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  1. We are a brand new DayZ Community with our own DayZ server and our own branded community websystem. You have maybe heard of us before? Before we were called DayZGO and The Cube Gaming. Now we have changed our name and re-branded to DayZ Center. There has been long nights and many hours of programming our brand new server & community web. We are now finished with testing, scripting and customizing our server. And now we want to present it to you, fellow survivors! Our server has a clean DB since its brand new. And we have done alot of research to implement all the most recent and most popular scripts and addons to our server. We have choosen to use DayZ Epoch mixed with DayZ Origins Mod. And since we can see that Chernarus is the most popular map, we have also chosen to use Chernarus Map. We Are Looking For * Developers * Moderators * New Members Please consider joining our community, and help us expand! Contact us on our webpage: www.dayz.center
  2. Check www.dayz.center for our latest updates & news!

  3. Would be awesome to have a way to do this :)
  4. Im having the same issue! Trying to buy a vehicle at a random trader. My gold dissapears, message about you bought vehicle shows. And the red arrow appears. Its also adding the bought vehicle to the database. But no vehicle appears until the server restarts.... We have also separated the object database from character data database... The character database is shared between 2 servers... Everything else works fine. Vehicles that was in the databases from before separates correctly on each server. And character data can "travel" between both servers. Its Spawning bought vehicles instantly that is a problem and not working... Please! Some help?? :)
  5. Hello guys! Any way / explenation on how to remove Menu options? Say i want to remove the "Teleport Survivor" and "BEC Whitelist (FTP)" as an example?
  6. if you have it. Then it should be in your mission.pbo folder on your server. Not in MP missions or dayz code :P You will probably have to extract the pbo file with a pbo manager.
  7. The debug monitor in epoch, is usually something you have added yourself. So it should be in one of your scripts.... Mine is as an example called: custom_monitor.sqf :)
  8. Its because of the toggle functions that it dont work with the new 1.0.2 patch. Need to make a workaround for it :)
  9. Well, that solves some of it :P Since im using this myself... But still, what can we do to get this implemented anyways? :)
  10. Well, i like the system :) I just need to figure out whats wrong with it? :S Help guys :)
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