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Start music only as new spawn


Currently on my server I have added start music. Every time you load into the server you are greeted by the start music which play for around 10-20 seconds. Some players have been complaining that the music can be distracting if they are loading into a sticky situation. Therefore I have been trying to find a way to only make the music play when the player is a new spawn. E.g. has no gear and is at one of the starting spawn.

If anyone has any ideas how to achieve this, please help me out!  :)

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In your init.sqf;

if (!isNil "playersLoaded") then { playersLoaded = [];};

In your script that executes the sound;

if (!((getPlayerUID player) in playersLoaded)) then {
    //play sound code goes here
    playersLoaded = playersLoaded + [(getPlayerUID player)];
    publicVariable "playersLoaded";

In your publicvariable.txt add to the first line (The one that has 5 "");


This SHOULD work, but is untested as I just wrote it now :)




You could also optimise this to be more friendly on network traffic by using publicVariableServer calls.


In your server_functions.sqf;

if (isNil "serverPlayersLoaded") then { serverPlayersLoaded = [];};

fnc_HandleLoadedPlayers = {
    private ["_vars","_uid","_owner"];
    _vars = _this select 1;
    _uid = _vars select 0;
    _owner = _vars select 1;
    if (!(_uid in serverPlayersLoaded)) then {
        serverPlayersLoaded = serverPlayersLoaded + [_uid];
        serverHasUID = true;
        _owner publicVariableClient "serverHasUID";

"serverCheckUID" addPublicVariableEventHandler fnc_HandleLoadedPlayers;

In your script that spawns the sounds;

if (isNil "serverHasUID") then { serverHasUID = false; };

serverCheckUID = [(getPlayerUID player),owner player];
publicVariableServer "serverCheckUID";

if (!serverHasUID) then {
    // play sound

This will make sure that the server only sends the network message to the client requesting it, instead of all clients simultaneously. Dont forget to add this in your publicvariable.txt;

!="serverCheckUID" !="serverHasUID"

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