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Found 8 results

  1. Hello there, Today is the first day I ever had this issue: the game closes itself for updating BattlEye (something that, apparently, isn't doing). As soon as I join my server via DayZ Commander, I connect to the lobby and then, after a few seconds, a red BattlEye error message appears: The installation is never done, because everytime I connect to server's lobby, it appears the same message and the game closes itself after a few seconds. I already tried uninstalling BattlEye, install it back and reinstalling ArmA2 OA Beta Patch, but that didn't do the trick. Here's the RPT Client Log: I also have taken a look at RPT Server's Log: Do you have any solution for this issue? It really never happened to me, which is really weird. PD: Don't just say it's easy to find out in Google, because I have already been searching for a while how to fix this and didn't find anything. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello Community, today i updated the Server to the and now i have this error: Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_epoch_code\init\fn_init.sqf not found I tryed a fresh Installation but the same error. I hope you can help me :) Sorry for my Englisch ;) Hello from Germany ;)
  3. Hello fellow A3 Epoch enthusiasts, My server has or was running fine, and then after I installed some very easy to install scripts my server stopped dead in its tracks when I tried to start it. Naturally I looked at the RPT and this is what I get and KEEP getting even after rolling back any recent script installs. I am very frustrated and hope that someon out there can point me in the right direction. Here is what the RPT looks like: (the last line is definitely the culprit but I cannot figure it out) ===================================================================== == C:\TCAFiles\Users\RichardA\13491\arma3server.exe == C:\TCAFiles\Users\RichardA\13491\arma3server.exe -ip= -port=2302 -profiles=Arma3Config -name=Arma3Config -config=Arma3Config\config.cfg -cfg=Arma3Config\arma3.cfg -autoInit -loadMissionToMemory [email protected];@allinarmaterrainpack;@EpochHive; Original output filename: Arma3Retail_Server Exe timestamp: 2015/08/25 16:06:38 Current time: 2015/09/12 05:05:02 Type: Public Branch: Stable Version: 1.50.131969 Allocator: C:\TCAFiles\Users\RichardA\13491\dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll ===================================================================== 5:05:02 Error when creating WIC imaging factory: Error: 0x80040154 5:05:02 Splash window: Empty image - unable to draw the splash window 5:05:02 Splash window: Empty image - unable to draw the splash window 5:05:02 Splash window: Empty image - unable to draw the splash window 5:05:03 Splash window: Empty image - unable to draw the splash window 5:05:03 Splash window: Empty image - unable to draw the splash window 5:05:03 Splash window: Empty image - unable to draw the splash window 5:05:03 Splash window: Empty image - unable to draw the splash window 5:05:26 Splash window: Empty image - unable to draw the splash window 5:05:29 Warning Message: Addon 'A3_Functions_F_MP_Mark' requires addon 'A3_Functions_F_Heli' ===================================================================== Thanks in advance for any insight! - Xtasey
  4. I've been trying to setup my server since the weekend. Kept crashing and couldn't figure out why so I've done a few fresh installs. I've now found the issue (or atleast 1). When I go into Epochah and setup my details to be menu owner the game won't load and give me error Server not Ready (Error 02). If someone could help me sort this that would be great. thanks.
  5. I've noticed that the server seems to stay in creating mode until the first person logs in. Which means that the in game server time will not complete it's full cycle before the server restarts if there is a long delay between the server starting and people logging in. Anyone know how to avoid this and make sure that the ingame server time starts immediately after the server has come back up? Thanks, TheKnightTemplar (The Wild Community)
  6. Hey all! So... I came across this problem with my new overpoch server today, and I am out of ideas atm. My server has been working great until today. It ran for probably a good week straight with restarts every 4 hours. I went to play on the server for a little bit today, and it wasn't up. So, I got on to the computer the server runs on, and tried starting it up. The arma2oaserver.exe stops working and crashes. Another attempt and no go. I restart the computer and same thing. I asked my friend (The other owner of the server) about the situation, and he said he just restarted the computer. He also said he didn't touch any of the server files. I checked the server rpt, and it looks just like it did when the server was working, but it stops when updating base classes with no error. Something to mention: the way I had the restarts setup was using a batch file that would basically start the server, wait 4 hours and 1 minute, then kill the server process, then repeat. The reason I set up the restarts this way, was because we weren't using battleye for the moment (because of global ban problems), so no BEC restarts. I'm not sure if this was an unhealthy way to restart the server and caused this problem over time, but I thought I'd mention it just in case someone does know. I know this is a very very broad problem I'm throwing out there with no real precise info (which I wish I had), but any ideas would be much appreciated. If anyone has any testing methods/ideas I could use to try and narrow down the problem, that would be awesome as well. :) The rpt is attatched as a text file if it'll help. Thanks! arma2oaserverRPT.txt
  7. Hello, I'm just curious if I've done things right. My server is up and running, players can connect to it, and everything seems to be working correctly. I'm just curious about my @mod launch parameters on the server startup. [email protected];@Taviana;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server; Is this correct, or should I have things in a different order? For clients to connect they have to use the following launch parameters. [email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server; I ask because I'm seeing a ton of people trying to connect, but they never actually make it in. [2014-10-16 | 10:21:37] Player #2 Jack Frost (***.***.***.***:2304) connected [2014-10-16 | 10:21:38] Player #2 Jack Frost - GUID: *************************** (unverified) [2014-10-16 | 10:21:38] Verified GUID (***************************) of player #2 Jack Frost [2014-10-16 | 10:21:39] Player #2 Jack Frost - Legacy GUID: *************************** [2014-10-16 | 10:21:39] Player #2 Jack Frost disconnected I'm assuming this is because they don't have the Taviana map downloaded, or they don't have their launch parameters set properly.
  8. Hey guys, Would it be possible to script Arma 2:OA/Epoch client so that it automatically connects to the server and then clicks on "OK" button in the "Lobby Screen"? At the moment I can kill the arma2oa.exe using taskkill via a batch script at intervals & relaunch it with target server startup parameter but obviously it will get stuck at lobby & will be kicked after 90 secs... Thanks
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