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Change skin/Eject from helicopter[BUG]


Im using





Treasure Events

Blue phoenix admin tool


So here is what have happened sometimes for players.


1. They change skin and get Launch up in the air, And fall to their death.

2. A example of a Eject Death, a chopper got shot down and they ejected with parachutes, Landed then got launched up in the air, And again fell to their Death.


*I've allready tried to search for this, Various Search strings but with no luck.


Any thoughts?

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    • By salival
      Here's a script I wrote that does the following from right clicking your key in your toolbelt:
      Unlock/lock vehicle. Turn engine on/off. Eject players not in your group. This uses @mudzereliclick actions mod as a dependency (https://github.com/mudzereli/DayZEpochDeployableBike/tree/master/overwrites/click_actions) because it's awesome.
      Thanks to @Pattohfor the idea for this script.
      For downloading and install instructions, see my github: https://github.com/oiad/remoteVehicle
    • By harcosgoogle
      Death messages script?
    • By Birgitte
      Players and myself have been having trouble looting our corpse in We are using the group system and sometimes when we load in there is no corpse, other times, you can see it on the map and when you get there it disappears or disappears in the middle of looting yourself. Is there a time limit on how long you can take to get back to your corpse? If so, how do I adjust?
    • By Birgitte
      Good afternoon friends,
      The server is coming along fine with all of your help. I am having some issues that are making game play difficult for my players. At times, the server seems to have a delay with responding to actions. When you try to get in a vehicle, you will get the standard action movement and then stand there waiting for entry. there is a delay, sometimes a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes, then you are in the vehicle. This also happens when shooting AI or zombies. You fire a head shot and they still can attack you for a few seconds or minutes until they just die. This can have obvious adverse effects and players want to go play something else. I have upgraded my server service to what is supposed to be the best nitrado has to offer so i don't think that is the issue. My RPT log is spamming like this a bunch. What can i do to fix this?
      Server: Object 3:665 not found (message 99)
      Server: Object 3:663 not found (message 99)
      Server: Object 3:665 not found (message 99)
      Server: Object 3:663 not found (message 99)
      Server: Object 3:665 not found (message 99)
      Server: Object 3:663 not found (message 99)
      If this is in the wrong place please forgive me and let me know where to go. You have all been a great help so far.
    • By FreakingFred
      We have ran into the following two issues regarding blown up vehicles on our server:
      Players get stuck in blown up vehicles, and are actually unable to eject. Players refuse to eject from a blown up vehicle, as a way to avoid combat. These are the steps I took to fix this issue:
      Navigate to dayz_server\compile. Open server_updateObject.sqf with your text editor of choice. CTRL+F and search for the following: _object_killed = { private["_hitpoints","_array","_hit","_selection","_key","_damage"];  
      Under that, copy and paste the following: if((count crew _object) > 0) then{ { moveOut _x } forEach crew _object; };  
      Save and done.  
      This has been tested a decent amount over the past few restarts on my server, and has been reported to be working by the players.  The only small issue we have found, is that when it gets close to a server restart, and there are 60-70 players online, it can sometimes take up to 20-30 seconds to eject the player(s).  If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this better, then please feel free to share.  Hopefully, this helps a few people.  Enjoy!
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