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Found 20 results

  1. I have an overpoch Sauerland server. The vehicle traders are not spawning when you buy. The SOB takes your money and gives you a key, but no vehicle. The arrow comes up for about 12 seconds. After the restart, they are there, all on top of each other. NO, I do not have infistar installed. It brakes the server. No admin tools at all. Here are my server and client RPTs. Can someone please take a look for me? Client Server All other traders work.
  2. Remote Vehicle is part of Epoch now. Hi, Here's a script I wrote that does the following from right clicking your key in your toolbelt: Unlock/lock vehicle. Turn engine on/off. Eject players not in your group. Thanks to @Pattohfor the idea for this script. For downloading and install instructions, see my github: https://github.com/oiad/remoteVehicle
  3. Hi guys, have a problem with the server I help run. The hotkeys (1-2-3 for guns, 4-5-6 meds etc.) don't work. Setting the variable dayz_quickSwitch to true or false doesn't change anything.
  4. Hi guys, I have a DIK code which is supposed to 'call-a-taxi' when pressed. Code is set to INS key for the time being and it is working fine when player is Epoch AH admin. If non-admin, key is not doing anything which appears to be blocked by AH. Is there a workaround for this? Apologies in advance, if it's an apparent configuration option in the latest Epoch. I will check it tomorrow - haven't had a chance yet (been too busy developing on 0.2.x). I really hope there is a way around this hotkey press otherwise will be very displeasing to figure this out AFTER releasing my script :D
  5. This is a short german overview of the key settings. If you don't understand german, you can find the original post in english here: Hier eine kurze Übersicht aller Tastenbelegungen/ Tastenkombinationen: Letzte Änderungen: v. / 31.10.14 GENERELLE STEUERUNG: I (seit 0.2) Objekte (Mülleimer, Kisten, Müllhaufen etc.) platt treten und Tiere looten I (<- das ist ein i) looten der AI /Antagonisten, Interaktion mit Händlern, Spielern und Fahrzeugen sowie Zugriff auf das Inventar (ArmA 3 Standardtastaturbelegung) H Holstern/ wieder in die Hand nehmen der Waffe Doppelklick (Linke Maustaste) Auswählen eines Items im Inventar (z.B. für Trinken oder Essen) ^ (links neben der 1) Debug Menü öffnen (um Spielerstatus anzeigen zu lassen) STRG+ # (ArmA 3 Standardtastaturbelegung) Mittelfinger BAUEN: Achtung: Die Energie muss für das Bauen ausreichen. Diese kann aufgeladen werden, indem man in einem Fahrzeug mit laufendem Motor sitzt, 75m an einem Solartower oder einem Windrad ist, oder Small Battery Packs konsumiert! STRG + I (<- ja, das ist ein i ) Objekte upgraden (zum Beispiel Metall an Holzwand schrauben) 1 unfreier Modus an/aus (Baumodus, bei dem die Wände etc. sich orthogonal an die jeweils anderen anpassen) 2 Freier Modus an/aus (Baumodus, ohne die automatischen Anpassungen aus Modus 1) Leertaste Item aufheben (wenn Item platziert mit Leertaste anwählen um es dann erneut platzieren zu können) 3 Richtung bei unfreiem Modus ändern (z.B. die Richtung einer Treppe auf Holzboden ändern, Stufen 1,2,3 und Normal) 4 Item platzieren (gerade nicht sicher, ob es das überhaupt noch gibt) ESC Bauen abbrechen (erklärt sich von selbst) Q / E Rotation 0 - 360 (drehen des Objektes) Einfg + Entf Links/Rechts bewegen des Items (gradliniges Bewegen des Items nach links/rechts) Pos1 + Ende Vor/Zurück bewegen des Items (gradliniges Bewegen des Items nach vorn/hinten) Bild auf+ Bild ab Hoch/Runter bewegen des Items (Empfehlung: Jedes Item nach Anwählen mit Bild auf über den Kopf und mit Pos1 nach vorn verschieben, um nicht verletzt zu werden) Bei Fragen/Anregungen/Kritik einfach melden :) (über ein Dankeschön/ Like würde ich mich natürlich sehr freuen:) )
  6. Right, I've been trying to set up a DayZ Epoch Taviana Private server for some time now. I've done everything, and I mean everything. First of all, whenever I try to join my server, the console gets spammed with "Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory" and then I'm stuck on "WAiting for host" for the rest of my life and Battleye complains that I'm using a wrong version, even though DayZ commander begs to differ. I did some fiddling and I realised I was missing a few files/folder/whatever and put them in (@Tavi_DayZ_Epoch), then I was getting "Files... tavi.pbo, taviana.pbo, usec_rig_a/pbo, etc. are not signed by a key accepted by this server" so I looked up and down a few posts and someone stated that removing the files would fix the issues, so I did that too. No avail. Beforehand I could join ANY Tavi Epoch server no problem, and no complications. Whereas after removing the files, I would be instantly kicked for servers that worked before; joining my server didn't work either, since I suffered the same fate. Checking DayZ Commander, all the files were corrupt, so I guess I shouldn't have done that, so I reinstalled them. Hey presto, now I could join the servers again, including my own... to then have " Files... blah blah blah" thrown at me. Fun. For what I could tell there was no tut/inscructions telling me what files I needed or where everything was going wrong (no logs from console). So I did a little digging in to the .ini 's and other files of the like and then I realised, I didn't have the six_tavi.bikey and whatever the other one was called, so I plopped them in there... Perhaps this was the problem? Nope, chuck testa. Now I'm annoyed. The console was still spamming me with "Halp, mission file ist kaput" Or whatever it said before. Then connecting to the server was all like "nah m8, these files are going to be your demise" and other file related nonsense. So I gave up. What did I do next? Go back to good old Chernarus. So I deleted all the Tavi folders/files and put the appropiate Chernarus ones there; it worked. First time. I swear it does this on purpose. So now I'm confused and annoyed. So I've been trying to get Tavi to work for over 4 hours straight, to then get Chernarus to work, first attempt and I can join and everything. If someone for the love of god tell me/link me to a tut that can actually get my Private DayZ Epoch Taviana server working. Properly, I'll owe you my life. I think I'm going mad. If you need any files details or ANYTHING that I can easily copy/pasta then I'll try to replicate the tragedy from before.
  7. Would like to get a key so i could test out the north east servers with my friends
  8. Good day Yesterday I watched the stream Sequisha. There played the keys! I was lucky enough to get one key. Activated key, and then added to my steam. have installed the game but when you log in to a server: french french Writes still , I'm not in the white list. Unfortunately, I was never able to play with friends What to do? Thank you developers!
  9. hello my name is anthony or ptony4543 i would like to ask if anyone who has a spare key could send it to me in a message thank you if you gave me the key or took the time to read this have a nice day
  10. I got a key but my friend couldn't. Does anyone have an extra key that I could have? There's only so much fun to be had on your own.
  11. Blakord my friend has a youtube channel 7000 subs and got into the stream that always wants to give discover the game and had to be some misunderstanding because he said he wanted a key and told her to alwais the streamers and gave youtubers to what my friend said the youtuber and was always told it would be for another day and my friend said already that would happen but not always ban misunderstanding was because my friend without a word. I am Spanish and my friend and also I'm promoting with 300 subs my friend has 7000 and ban the truth is that it confuses me. Now the followers of my friend think that you are racist, but because I was not asking you to meet me and tell me something for this to be resolved as soon as possible to make a mod of this Spanish community. thank you. pd: if something sounds good is because of google translate.
  12. Hi guys I'm a youtube and would love to know how I can get a key for the testing of Epoch? This is my youtube channel if you would like to see https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpC1elgYQxYkcm-3FkdkMdA
  13. Hi, This is my first topic and I did it because I was looking for a while a solution for my situation and I couldn't find it. I hope it's in the right place. PROBLEM: I need to disable the auto key deletion from toolbelt done by Epoch when a Player sells a vehicle. REASON: I just installed the script "" by "OtterNas3" and it works wonderful. However, there's a little problem with one epoch settings I found on an previous changelog: If I have a Master Key for all my vehicles and I want to sell one I will lose my Master Key :( Is there an option that can disable this funtion? Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. Hello, i cant get in a car on a epoch sever, only option is to tow when i use the mousewheel. mabey i need a key but if i need one, it normaly says "the vehicle is locked" or something like that.
  15. Hi I am not sure this is the right forum, but I give it a go :) I been googling to try and find an SQL to delete cars what has not key in the game anymore, but I am coming up a bit short. I found this: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1007 Tried to do this: SELECT object_data.ObjectID, object_data.ObjectUID, object_data.Worldspace, object_data.Classname, object_data.CharacterID, object_data.LastUpdated, (CASE WHEN object_data.CharacterID < 2501 THEN CONCAT('ItemKeyGreen', object_data.CharacterID) WHEN object_data.CharacterID < 5001 THEN CONCAT('ItemKeyRed', object_data.CharacterID - 2500) WHEN object_data.CharacterID < 7501 THEN CONCAT('ItemKeyBlue', object_data.CharacterID - 5000) WHEN object_data.CharacterID < 10001 THEN CONCAT('ItemKeyYellow', object_data.CharacterID - 7500) WHEN object_data.CharacterID < 12501 THEN CONCAT('ItemKeyBlack', object_data.CharacterID - 10000) ELSE 'ERROR' END) AS `KeyColour`, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `character_data` WHERE `Alive` = '1' AND (`Inventory` LIKE CONCAT('%', KeyColour, '%') OR `Backpack` LIKE CONCAT('%', KeyColour, '%'))) AS InChar, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `object_data` WHERE `Inventory` LIKE CONCAT('%', KeyColour, '%')) AS InVeh FROM `object_data` WHERE `CharacterID` <> '0' AND `CharacterID` <= 12500 AND `Classname` NOT LIKE 'Land%' AND `Classname` NOT LIKE 'Cinder%' AND `Classname` NOT LIKE 'Wood%' AND `Classname` NOT LIKE 'Metal%' AND `Classname` NOT LIKE '%Storage%' AND `Classname` NOT IN ('OutHouse_DZ', 'GunRack_DZ', 'WorkBench_DZ', 'Sandbag1_DZ', 'FireBarrel_DZ','DesertCamoNet_DZ','StickFence_DZ','LightPole_DZ','DeerStand_DZ','ForestLargeCamoNet_DZ','Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ','Hedgehog_DZ','FuelPump_DZ', 'Fort_RazorWire', 'SandNest_DZ', 'ForestCamoNet_DZ', 'Fence_corrugated_DZ', 'CanvasHut_DZ', 'Generator_DZ') But I am not 100% friends with MySql yet, so does this tject in players safes too, to see if there is a key ? or only on players and in backpacks? And the results are that the cars with out key’s ? even the once that says 1 in ‘InChar’ or ‘InVeh’ ? Anyone knows? Or know a better way to remove cars where the key is lost ?
  16. Well Ive looked at Otters Key Changer Script but the post is all out of sorts(not to dis Otter, He's an incredible scripter) So i was wondering does anyone have a working keychain/key changer script? or maybe could give me the working files for Otters? Thanks in Advance! :)
  17. Short overview: Adding locks with keys that work similar to vehicles, a base owner can then choose if they want to have keys to their base or a codelock. Features and design: * New lootable lock with a key, the original key is bound to the player and will spawn with the player (and use up a slot). * Only the one who upgraded the door and got the original key will actually spawn with the original key in their inventory * A killed player will also drop their key, the dropped key upon player death will be a copy. * The key-lock can only be unlocked with the original key or a copy * On top of manually making copies of the keys, copies of the same lock can be crafted, so a key can go to an entire base * Changing or removing the lock requires a key Explanation: One of the issues with codelocks is that they are quite easy to crack, giving the option to have a key to the base will add a different way of locking down a base. No longer can a group of enemy players spend all night and crack the codes to a base, as there will be no other way (aside from blowing the entire door up) to open a door into a base with a key. The balance to this is of course that if the original key owner is killed, anyone can steal a key from his corpse and thus access the base, and or make copies of said key, thus presenting the mechanic with a balance toward the increased security.
  18. Lappel


    Hey wise people I resently added the tow truck to my traders, but now i got a problem. whenever people buy one they get a key but no car, it simple dont show. I can see that the vehicle gets put in to the datebase, but not ingame, after restart it stays in the database, but never shows ingame or on the map. I added the: VIL_asistvan_DZE into trader_items and trader_data and into dynamic_vehicle is there somewhere else it should be added for it to spawn/show ingame?
  19. So Im trying to run panthera, copied the latest keys across from, downloaded and updated everything as usual. Getting the error ibr_plants.pbo ibr_rn.pbo panthera2.pbo are not signed by a key accepted by this server. Dont know why im still getting this, copied the keys correctly into a Keys folder which is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Should be right? I temporarily disabled signature file check and only let people I know join to test it out, I then discovered there was another problem.. We are getting frequent red desync's, around every 5 mins we get a red chain lasting maybe 20 seconds - this is only with <10 players, dont know if it has an effect on playing but I would really like to know if anyone has a solution for this, I can provide anymore information thats needed, thanks.
  20. Guest

    Admin Tool: Add Key to Toolbelt

    Hi, im trying to make an admin tool which allows admins to make keys by looking at a locked car and executing the following script: _own = cursorTarget getVariable "CharacterID"; _num = parseNumber _own; sleep 2; diag_log(format["GETKEY: OwnerID: %1", _num]); _green = { _keyColor = "Green"; _keyNumber = _num; diag_log(format["Key is %1!", _keyColor]); }; _red = { _keyColor = "Red"; _keyNumber = (_num - 2500); diag_log(format["Key is %1!", _keyColor]); }; _blue = { _keyColor = "Blue"; _keyNumber = (_num - 5000); diag_log(format["Key is %1!", _keyColor]); }; _yellow = { _keyColor = "Yellow"; _keyNumber = (_num - 7500); diag_log(format["Key is %1!", _keyColor]); }; _black = { _keyColor = "Black"; _keyNumber = (_num - 10000); diag_log(format["Key is %1!", _keyColor]); }; _none = { cutText ["Error!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; exitWith{}; }; switch true do { case ((_num > 0) && (_num < 2501)) : _green; case ((_num > 2500) && (_num < 5001)) : _red; case ((_num > 5000) && (_num < 7501)) : _blue; case ((_num > 7500) && (_num < 10001)) : _yellow; case (_num > 10000) : _black; default _none; }; _keySelected = format[("ItemKey%1%2"), _keyColor, _keyNumber]; _object = format[("'%1'"), _keySelected]; diag_log(format["GETKEY: Adding Key %1!", _object]); GearAdd = (vehicle player); GearAdd addWeapon _object; i dont really know why it isnt working but probably someone has an idea. thanks for your help
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