","_ownerOnline","_baseOwner"]; //List of owners _baseOwner = "Randomness"; //Define a name for this area _owners = ["314515521"]; //Array of owners of this area _ownerOnline = false; _name = name player; // Check if the player IS one of the owners if ((getPlayerUID player) in _owners) exitWith { titleText [format ["Welcome, %1", _name], "PLAIN DOWN", 4]; // welcomes you with your name }; // Check if one of the owners is online { diag_log format ["[Dome] Currently Processing admin with puid: %1", _x]; if (_x call fnc_isPlayerOnline) exitWith { _ownerOnline = true; diag_log format ["[Dome] base owner with puid: %1 is online", _x]; }; } foreach _owners; if (!_ownerOnline) exitWith { // What happens if unauthorized players get into the dome titleText ["Approaching donator base! Do not harm this base while the owners are offline! Activity is logged!", "PLAIN DOWN", 4]; //Disabling building and logging out for dome visitors canbuild = false; //Activating logging function dome_WriteLog = [_name, _baseOwner]; publicVariableServer "dome_WriteLog"; }; if (_ownerOnline) exitWith { canbuild = false; titleText ["Woof Woof! Watch out, the guard dogs spotted you!", "PLAIN DOWN", 4]; }; A trigger for this dome in mission.sqm: Note: of course all these coordinates and stuff require some editing class Item6 { position[]={13960.541,1.148,7940.4688}; a=120; b=120; activationBy="WEST"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="sensor_1"; expCond="(player distance sensor_1) < 120;"; expActiv="dome_1 = [] execVM ""scripts\dome.sqf"";"; expDesactiv="terminate dome_nnnl; titleText [""You have left the dome"", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 4]; canbuild=true;"; class Effects { }; }; Inside the MPMission init.sqf or somewhere where its run serverside: if (isServer) then { "dome_WriteLog" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _data = _this select 1; diag_log format ["[DOME] Player %1 accessed %2 base at %3",_data select 0, _data select 1, time]; }; }; Instance / Battleye / publicVariable.txt In the line containing 5 "" , at the end add !="dome_WriteLog" (optional) for Infistar antiHack, inside AH.sqf: Find: } forEach ['allUnits','entities','allMissionObjects','vehicles','playableUnits']; replace with: } forEach ['allUnits','entities','allMissionObjects','vehicles']; Enjoy
  13. Hey guys post more videos in here about the updates and change logs here plus go watch my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oUjL5nBCjQ
  14. I'm having a problem with the R3F Tow/Lift Script. I'll link it at the bottom of the post if I can find it again. I'm not sure why it's not working so hopefully some one on here will be able to help. I'm installing it on Overpoch and when I spawn in fresh vehicles the tow script works but once those vehicles have been on the server thru a restart, the lift tow script will no longer work on them. It's strange because the script itself is working fine as long as the vehicles have not been on the server thru a restart. I can spawn in a SUV and it will let me tow it. Then I will restart the server and that SUV can no longer be towed but I could spawn in the same model SUV right next to it and the script will allow me to tow that one. I do not understand why a restart makes the vehicles untowable. The script is running and the vehicles were able to be towed right before the restart and the same model can be towed if I spawn a new one in. If anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. link to Tow/Lift script I'm using: http://opendayz.net/threads/release-preconfigured-r3f-logistics-towing-and-heli-lift.13743/
  15. Hey together, So i was thinking about, if i lift a verhicle, is it not possible to lift it with a player inside with the R3F Script? Does anyone know anything about the possibility? Thank you!
  16. I am no expert on RPT Logs, but can anyone help me on this? http://pastebin.com/Uxzjj1kx - My RPT yana_szp.sqf is infistars safezones
  17. My friend just got a server and wanted me to come on. Every time I tried I kept getting frozen at the last load screen (Timer to log in after creating my character) I refreshed everything and now It acts like I'm logged in. (I can hear my feet and if I have a gun I can shoot.) But all I see is the "Epoch Napf" load screen. But when my friend turned off battle eye I had no issues logging in. Anyone got anything. If so let me know. Also i'm not a huge techy so help me out on how to do each thing as well please :D Thanks.
  18. Hello guys, having some trouble with my server. My arma2oaserver.RPT has grown up to nearly 1. GB within 1 night server on time. Its allways the Error: 16:57:57 Error Not defined variable: dzmsmindone 16:57:57 File z\addons\dayz_server\EMS\Scripts\DZMSMinTimer.sqf, line 36 16:57:57 Error in expression <or Mission %1.",_varName]; . How can i fix it ?
  19. I am getting some errors about my DZMSbox.sqf and it happens LOADS of times in the RPT log starting on like 1878. Im sure this is one of the main causes of why my server has some bad FPS at the moment. Can you help me find the error? Attached the box.sqf and my RPT log. Thanks! ERROR 23:52:28 Error Missing { 23:52:28 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Scripts\DZMSBox.sqf, line 115 23:52:28 Error in expression <ate addWeaponCargoGlobal [_item, 1]; The code looks all fine to me. Thanks for all the help! KCR DZMSbox.txt arma2oaserver.txt DZMSWeaponCrateList.txt
  20. Hello all. I just created my DayZ Epoch Namalsk server and when I try to join I get this error. DayZ Version: Namalsk Version: 0.75 Epoch Version: Error:
  21. I have seen a couple of threads where debugging is becoming an issue and thought I would share one of the tools I have written. Basically it allows you to add an entry to the server log, normally done with diag_log at the server, from the client (player) side of your mission scripts. Normally, for the client, hint is the only way to do any sensible debugging. I now use this religiously when scripting. All this does is setup a public variable event handler that, when called, runs a small script on the server that logs whatever is sent to it via the public variable. The reason for this requirement, if you have tried doing a diag_log from the client you will have noticed that nothing appears in the server log. This is because of locality. In short, not all things are available to the client that are for the server and vice/versa. If you are serious about scripting locality is one thing you will want to get your head around, it explains why a lot of things that, at first glance, appear like they should work but just don't.. To Install: In init.sqf (in your mission folder) add (Or add the relevant code to an existing isServer): if (isServer) then { axe_server_log = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "tools\logtorpt.sqf"; "axeDiagLog" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_id = (_this select 1) spawn axe_server_log}; }; Create a folder called tools in your mission folder and add logtorpt.sqf (this can be packaged in, and referenced from, dayz_server.pbo): //logtorpt.sqf private ["_targetObj"]; _targetObj = _this; diag_log format["AXELOG: %1",_targetObj]; Then when you want to create a log entry from your clientside code use this as an example (the key bits are the last two lines): _var1 = "wow"; _var2 = "a log entry."; axeDiagLog = format["I am logging something here: 1st Var=%1 | 2nd Var=%2.",_var1,_var2];//Set the public variable value publicVariable "axeDiagLog";//Send the public variable 'to the event handler' Obviously you can make axeDiagLog pretty much anything you want. That example will then appear in your server side log as: 13:49:31 "AXELOG:I am logging something here: 1st Var=wow | 2nd Var=a log entry." This is creating public variables so may cause network issues if overdone. Always remove for live servers to increase performance. That said I have had this running at hundreds of logs per second on my test server and had no noticeable lag with 2 to 3 players in testing. Is entirely possible this could be optimised using publicVariableServer instead, it works so I haven't 'fixed' it. That's it, server side logging from the client, enjoy.. :)
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