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Explain why fixing duping is not possible plox


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Thanks for the report, It was not removed it was hidden as I have seen it and have it marked for further review, reports of exploits/dupes do not need to become public knowledge.


well... that depends heavily on what you are going to do about it


if nothing - then shit has to go viral


so what's the plan? can that be fixed or should I go and bug Bohemia?

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ok... so it's not complete ignorance, just unwillingness. great



It does look like a bug with Arma I would make report with them http://feedback.arma3.com/view_all_bug_page.php



i doubt that. it used to be doable with any kind of containers but Bohemia fixed that like year ago


at the very least - devs should take a closer look before dismissing it as Bohemia's fault


i can help with testing. steam name: Lapsacis. i'm online nearly 24/7


in Epoch - works with tipis, shelfs and shelf-like loot containers at houses


does NOT work with backpacks, vehicles


also - easier done when server is crowded



I hid it as you had a twitch vod clearly showing how to dupe. Best to keep it hidden so it doesn't go viral.



as i wrote - that depends. making it viral would be forceful and impolite way to get it fixed

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