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Found 11 results

  1. Edit: Should be also working for 1062, as ive seen some servers running this Hello guys i've decided to release my "Debug Monitor". It's not much like a monitor but its looking quiet nice. This was originally for my Napf and Chernarus server and i thought why not share it, since the players seemed to like it. So how does it look like? Download Link: https://mega.nz/#F!OBYz2QSI!PlskDOd_JQ-Y1s_SKdMSaA how to initialize? simply put an you want to use your own path? You want to change the color of the font? you want to change the restart timer? @juandayz's edit: this is how it looks: update.sqf: and also comment out in hud.hpp: Hope you like it.
  2. Hello guys, currently I'm working on couple addons for my server and from time to time, when coding, some answers to your questions pops up in my head. Couple days ago I was asked about server restart time and uptime. Well, why not to share it - BUT... nothing bad about current solution you're probably using! In fact, the code for this is everywhere - that's right. I did it my way not because I couldn't use common code - but just because I'm still learning a lot - and because I needed restart time/uptime solution for my files. So here is it... if you want to try, test it and let me know. The true is, I haven't time to test it properly. So I'm gonna be happy to hear your thoughts... === Big thanks always goes to: DayZ Epoch developers, collaborators and contributors (thank you guys for your excellent work!) === Changelog: [2017-06-04], v1.0 | Initial release === Read "Goodbye". Wish you the best guys! === How it looks like: // =========================================================================== // FUNCTIONS LIBRARY >> Universal server timer function // =========================================================================== // @Function name: fnc_IBEN_uniSTime // =========================================================================== // @Remarks: // - Can be called 2 ways: // * Restart/Uptime with label // * Restart/Uptime without label // @Parameters: // - Time for restart cycle in seconds | number // - Time mode (values: "restart"/"uptime") | string // - Label (example: "Restart in") | string // @Related files: // - none // @Example: // - For server time we are using global var: SERV_RESTART = 10800; (3h) // - restart time with no label // * [SERV_RESTART,"restart"] call fnc_IBEN_uniSTime; // - restart time with label // * [SERV_RESTART,["restart","Restart in"]] call fnc_IBEN_uniSTime; // - uptime with no label // * [SERV_RESTART,"uptime"] call fnc_IBEN_uniSTime; // - uptime with label // * [SERV_RESTART,["uptime","Time from start"]] call fnc_IBEN_uniSTime; // @Returns: // - time string in format: "h:mm", or "Restart in: h:mm" // =========================================================================== private ["_serverCycle","_timerParams","_timerType","_label","_useLabel","_minArr", "_srvTime","_goTime","_leftTime","_opTime","_hours","_y","_minutes","_key","_sub", "_notLabel","_useLabel"]; _label = ""; // label reset _useLabel = false; _serverCycle = _this select 0; _timerParams = _this select 1; if (typeName _timerParams != "ARRAY") then { _timerType = _timerParams; _useLabel = false; } else { _timerType = _timerParams select 0; _label = _timerParams select 1; _useLabel = true; }; _minArr = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0]; _srvTime = "0h 00min"; // @info: default time _goTime = 0; _goTime = serverTime; _leftTime = (round (_serverCycle - _goTime)); _opTime = [_goTime,_leftTime] select (_timerType == "restart"); if (_leftTime > 0) then { _hours = (floor ((_opTime / 60) / 60)); _minutes = (floor ((_opTime / 60) - (_hours * 60))); _key = _minutes; { _sub = _minArr select _x; if (_sub == _key) exitWith { _minutes = _sub; }; } count _minArr; _minutes = [_minutes,format["0%1",_minutes]] select (_minutes < 10); _notLabel = format ["%1h %2m",_hours,_minutes]; _incLabel = format ["%1: %2h %3m",_label,_hours,_minutes]; _srvTime = [_notLabel,_incLabel] select (_useLabel); } else { _srvTime }; _srvTime // === :: fnc_IBEN_uniSTime END === Check source code (Github) === FEATURES: Not big deal, just small piece of code as output from my work to make things easier... Function is able to output Restart time or Uptime with single line code (see bellow) and can be easily integrated into your code. If you restart system fails (or you with settings :) and time is over, time stays formatted as: '0h:00min' Usage examples: debug monitor, log time (diag_log) etc. It's a function - you can easily maintain your "time" code... === How to install: It's actually very easy: practical example is the best way to explain, what needs to be done. See repo structure and files. Source files are available at Github repo. You can download them from here. === How to use it: = General usage: // @Parameters: // - Time for restart cycle in seconds | number // - Time mode (values: "restart"/"uptime") | string // - Label (example: "Restart in") | string // ========================================================== // @Scenario: // - First, we store our server restart time into global variable // so we can easily use it anywhere and change it at once later, // if we want to change time: if (isNil SERV_RESTART) then { SERV_RESTART = 10800; }; // @example 01: Restart time with no label [SERV_RESTART,"restart"] call fnc_IBEN_uniSTime; // @example 02: Restart time with label [SERV_RESTART,["restart","Restart in"]] call fnc_IBEN_uniSTime; // @example 03: Uptime with label [SERV_RESTART,["uptime","Time from start"]] call fnc_IBEN_uniSTime; // @Returns: // - Time string in format: "h:mm", or "Restart in: h:mm" === ...easy enough, isn't it? === = Specific usage: // === Scenario 01: // It's very easy to add it to your debug monitor code. In fact, we're not gonna to cover // this specific scenario - just look around forum, there are plenty of releases. // But... many time I heard question like: "How can I add restart time/uptime to the right // bottom screen corner the way how watermark is?". // Well, this is our first scenario: // === What to do: // It's actually pretty easy: just grab your files from my repo - how to implement you will // easily find out from prepared files - just follow repo structure. // Done? OK - so you integrated 'fnc_IBEN_uniSTime' into your compiled files and you can // use it now. // Everyone has some kind of debug monitor, right? So just add this piece of code: while {1 == 1} do { private ["_Tinfo","_Tval",...some local vars]; // ... your debug monitor code // ======================================================================= // GUI: RESTART TIMEOUT (see picture bellow) // (but you can add uptime with/withou label - look for examples above) // ======================================================================= _Tval = [SERV_RESTART,["restart","Restart in"]] call fnc_IBEN_uniSTime; _Tinfo = format ["<t size='.35' align='right' font='TahomaB'>%1</t>", _Tval]; [ _Tinfo ,safezoneX * -1 ,0.98 * safezoneH + safezoneY ,9999 ,0 ,0 ,50009 ] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; // your code for parsing text bellow uiSleep 2; }; // === Scenario 02: // Let's implement formatted time info into your debug output (logs). // === What to do: // Just add: diga_log format ["=== [DEBUG] Player %1 (%2) just found your secret item. [%3]", (name player), getPlayerUID player, [SERV_RESTART,["uptime","Uptime"]] call fnc_IBEN_uniSTime)]]; // RPT output: "=== [DEBUG] Player iben (8542514521...) just found your secret item. [Uptime: 1h:30min]" // === Done! === Screen right bottom time watermark (showcase): === ...that's all... Have Fun!!! Cheers... ===
  3. HI, this is a remake for the old spawn camera and other old debug monitor. DEBUG MONITOR (toggle whit mousewheel) exelent for use whit snap pro. 1- Make a .sqf file called "custom_monitor.sqf" and paste this code 2- Make a .sqf called "debug_init.sqf" and copy this code inside: 3- now, move this two files to YourServerRoot\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\ 4-open your init.sqf , and paste in the botton: Done!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Second Mod SPAWN CAMERA: (whit intro sound) 1-Make a .sqf file called "camera.sqf" and paste this inside. (**note: change your welcome msg in lines in red) 2-now move this file to YourServerRoo\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\ 3-open your init.sqf and find this line and paste this below (dont worry if u dont have "server_name = "your server name";") 4- in your init.sqf find: and paste this below ***Note: if u dont have "//Lights" just paste into your if (!isDedicated) then { 5- Add Sound. open your description.ext and look for your "class CfgSounds" if you dont have. Paste This at the end of your Class section. If you have "class CfgSounds" use my example to add: 6-Now you need do a .ogg sound file. use this: cutting tool:http://cut-mp3.com/ mp3 to .ogg online:http://media.io/ 7-Onces you have your .ogg sound. Rename as "introSong.ogg" and move to YourServerRoot\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom DONE!!!
  4. Hello, i would like to show mission/event announcements instead of my debugmonitor ( for a period of time). So when a mission or event starts, the debug should go away, and the announcement should be shown for a few seconds. Currently the event announcement is flashing up for a second. I tried to add "sleep 5;" to the remote-script, but it didnt work. Can anyone please help me? _hint = parseText format["<t align='center' color='#FFFF66' shadow='2' size='1.75'>Attention</t><br/><t align='center' color='#ffffff'>Mission description!</t>"]; customRemoteMessage = ['hint', _hint]; publicVariable "customRemoteMessage";
  5. When i press the default "insert" key to try to toggle it , the original "default" debug comes up so how do i remove that?
  6. Hey Guys, I cannot fix with my custom debug monitor and seems like no help is coming to fix that one... So can someone please post a tested & working custom debug monitor for Epoch Thanks
  7. Hey Guys, After hours of testing I have pinpointed to the one script causing the issue, I don't know how to fix it though so can anyone please help me to fix the no-gear-access-in-vehicle bug in custom debug monitor version 2.0 below? This below is version 1.0. It works. It does not have toggle On/Off option, hence this version was left behind. This is version 2.0. It is improved and is now user toggleable. It works (i.e.: displays custom debug monitor on player screen) however it disables gear access in vehicle in Driver/Gunner seats (gear access in back seat works).
  8. Hey guys Can anyone help with my little issue with multiple debug monitors ? Basically we use our Infistar Debug by default, but when i use say JAEM mod and call the chopper, it creates a second debug in the same place but flickers between that and the main debug. Would it be possible to rather incorporate the evac information into the Standar debug or supress the main one untill the action is complete ? Any help would be awsome :) Cheers
  9. cr_meth

    help us, please

    we need help scripting we set up a new server, but our knowledge is way to low. i would like to learn more about scripting on a more professional basis. so i was hoping to find someone who is willing to hook me up with the right information or people. scripting selfbloodbag/autorefuel debug monitor indestructable cinder/metal floors traderzone infistar server updates looking forward to hear s.th. thx ts
  10. MerciLamour

    Debug Monitor

    Stopped here on the server and saw a pair of chips. Maybe someone knows how to do the same?
  11. This is something I mashed together while trying to learn Arma and Dayz scripting language. Basically it replaces the existing debug monitor with a customised version that gives different information depending on whether you're an Admin or Regular user. The image below on the left shows what regular users see and on the right what admins see.. https://github.com/nomadichayward/dayz_dual_debug_monitor NB: This was originally coded for regular Dayz, so some of the variables might not work for Epoch. Just remove those or replace them with the Epoch alternative. Maybe even send me a pull request with your additions etc :)
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