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[REQUEST]sauerland.pbo crashed after steam update

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Hello People,


i had antoher thread where i asked for help because of an Steam Arma2OA Update.


I found the real problem yesterday.


After we did an Arma2OA update via Steam - the sauerland.pbo "crashed". So we were not able to join our server.


Things we have (had) in this pbo:


Self Bloodpack

Snaping Tool (not pro)

Map changes via 3D Editor


We always got the failure message when we've joined, that an african building can't be loaded bla bla bla.

i was to lazy to implement this building into the code AND i was to lazy to delete it (via editor).


Could the update caused the problem? I think so BUT why did that have effect on the sauerland.pbo?

because of the probs with the african building or was it selfbp/snaping tool or the whole map changes i did?


Wicked AI / DZMS is still working fine because it's not in the map.pbo.


Should we test it out step by step or did anyone else had this problem (or experience with it)?



Thanks for any help!





Cheers Shizo

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