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  2. Duplicate Primary Key Mysql

    a few days back i saw this on hive log Database: [Error] Error 1062 (Duplicate entry '69457' for key 'PRIMARY') in MySQLStmtExecute SQL: 'DELETE FROM `Object_DATA` WHERE `ObjectID` = ? AND `Instance` = ? VALUES(69457, 11)' tried to deleate manually but could not then i kinda forgot about it.... Today when i was updating and testing garage another one showed up. I have no ideia how to resolve this or what is the actual issue, from what i can tell its trying to delete the object but not deleating due to the primary key error, can anyone help out with this ?
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  4. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    The garage table is tied to the Object DB which can be separated from the per-instance DB, and shared between servers. You can test this out on a local server to ensure it meets your needs by customizing the highlighted config group in HiveExt.ini and matching the settings on all your servers. Ensure VGTable name is also the same on all your servers However, as a side effect you will also need to copy your object table contents to the shared ObjectDB https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/blob/master/DZE_Server_Config/HiveExt.ini#L86-L97
  5. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    correct me if im wrong.... if i update virtual garage and stop using @extDB i will not be able to share garage between servers since hiveext will only look for the table inside your dayz_epoch database. or will i ? if so how ?
  6. Linking 1 mod to another?

    Hi all, I would like to use this "Custom GUI" mod along with the "Deploy Anything" mod. Does anyone know how to link the two mods so when you click "Deploy Bike" on the GUI it uses the "Deploy Anything" mod, not the one included with it. Here are the links to the mods. Thank you!
  7. Preparing Missions scenario

    what i endup doing was using ebay´s example for using the testkit inside the editor Create a WAI/testmission.sqf inside your Arma 2 OA folder Place a center, group and unit. Set the unit to playable. In the unit's init field enter execVM "WAI\testmission.sqf" Optionally save the mission for easy loading next time. and in testmission.sqf i would put the mission scenario for example: // Get a safe position 80 meters from the nearest object _position = [7424.5459, 7807.2402, -323.13074]; // Create some Buildings _baserunover0 = createVehicle ["KORD_high_TK_EP1",[(_position select 0) - 20, (_position select 1) + 20,0],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _baserunover1 = createVehicle ["KORD_high_TK_EP1",[(_position select 0) - 20, (_position select 1) - 20,0],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _baserunover2 = createVehicle ["MTVR",[(_position select 0) - 10, (_position select 1),0],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _baserunover3 = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox",[(_position select 0), (_position select 1),0],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _baserunover3 = createVehicle ["Land_CamoNetB_NATO",[(_position select 0), (_position select 1),0],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; // Adding buildings to one variable just for tidiness _baserunover = [_baserunover0,_baserunover1,_baserunover2,_baserunover3]; // Set some directions for our buildings _directions = [0,0,0,90,0]; { _x setDir (_directions select _forEachIndex) } forEach _baserunover; // Make buildings flat on terrain surface //{ _x setVectorUp surfaceNormal position _x; } count _baserunover; so add vehicles or remove it save it and load it on the editor to see how it looks.
  8. Missing Mod Code (Admin Clothes)

    Does anyone posses the coe for this mod, looks like juandayz deleted it. thank you!
  9. [Update] Admins Custom Skins

    Does anyone have the code for this?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Skalisty Island Treasure Hunting

    Thanks for this Schalldampfer! My players love it! I'm running it on Epoch with no problems. I like how the ammo boxes are kinda hard to find and the players love the high value loot of course. I sprinkled some static AI around the area and of course some roaming AI to keep it interesting and not too easy. Thanks again!
  12. [PHP] Live kill feed

    Anybody here that still have the files that rocu posted? links dead derppp
  13. Are any of these "anti-dupes" still good to add?

    not necessary
  14. Hi Community, I am just putting together a server and remember using these back in Are any of these worth installing today in 1.0.6? Or are they already included perhaps, or code isn't compatible? Thanks!!
  15. How to make this script work

    Thank you very much
  16. Preparing Missions scenario

    i managed to modify macas base manager to get this work... it actually works great. the only thing i havnt figured out yet is how to get the output to only show the directions in their own array... it can be done manually no problem. I did have a hard time with positive and negative positions, but mr Salival came to the rescue and fixed that :)
  17. How to make this script work

    no what you did there broke the crate spawn. Basically this is what it means... //Weapons, tools, items, pistols, backpacks [_crate,10,10,[100,crate_items_president],10,10] call dynamic_crate; if its just a number, it randomly takes from the "weapons array" here: https://github.com/f3cuk/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/config.sqf#L100 or like you did, you specified 100 items of the array presidents crate here https://github.com/f3cuk/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/config.sqf#L269 what ever you do, keep the array the way it is, if you move stuff around like this [_crate,[100,crate_items_president],10,10,10,10] call dynamic_crate ^^^^ it wont work
  18. BLACKMARKET PHP and SQF MySQL connections

    this has already been done actually. it was the auction house mod. hers the link it uses the extdb that the virtual garage uses. I havnt looked at the code, but i can only assume it would need a good overhaul for 1062.
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  20. How to make this script work

    if(_complete) then { [_crate,10,10,[100,crate_items_president],10,10] call dynamic_crate; }; How to make the above script catch only the president's loot line? if(_complete) then { [_crate,crate_items_president] call dynamic_crate; }; Is that correct? When I do it seems that the mission does not start. Sorry for my english I'm using google translator.
  21. Sarge AI

    Hi, players reported, that AI are sometimes spawned 20 meters behind his back. Is possible to change spawning system to prevent AI spawn if player is near?
  22. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    Well, I think I fucked it... Maybe it cleaned up the other errors but my RPT went crazy with the errors below. I think I may have to live with my config file and the few errors that I was getting. Thanks!
  23. AI Convoys 1061+

    So, I'm about to give up on this one. I added the line in the quote above but the AI still don't shoot and you still can't kill them and they still don't move. RPT says this: 20:00:07 "[CASCA CONVOY] Initialized Spawn! 1" 20:00:07 Error in expression < from 1 to _mags do { _unit addMagazine _magazine; }; _unit addweapon _weapon; _> 20:00:07 Error position: <_magazine; }; _unit addweapon _weapon; _> 20:00:07 Error Undefined variable in expression: _magazine 20:00:07 File z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\compile\spawn_group.sqf, line 141 20:00:07 Error in expression <ot1,ceil (_crewCount/_lootCutter)] call donn_selectLoot); _gunnerPos = 0; for > 20:00:07 Error position: <donn_selectLoot); _gunnerPos = 0; for > 20:00:07 Error Undefined variable in expression: donn_selectloot 20:00:07 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\scripts\andre_convoy\andre_convoy.sqf, line 410 20:00:07 Error in expression < from 1 to _mags do { _unit addMagazine _magazine;
  24. Animated Crash Spawner

    That did the trick. The crash notification starts, the crash happens and the site shows up on the map and disappears when a player gets there. Loot all over the place! Thanks!
  25. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    Just do what I do and try it. As Salival says, you either fix it or fuck it.
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