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  1. Account deletion request: I No longer use these forums and haven't for years. Please Delete / Remove my account.


  2. on our version of the vehicle paint script, together with Zupa we have created a menu which blocks you from being able to paint the vehicles which are bugged, as over the past few weeks players have been complaining about buy our paint and not being able to apply it..
  3. ftshill

    Epoch doorbells?

    I used to have it, however the sound got really annoying so it was taken off, pm me if you would like some help ;)
  4. Something you will have added will be clashing and preventing the game from running, check your rtp file and check for errors, usually you can see what is wrong in there :)
  5. ftshill


    I'll look into this, however I have never seen this said script..
  6. pm me and i will try and help you as best i can ;)
  7. ftshill

    Paint vehicles?

    We already have this option on our servers.. It works with most vehicles and has a choice of multiple colours... Thought you guys should know ;)
  8. On my server I am trying to add a script which makes all locked vehicles indestructible after a certain time period. This is to prevent the continuous grifing.. This is what I have so far: if (isNil "fnc_vehicle_handleDamage") then { fnc_vehicle_handleDamage = vehicle_handleDamage; }; vehicle_handleDamage = { private["_unit","_result"]; _unit = _this select 0; if (locked _unit) exitWith {_unit allowDamage false;}; _unit allowDamage true; _result = _this call fnc_vehicle_handleDamage; _result }; Can anyone help me to add a timer to this so it only activates after 15mins of being locked and untouched.. Thanks in advance!
  9. What do I need to set it to?
  10. On my server I have been having some issues with the maintain option on the plot pole. Players bases have been despawning however they were never warned that their base was going to despawn as the plot pole never gave a warning. It only ever says "0 building parts in range". Is there a way to fix this issue and if so could you please help me out! Thanks. :)
  11. I could also do with some help here, anyone?
  12. I have recently moved across to a dedicated server of my own and have been wondering if there is anyway for me to get rid of the "cloud icon with the x" icon next to the server name of the server in DayZ Commander. I understand it is something to do with the hive, but I am not sure what to do to fix this... Any help would be awesome!
  13. I presume your problem is that both scripts rely on the same file, have you accidentaly added a file into the database twice to compensate for this
  14. After you die, you cannot then remove the item as Mac has said.. Until you die though you can remove the items through the scroll wheel.
  15. I had a similar issue, how did you manage to fix this (I took out all custom items and replaced them again)
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