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  1. Wonder if there's a way to eliminate toxicity from water. Can't find info. thanks in advance.
  2. try downgrade nvidia drivers.
  3. pretty easy destroying empty bases lol...btw i remember that base. you got sniped once. We had good time. ty. Kixx
  4. asd

    duping bugs

    1.mgt server 2.1.34; 3.logging out staying in lobby then logging in again. body duplicated. 4.yes
  5. https://twitter.com/VertHostingjust ask here.
  6. asd

    Global Reports

  7. asd

    Global Reports

    the same happened to us this noon. we got killed from this guy who can't see us and it looks like he was capable of shooting through the walls. concrete ones. we remember his name was soldier of fortune or something like that. since there's not a properly working AH, reporting suspicious players ,looks a nice way to keep cheaters out of the official servers.
  8. asd

    item bug

    same problem for everyone
  9. it happens eveytime you log in and then log out.
  10. 1 Vert02 server 2 0.3 epoch 1.32 arma 3 Logged out after 1 hour of gameplay. Logged in again and respawned at start. 4 yes.
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