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Found 10 results

  1. I've been involved with running a small ARMA-based community since the launch of Epoch for ARMA3 and we have gone from having two full servers all the time (in our first few weeks) to having one full server for a few months, and then a half server for the better part of half a year, and then having to try running different servers (ARK, Rust, etc.) to have any activity at all. Running a community is a lot of work, it requires you to not only both keep one or several servers up to date, but also invest a lot of time to keep the community website active AND interacting with the players. Now, we set out to be pretty small, our intent was to have maybe one populated server, but with the popularity of the mod, supply overcame demand times a thousand... AND on top of that we (I) made a couple of mistakes that pissed off a part of our player base. I know there are others like us out there, so what I would want is to try and have a discussion about how you/we can rebuild, because we are an essential part of a mod like Epoch, our hard work not only gets attention for our respective communities, it also helps create exposure for the mod, which brings attention from more script writers and so on and so on. So what I'm trying to do with this post is to seek advice from other server-hosts, players, community members, modders, etc. asking for contributions and ideas on how we can get the communities alive again. Thank you for your time.
  2. I have started a database and webpage that can help list and show Arma communities based on what they have to offer. Say if you want to find a community that has milsim but also enjoy playing some Epoch and you want the server to be in the USA well just easily use armacom.co to find a community to join. So if you own a community that has arma server/s or even a group that has a server and perhaps webpage please go here to get listed. any suggestions or queries hit me up!
  3. We are a brand new DayZ Community with our own DayZ server and our own branded community websystem. You have maybe heard of us before? Before we were called DayZGO and The Cube Gaming. Now we have changed our name and re-branded to DayZ Center. There has been long nights and many hours of programming our brand new server & community web. We are now finished with testing, scripting and customizing our server. And now we want to present it to you, fellow survivors! Our server has a clean DB since its brand new. And we have done alot of research to implement all the most recent and most popular scripts and addons to our server. We have choosen to use DayZ Epoch mixed with DayZ Origins Mod. And since we can see that Chernarus is the most popular map, we have also chosen to use Chernarus Map. We Are Looking For * Developers * Moderators * New Members Please consider joining our community, and help us expand! Contact us on our webpage: www.dayz.center
  4. We are currently looking for an Arma II Epoch server/Community to play on with 10-15 people on everyday. We live in the central United States and want no higher than 120 ping. I would like to see a simple pvp server but with custom add-ons.
  5. EXALTED DAYZ OVERPOCH PANTHERA COMMUNITY SERVER Hello, I'm Kief Chief. Don't let my name fool you, I actually am a very productive person. :P I have decided to make a server based solely on what the community, that means YOU the players and fellow survivors want! This is slightly ambitious project, and not all suggestions will be able to be implemented, but we encourage you to come play and throw up suggestions as we go! This post will be updated, but it is quite late as I am typing this up, and I have to work in 6 hours so barebones is what you get for now! ;) SERVER IP: Server, as of now, has these customizations: A Plot For Life Snap Pro Wicked AI Missions Self Bloodbag Custom Towing Script Future plans: Single Currency Custom Loot Tables (Moderately Militarized) And much more, especially based on community wants! Thanks Again for taking a look at this post and I hope to see you in game! Remember, don't let the zeds bite! ;) Love, ~ Kief Chief
  6. So either this is a whole system set up on plain white paper with black rules that dictate how things go, or DayZ and all Mods just like epoch were made by a flexible and helping community... What is a community driven mod if it isn't created, changed and reinvented by the users? How did epoch start? How did DayZ start? With people who had a great idea, now nobody can tell me that these were created without the donations and help of the community, yet they still do not allow donations to flow into the servers hosting their mod/game? Even if Bohemia or any other big company that was part of Arma 2 OA wouldn't allow this, I would still ask the same question. Why do you think that it is a issue? I believe it is the greed behind those people, the greed of keeping any profits "made by them". I am sorry for just raging it out there, but how can you have an issue with things that help those who made your product what it is today? Who would play Arma 2 OA without DayZ? 1/3 of the population now? 1/4 of the population? Who would play Epoch or any other mod without the server addons and work done by "us" admins/scripters/the community? So why is it ok to block the help for those? To keep alive what keeps you alive? Are you this greedy to oversee the long term effects? Are you really that greedy to not notice the community had your back, created your "back"? But you still give yourself the position to break the communities joints until the whole community collapses? You are on the wrong path epoch team! I hope you rethink your decisions and if that issue comes from further up like Bohemia, then work on your contracts. Because what ever made and or is the founder of this unbelievable and almost heart breaking issue should start to think clear. Have a great day community and to the epoch team I wish a thoughtful moment. Best regards, Blite Scripter who lost his hopes in the community founders. P.s.: Since this all started because of the thoughtful help of a great community member (sarcasm), I would also like to end this with the fact that I am also very disappointed in those who go against others in the same community, with the same dreams, with the same goal.
  7. First of all I would like to say, In NO-way is this teamspeak the OFFICIAL EpochMod server. We are just a group of friends that play Epoch together. vs25.tserverhq.com:6120 - IP Come join if you want to play, everyone is invited.
  8. Hey Epoch Community Management! We heard from OrangeSherbert (speaking to 3DBeerGoggles, who is part of my community) that the community may be searching for some communities to host the mission files for Epoch Community. Axle and Vbawol, not sure if you remember when you guys first started the whole Epoch Mods and needed a community to host the files so people can download, Ultimate-RP was hosting some files for you to give to users to download. I just switched my name from Scott.E to SniperNoSniping. I'm really excited to support the Epoch Community once again! I have a VPS through NFOServers and was looking to host some Chicago, IL servers for you guys. We have no other servers installed on the box, and we will manage the restarts and ensure they stay as dedicated as possible! Also willing to upgrade if needed. And will guarantee to not share any files that you wish not to be shared. I hope you are interested in this, if so, either send me a private message or reply to this forum. I will do my best to respond and have it on auto notify if you reply! Also available on our community Teamspeak, TS.BTSGaming.NET or by Steam, SniperNoSniping (w/ BTSGaming logo) or even [email protected] Hope you consider my offer. SniperNoSniping Brandon
  9. Hey guys, I've been thinking recently, "Wouldn't it be great to have a Git Service dedicated to DayZ?". Why you ask? Well, yeah we have github and bitbucket and all your other gits. But really, if we had a dedicated DayZ Git for all our modifications and projects then we could advance our community's online collaboration. What can we use it for? Use it to share code snippets, normal git stuff, help each other with projects and learn from some of the best! But everything else works fine why not just use that? Because everything is in one place, and as I previously said, 'Collaboration'. OK so you convinced me how should we do it? I was thinking of using GitLab. Going to host it with a Digital Ocean server. This is just an idea, but I think it could potentially benefit the community. Vote here: http://goo.gl/BbZ63K Have something to say? Post below. FAQ Most projects are generally universal. Just "DayZ" in general I guess. All the individual projects are managed by their creators. Along with who ever they assign to managing their repo.
  10. So the server I regular has an ongoing discussion about KOS problems and how they might be helped. Pretty much everyone agrees, Kill-On-Sight is way too prevalent but there's just not enough reasons to not do it. The problem: 1) You have too much to lose by trying to identify someone you have the drop on. 2) Everyone is effectively anonymous unless they identify themselves or are dead. I had been thinking about these two facts affect gameplay, and how other mechanics could affect this so that KOS was less common. Several times I've killed someone only to learn who they were via the death message and then apologized for my actions. The typical response is 'this is DayZ', it's just a harsh accepted truth. At the same time, we already have 'friendly tagging'. It isn't persistent through logouts, and requires an initial contact of trust. It causes a magic green floating dot on the other player so you know they are friendly. We mostly play on the same servers and given time, you start to identify regular players. Without some sort of forced dialogue, there's not often a way to randomly run into a player and have a net positive outcome. Usually, someone ends up dead. Why not take this a step farther and allow players to opt-in to displaying their own name if someone is aiming at them? The idea is that even though I may have never run into player 'Robot' in-game, from interactions with him in side chat or in forums would allow me to give him the benefit of the doubt. If I had the drop on him and saw that it was him(because he opted into showing his name) then I might say "hello" first or ask if he'd like to be friendly. The risk is still there, as now I've given up both the fact that I have the drop on him AND who I am, but he might reciprocate and we just had a 'good' random interaction in Epoch. He might also turn and shoot me in the face, which is 'DayZ'. The side effect there is I would know it was him and his 'reputation' could be marred. The real world current example is I see him running around with gear, I shoot him and kill him, apologize and if I'm feeling nice, help him get his gear back. Some scenarios as to why nametags being a choice of the player is preferable: The above interaction, being a net positive. I have the drop on someone, see it is a regular and potentially friendly, ask them and we don't shoot at eachother. I see a player who has name tags turned off, I'm likely to just shoot them as I would today in our current system. I take their gear, or miss and they kill me. I decide to do some banditry. I turn my name tag off. That way, if I get in a firefight with someone, they don't know who I am. If I win- they never know who I was(unless they check the kill board). Someone gets the drop on me, sees my nametag, and shoots me anyway. They either don't care, don't like me, or feel the need. Their gameplay has not been affected. I keep my nametag on, and hope that players see me and decide not to shoot me in the back. I am banking on my reputation on the server as a deterrent to random victimization. The last part is most important. It's an option that adds more depth to Epoch and helps foster a community on a single server or hive. It doesn't cost anything or force anyone to change their gameplay habits. It is entirely optional, and in my opinion could only improve the quality of play at the small expense of losing a little realism. This realism imo is already lost with red/green dots on player characters. I feel like this could be implemented as an additional field in the character data table. It could be read in on each login and death. Update: I've been digging into this quite a bit recently and started to poke at the idea of how this could functionally work. Others have graciously linked related name tag scripts which look fairly simple to implement. I've been researching how we can provide both an item interaction and possibly a visual reference for if the 'mask' is on. My current idea is to utilize balaclava code or create a custom glasses model that is a mask. This way, I don't need to make a clone model for each custom outfit that is wearing a mask. If I can apply it to the player's model head then it just goes on 'over' the player model, just like a real mask. Both Night Vision Goggles and Balaclava/glasses work to accomplish this, but in slightly different ways. The two hurdles I'm working on right now are: how to dynamically apply the player model change how to handle the interaction menu to enable/disable the mask.
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