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  1. We had wood shacks and stuff in Epoch arma 2 so why not something similar in arma 3? I mean, those look ugly but there is space for something similar.
  2. Strange. Will test Today. Can you show exactly what building you're talking about? Will test it Today.
  3. JohnyMST

    EPOCH ?

    I agree people would complain that "zombies again" but at least it all linked up together. what TheVampire said didn't make sense: "The Epoch storyline for Arma 3 is that it's two years after an apocalypse wiped out 2/3rds of the worlds population. You were one of the lucky or unlucky survivors." So 2 years after the ZOMBIE apocalypse all of those weird creatures starting to appear in the world? I'm not against new AIs but I am against forcing them into the world without any link. It's like having Pokemons in Dragon Ball series. They don't belong there and are completely different things. Really the main focus on my topic is the bold text in my first post: Is there a story behind you and DayZ creators not allowing you to use the zombies theme for copyright issues or because it would affect Standalone Sales? This is bugging me a lot and I have a feeling that it's something to do with Bohemia other than your choices ;)
  4. JohnyMST

    EPOCH ?

    I was just thinking for a long time about the Arma 3 EPOCH and was not able to understand something... I played a lot and I like the idea just 1 thing that I still don't have the answer to... What is the fiction story behind A3 Epoch? In Arma 2 Epoch we had DayZ story where Zombies were the enemies and players tried to survive vs the apocalypse... which had a theme. In Arma 3, what happened to the humanity, earth, nature? Where did the creatures come from? What is the background of that? I think the zombie / apocalypse brought a lot of flavor to the gameplay because players were aware of what the story is they are playing... Now I am running around on the lovely map, have the ability to build nice stuff and other great things but the question comes into mind: "WHY?" Why creatures without hands explode like a frag and some priests stand there like faggots? Or why the huge rock creature looking like Goedude with legs? Why not just ZOMBIES and the old apocalypse? Is there a story behind you and DayZ creators not allowing you to use the zombies theme for copyright issues or because it would affect Standalone Sales? There has to be a strong reason why you left out the zombies and brought those creators that have no real background. Don't get me wrong, A3 EPOCH is a great but the AIs need serious rethinking - to make the gameplay better that is...
  5. Metal foundations needed (can vary with sizes compared to other foundations as will be cheaper to build) Concrete foundations need improvements and more features as mentioned before Wood foundations needed (weaker than mortar and metal foundation but faster to gather) New flooring needed other than just wood (I believe it's on the list) Building into the ground needed (Invent a shovel to dig into the ground before placing a wall/floor = physics still there and more realistic). Underground/Basement WOULD BE FU***C*KKIIII AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! More types of stairs required for different sizes etc (Ladders included) Option to "Blend" or "Join" buildables with existing objects such as door frames etc. Half and Quarters wood walls, floors etc (like in arma 2 but i believe you have that planned). Rethink the multigun and decide if it's really worth having a gun fixing cars... and playing god with revivals :D Since you're adding a lot of AIs, why not few models of zombies while you're at it. Many of us love the zombie fiction and would like to see some SMART ones spawning along with your other AIs (or is that a copyright issue with DayZ ? ) Just few ideas that I thought of while reading this post. Devs are doing a great job and I'm sure that when they finally make a new changelog, our jaws will drop ; D
  6. in Today's gaming world survival means "you need to eat and drink not to die" hence every game with those two assets is automatically a "survival" game...
  7. JohnyMST

    Base Building

    Actually it's 2 large metal and 2 electronics for Frequency Jammer: Here's a detailed video of building stuff:
  8. or ask the person who build the jammer to make a new group and leave the old one. wtf guys lol
  9. not that i'm a legal bi*ch over here but you're better off with a steam version of that game. It's pretty good and you won't regret spending money on it if it is the possibility for you.
  10. I honestly thought that this part of the forum is only for Beta Testers that got the key before Epoch was launched... If it still is, noobs won't be coming here looking for a dupe tutorial because they don't have the permissions to view it :)
  11. Yeah now I see the links in Firefox but they are loading for ever and can't show up... I think they are just too big :D
  12. So few days ago I visited nearby petrol station in my town and came across your teleport "holes". Tried to use them but nothing happened. Anyone with the same issues? :D now seriously, I was pretty shocked when I've seen those on the ground haha. It got me confused as I just left home after playing Epoch and the first thing I see... is something really similar to what is in the game :D Now devs, tell me which one of you steal that idea from an Irish Petrol Station? :lol: :lol:
  13. Sorry but I can't see any pictures? Can you re-upload them?
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