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  1. Op send a message on these forums to Liam from swiftnode, they are a friendly bunch and Im sure they will help you.. the problem is probably as Richie said, a little thing like a missing or misplaced comma. And to the others in this thread, the gui from swiftnode (and others) shows the same file structure as you would have on your dedi, only its not a dedi and you have to use their built-in FTP to download then edit files before uploading.
  2. Tywin

    Which Server Host?!

    Wish I had seen this thread sooner, so I can tell you about Swiftnode.. I had great experiences with them, the customer service was next to none, very quick reply's through their ticket system.. and even at out of office hours I could still reach them, as I had them added on steam. They would jump onto our server as players and help out with every problem, they would even come to our Teamspeak to help explain things faster and easier. Has to be the best experience renting a gaming server I ever had. I was just some noob that wanted an Epoch server when I signed up with them, now I'm managing a dedicated box running multiple Arma, Rust and ARK servers!.. Thanks to them, their advice and patience.
  3. Would the explosives spawn if I put them into the Items section?.. If not, is my only option to reduce the amount of explosives by reducing global mag amount?
  4. So on my next issue.. explosive's.. I removed them from the blacklist and placed into the magazines section.. I did try the primary weapons section at first, but they never seemed to spawn.. they spawn in the magazines section, but is there anyway to change the amount?? I think maybe this is a little too OP?
  5. opps, i may have figured it out.. i have a ',' on the last custom text i added and i think its not supposed to be there.. will delete and test now
  6. I getting errors after i changed the messages, my mission start messages are displaying fine, the mission starts and Ai spawns.. but after completion there is no message or airdrop. this was in my RPT: winMsg = [_winMsg, _msg select (_ms> 3:18:23 Error position: <]; _winMsg = [_winMsg, _msg select (_ms> 3:18:23 Error Missing [ 3:18:23 File VEMF\Missions\DynamicLocationInvasion.sqf, line 108 3:18:23 Error in expression <dropped", "Supplies are being dropped", ]; It used to say: Supplies are being dropped now; and the exception was in the word 'now'.. so i deleted it and the exception in now in the word dropped. any ideas?
  7. Hehe sorry, I made a folder called ai on my desktop to extract the the VEMF.zip to, not realising I already had an ai folder there with the @a3epochmissions folder in it, from some other ai mission script... so my bad. Before you replied I already set everything up as described in the readme and all is working fine, so thank you very much and sorry for the confusion!
  8. Hey I just downloaded this for my dedi box epoch server.. I noticed there is an @a3epochmissions folder in the .zip, but the read me/install info doesn't say anything about this folder, do i need to copy it onto my dedi or just leave it?
  9. Do you have to change anything in the code to get it to work for a3 epoch? .. If so could you please post your cpcnametags.sqf?
  10. Tywin

    Marksman DLC?

    Same caliber Chris Kyle used to make his longest confirmed kill with; 1.92km.
  11. Muraz try their Teamspeak and ask an admin to help you: PW: Airborne
  12. What are you trying to say Muraz? They raided your base and only took the food?
  13. I did that, so was that random stack of loot on the ground my reward?
  14. How are you supposed to know where to deliver it to?.. Examining it shows nothing and I don't see any special marker on my map. Also what are the green triangles on the map?
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