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Cannot connect to server via FTP FileZilla


Hi guys,

I'm trying to connect to my server but I get an error:

Error:    Could not connect to server


I am with Vilayer and I am using the FTP IP Address that they provided on the main page


So as my login details I use the following:
FTP Address:


In FileZilla:

Username: username

Password: password

Port: 8821


Am I doing this right? should the port be after the " : " from my IP address?



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5 answers to this question

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check your settings to see what port its trying to connect to.


The default port is 21 so you will prob have to change it to your port 8821

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ignore me lol. i just read you have your port set at 8821... thats what not enough sleep does to you :|

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Try using your username that you log in to the cpanel instead of root. I think root is only used for the mysql

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