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  1. Can someone help me get working this script it does not 'remote control vehicle' https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/remoteControl private["_player","_vehicle","_ct","_vehicleCt","_driving","_distance"]; _player = player; _ct = cursorTarget; _vehicle = "SUV_Camo"; _vehicleCt = typeOf _ct; _distance = _player distance _ct; _driving = true; StopRemoteSUV = false; //check distance and vehicle type if(_distance > 5) exitWith {cutText ["You must be within 5 meters of the SUV","PLAIN DOWN"];}; if(isNull _ct || _vehicleCt != _vehicle) exitWith {cutText ["Target is not a SUV.", "PLAIN DOWN"];}; //remote control vehicle player remoteControl driver _ct; driver _ct switchCamera "internal"; player remoteControl driver _ct; //exit remote control if distance from vehicle is > 100 or if you stop it(action menu call global StopRemoteSUV) while {_driving} do { if(_distance > 100 || StopRemoteSUV) exitWith { objNull remoteControl driver _vehicle; // removes the remoteControlling player switchCamera "internal"; // returns to the player cutText ["You lost control of vehicle","PLAIN DOWN"]; _driving = false; }; sleep 0.1; }; Thank you
  2. Ok never mind it was bug, devs have fixed it . Fix will be release in next epoch version.
  3. anyone have anti combat log script for 1.0.6?
  4. I have notice that few vehicles that are not in epoch 1.0.6 they doesn't have radar at gunner seat. Anyone know how to add radar to gunners seats? I'm referring to arma 2 wasteland tanks.
  5. Does it works CHILD:999 and CHILD:998 in newer version of epoch 1.0.6, having trouble calling custom columns from database.
  6. Do you know how to read custom column for database 1.0.6 epoch?
  7. @juandayz Do you may know how to solve this problem if you have time.
  8. I'm struggling with database how can i get value from custom column. I have create a custom column "Start" inside "character_data" with: ALTER TABLE `Character_DATA` ADD `Start` INT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1'; I have tried with: _key = format["CHILD:999:SELECT `Start` FROM `charater_data`"]; _data = _key call server_hiveReadWrite; I need that INT from "Start" "1" to select don't know how and i need update it don't know how i tried with _key = format["CHILD:998:UPDATE `character_data` SET `Start`= 2"]; _result = _key call server_hiveReadWrite; Please someone help cant make this working. Thank you It is epoch 1.0.6
  9. Man thank you a lot, much love <3
  10. @juandayz Sir if you have time can you help me ?
  11. I need help about starter box, how to make script that it checks if started box is used more then once, if it used more then once doesn't show in action menu. Thank you.
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