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Found 9 results

  1. Hello community, Well last night I had a player message me on Discord asking for a free Lapua. He was very rude and insistent, then left all of a sudden. Some players were doing a mission and all of a sudden AI would spawn right on top of one of the players who then became invincible. I know the player and he was not hacking. He also had 999,999,999 coins and humanity on him. I restarted the server to fix the issue with the AI. Later anytime he accessed his safe, all the players on the server would explode into the air and die when they landed, not by the explosion. We later figured out it was the 2 Lapuas he took from the mission that were in his safe. I deleted them and it seems to have fixed the issue. Anyone else experienced this?
  2. We have ran into the following two issues regarding blown up vehicles on our server: Players get stuck in blown up vehicles, and are actually unable to eject. Players refuse to eject from a blown up vehicle, as a way to avoid combat. These are the steps I took to fix this issue: Navigate to dayz_server\compile. Open server_updateObject.sqf with your text editor of choice. CTRL+F and search for the following: _object_killed = { private["_hitpoints","_array","_hit","_selection","_key","_damage"]; Under that, copy and paste the following: if((count crew _object) > 0) then{ { moveOut _x } forEach crew _object; }; Save and done. This has been tested a decent amount over the past few restarts on my server, and has been reported to be working by the players. The only small issue we have found, is that when it gets close to a server restart, and there are 60-70 players online, it can sometimes take up to 20-30 seconds to eject the player(s). If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this better, then please feel free to share. Hopefully, this helps a few people. Enjoy!
  3. Checked the forums, and didnt find out any posts about it, so sorry if duping this: "Repair_EPOCH": Allows you to repair epoch base buildables to 100% with one shot from [EnergyPackLg]. Also allows to repair any environemental server objects on the map, if targetable by client (houses.. etc) if they are not ruined yet (different vehicle stance). "Defib_EPOCH": When the player dies and his gun falls away from him, it becomes a separated WeaponHolder object on the ground (sometimes may be local object only). When you getting revived, you revive with a gun already on you, and this weaponholder lasts for a brief moment enough to pick it from the ground. Result: dupe of the weapon. Thanks.
  4. Joshyy

    Coin Problem/Exploit

    There is a major problem with the coin system on my server. People are able to give coins to someone/buy a vehicle and then re-log/die and have the money back? Any tips on fixing this, thanks!
  5. Tricks

    Backpack/Skin Dupers

    Hey guys, Was wondering if there was a way I can make it so you have to drop your backpack to change skins. Finding players duping very easily with this exploit. Thanks!
  6. Hi there, could the range from which shelves can be accessed, be lowered? As it is now, even when leaving a 0.5m gap to the outer wall of a building (map or Epoch building system) they can be accessed from the outside. I didn't test with tipis but assume they have the same problem.
  7. These boys just never let you down. They on point regarding player feedback. Anti-base-glitching implemented just now. Works like a charm. Thanks again guys! MGT4EVA
  8. Server: Money Grabbing Trolls (MGT). Arma 3 build: 1.34.128075. Server build:|1.34. Scenario: If character has already been resurrected in it's lifetime already you shouldn't be able to be resurrected again but if you have the second timer up which is 10 seconds to respawn, end task on the game and re log in, you appear to have no timer and a blurred screen standing, a player then can shoot multigun revive tool on you to give you life, with blurred vision, relog again to get rid of this and you are now alive, with your old corpse on the floor with all the items you had. The new resurrected body too, which is now living has all your equipment on. Repeatable? I imagine so, yes. But I have not tested this bit yet.
  9. Hey there, today I killed somebody and shortly after I tried to loot his corpse + his crypto. When I tried to pick up the crypto I could loot it but the option to loot his crypto persisted, so I could loot him over and over again till the server wasn't lagging anymore. This could be exploited to get nearly unlimited crypto. Best regards, CaptainYarrr
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