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Found 22 results

  1. Fellow epoch 2 players and server owners We are currently working together with community developers to get the 1.0.6 patch ready for release. Awol gave me rights to the codebase of Epoch Arma 2. This means I can code review and accept/deny any code passed to the Github. I'm also reviewing all the issues reported on the Github to see if it's relevant and debate if coding needs to be done. I understand not everyone is Github experienced. So i kindly accept bug reports or requests in this topic. I do not guarantee it's get fixed or added. But it will definitely throw it into discussion. In the future i'm planning to get a dev server up so we can do some testing on everything we added since the latest patch. I already want to thank every person who worked or will work on the DayZ-Epoch code. A full (rolling) change log will be posted over time ( When i get free time to check all merge request done by everyone since last patch). All progress can be followed on the DayZ-Epoch Github: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch The following link show you all the changes since the 1051 release. https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/compare/Release_1.0.5.1...master Changelog: [NEW] RedRyder BB Gun by @arma2WillRobinson [NEW] DB Backup script. @RimBlock [NEW] Use DayZ_UseSteamID = false; in your init.sqf to use the old PlayerUID, instead of SteamID @icomrade [NEW] UI Update - Graphical and code changes, enable using Dayz_Dark_UI = true; in init.sqf. @hogscraper [NOTE] It's recommend to convert to the new SteamID system if possible, new servers should not use DayZ_UseSteamID = false; [NEW] Snap building (disabled by default), use DZE_modularBuild = true; in your init.sqf to enable. @raymix [NEW] Modular/Function based player_build for addon makers and modders. @raymix (more info and concepts - ) [NEW] Added "RedRyder" and "350Rnd_BB_Magazine" to loot pile. #1456 #1457 @Namindu [NEW] Added tree support for Isla Duala. @Utomnia [CHANGED] An infection chance of -1 disables self-transfusion infection. 0 is always infected. (DZE_selfTransfuse_Values) @icomrade [CHANGED] Removed weapons from Traders hands and made them stand with arms by their side. @SilvDev [CHANGED] Tweaked fuel capacity variables for vehicles. @RimBlock [CHANGED] Tweaked rotate_logs.bat to incorporate the day of the week for better organization @Raziel23x [FIXED] Backpack wipes when changing clothes. #1361 @icomrade [FIXED] CH53 gear when locked #1364 @icomrade [FIXED] Infinite loop when crafting ore into bars #1351 @icomrade [FIXED] Only first kill showing on death boards #1362 #1124 @vbawol @icomrade [FIXED] Crossbow quivers not working #1355 @icomrade [FIXED] Crash_spawner & Supply_drop modules spawning inaccessible loot piles #1408 #1390 @Uro1 [FIXED] Undefined variable "_weapon" in fnc_plyrHit.sqf when killer is driving a vehicle #1420 @ebaydayz [FIXED] Fire cleanup diag_log error in server_functions.sqf #1421 @ebaydayz [FIXED] NearestObjects position error in server_playerSync.sqf #1425 @ebaydayz [FIXED] Corrected ClassName type for CH53_DZE and BAF_Merlin_DZE. @Cinjun [FIXED] Some counts reverted to forEach - count loops can not be nested inside other count loops #1491-#1495 @ebaydayz [FIXED] Safes empty when opening after restart #1467 @ebaydayz [FIXED] Dynamic_vehicle spawning non-upgradable classes of hilux1 & datsun1. @Uro1 [FIXED] Eating while inside a vehicle did not drop empty can @deadeye2 [FIXED] Zombie loot error when using loot tables in mission file @deadeye2 [FIXED] Trader menu expected array error #1618-1620 @ebaydayz [FIXED] Loading screen issue where you can walk around and see a black screen #1610 @deanreid [FIXED] Rare inventory wiping on login. @Mikeeeyy [FIXED] Wrong items return when deconstruction a bag fence. @seb3sec [uPDATED] .hpp files updated in dayz_epoch_b CfgLootPos > CfgBuildingPos. @Uro1 [uPDATED] .bat files updated in Config-Examples @Raziel23x [uPDATED] Updated all config.cfg in Config-Examples, Added Default Steam Ports and Updated Layout. @Namindu [uPDATED] Epoch.sql, 1.0.5_Updates.sql & CfgServerTraders with correct classnames for upgradable hilux1 & datsun1 versions. @Uro1 [uPDATED] mission.sqm to compact format from DayZ Mod 1.8.3 @ebaydayz [iNFO] (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) Server owners MUST update their required build and beta to 125548 [iNFO] requiredSecureId is deprecated in server.cfg.
  2. Mr.Drunk

    All bugs

    you guys must look into the Vehicle that blows up and when you open gun cases and wooden cabinets people get kicked out of the server and also when logging into the server getting kicked out immediately. And please stop with the -250 kripto when dying a lot of the guys cant make money because of ai that keeps killing them with one shot the hole time and add some bugs and rock crawlers into the game like an jeep or hummer that can replace the civilian cars please.
  3. Hi, i think i have finally come up against the limits of my knowledge and patience with a few remaining bugs which have showed their heads in the last month. I would be willing to pay someone who could properly fix them if i cant get someone to help for free. You can have access to our Dev server or have the files yourself and run wherever you want. CiC is a gaming community ( http://cic-gaming.co.uk ) which just celebrated our 15th year which is non profit making and funded by either myself or donations from people who play with us. Dev platform is on GTX Gaming and live server is with Gameing Deluxe (GTX is cheaper but has no BEC messages which we like for restarts and rules) and we don't use infistar. Please get in contact if you think you can help. cheers [CiC]red_ned Details below of setup and mods. Installed modsEpoch server help required Plotpole 4 life v2 Snap Pro with vector Logistic tow lift evd deployables Advanced gem crafting - with F key function Recover skin Base safe area self BB Service Point Bus route Custom loadout Craft from Packs Donator trader with TP dome Admin Tools version 1.9.1 by NoxSicarius custom markers and triggers Custom AI city, island, castle missions with heli patrol DZAI with roaming heli and land patrols - used in static missions DZMS WAI - using machine gun positions in static missions Tweaked - stop purchased vehicles disapearing Full base maintenance and degrade current bugs 1. plotpole for life not working - upgrade to latest? Doesn't remember you after death and upgrading seems bugged as you have to remove the pole for upgrading items. Would like the retina system installed if possible too. 2. advanced crafting - items not being maintained and have no characterID attached 3. donator trader zone TP not working It warns but nothing happens on live server random working on dev server 4. Event scripts are afffecting advanced crafted items due to 0 characterID but i have a workaround if they cant be made to craft with charID
  4. I just downloaded the newest Epoch Files and installed them. I have them enabled properly inside arma 3. Almost every server I join either kicks me out right away, or gives me the long list of files followed by "These are not accepted keys" or something like that. The few servers I can get on, I spawn underground in the starting area with no visible body. Then when I try to go to the main area (through the manhole covers on the ground) I get a white screen that never goes away. I can not do any thing on this screen. In my task manager the game is listed as running fine. The only way out of the white screen is to alt+f4 or close it from task manager.
  5. asd

    duping bugs

    1.mgt server 2.1.34; 3.logging out staying in lobby then logging in again. body duplicated. 4.yes
  6. 1 (the most annoying one) Upon restart you end up as a fresh spawn and not in group (Although your name stays in group and shows as grayed out, therefore you need a kick and re invite) 2 Infistar doesn't like the group menu, but admins keeps sorting it out every time. 3 Obviously the duping bodies upon death and extremely easy ways to dupe 4 Weapon changes upon death, say you had a Lynx and then you have a Katiba after revive hehe 5 Damn lockbox eats stuff, dunno if its random or not but so far it ate some satchels, lynx mags, first aid kits. I play on MGT official, Latest Arma and Epoch versions. All of the above are repeatable but i have not been able to figure out a pattern yet for any of the above. PLEASE feel free to add your bugs and glitches into this thread to make bug reporting a bit more accessible for the developers. Thanks Epoch team for the hard work, waiting on the next changelog!
  7. I was putting my gear inside the Tipi so I could empty my inventory but apparently it doesn't want to save the gear after a server restart. I went to check it out and boom it was gone just like that. Does this happen for anyone else?
  8. Unable to trade with other players, menu does not respond GTXTX1 Unable to leave groups, cleared cache, relogged multiple times, group leader tried to kick me, still unable to leave group. GTXTX1 & 2 I cannot see items dropped by other players and vice versa GTXTX1
  9. If I take off my nvgs and put them in my backpack, then log off, upon re-log I will have another pair equipped on my character, the process can be repeated indefinitely. I was invited to a group last night, this morning I am unable to leave, clicked leave group, relogged, restarted arma3, cleared cache, nothing works. Are group leaders only able to remove you? CoreyRo
  10. hey I would like to know if anyone would be interested in seeing me stream the game and have the opportunity to join our developing clan and forum. We also play a lot of arma 2 so it not just restricted to arma 3 epoch. If this is ok I will post up relevant details.
  11. As promised this will be my bug reporting tool to be reported after each time I play the game. Ill be working to report anything I find with as detailed a description as I can. PLEASE let me know if what I've reported is not a bug, or confirm the bugs I report would be greatly appreciated. If the devs who are reading this would like specific things tested feel free to shoot me an email or message me here and I'll be happy to work on it. 9/11/14: -PLAYER 1 Dropped acog sight on ground, Player 2 picked it up to NOT find it in his inventory, ACOG assumed deleted (player 2 told me this is a recuring bug on altis life as well, maybe you guys can work it out) -Player 2 died and Player 1 looted the body. player 2 was a female character wearing a female wetsuit. player 1 picked up the wetsuit which then turned into a male wetsuit. durring this same instance player 2's gun disapeared immediatly after death. -Cannot access inventory while in a vehicle at times or at all. I am not sure if this is an ARMA III thing or a glitch. but felt it deserved reporting. 9/12/2014: brought boat to 133145 trader. sold boat, went back. boat was still there. went back to trader sold it again... and again... crypto was transfered and boats were duped
  12. Upgrading the Cargo of a UAZ results in its pack cargo being downgraded from 7 to 4. L85A2 Holo buy price is 90 gold. Sell price is 6 gold. Bicycles only cost 4 silver and contain 2 Car Wheels. Car Wheels cost 2 gold each. Full Jerry Can of gas is only 4 sliver. 2 Cans of beans is 4 silver. Pack Pricing Czech Vest Pouch (CZ_VestPouch_EP1) is 2 silver, holds 6 items. Czech Vest Pouch (DZ_Czech_Vest_Puch) is 2 silver, holds 12 items. Patrol Pack (coyote) is 2 silver, holds 10 items. Alice Pack is 1 gold, holds 20 items. Assault Pack is 1 gold, holds 12 items. Survival ACU is 60 silver, holds 22 items. Used Car is only 2 gold, contains 4 Car Wheels and 4 Windscreen Glass, which cost 12 gold total. M16A2 is 2 gold. Loot inside top floor of Cherno Firehouse spawns inside north wall. Other loot locations in building are a little off also. VSS Vintorez spawns with 10 round mags, VSS mags at vendor are 20 round. Logging to the lobby reloads mags. Doesn't work on regular DayZ. Removing the back tires on a six wheeled vehicle removes the middle tire visually. Removing the middle tires removes the rear, visually. 4 wheeled vehicles have six wheels.
  13. Guest

    Grey screen in shot vehicles

    Got a bug where any player (including Admins) getting shot while in any kind of vehicle gets a grey screen and a frozen screen. Anyone else get this? Thanks, -Silk
  14. The price on the L85A2 Holo is 90 Gold and it sells for 6. Typo?
  15. Hey! I have this problem on my server that tents and other collidable items in general are generally double. The tents at stary for example has one at the outside and another at the inside slightly offset. Is this a common problem cause I have tried reinstalls and stuff. I have allot of scripts, but the problem also exists on a fresh install I did today. Thanks for your time and any help ;)
  16. ever since the new update i havent been able to login to epoch servers anymore. either i get automatically kicked or this pops up http://s1089.photobucket.com/user/808KidNinja/media/arma2oa2014-02-0721-09-47-54.png.html
  17. I have repaired uninstalled and reinstalled Arma 2 , Arma 2 OA , DayZ , DayZ Epoch and for some reason I just can't buy or sell anything in the trader's and my trader screen in a bit small compared to the pictures I have seen of it on Google.I can view everything in the shop and scroll down but just can't buy anything.I have looked around and anytime I bring it up on Google all I get is people having problems with trader's on there server anyone have an idea's on what to do?
  18. So i have been setting up a new DayZ Epoch on a dedicated server, and got everything up and running fine, For the final step i installed BlurGaming Anti-Hack, Now most of you "Might" say that its a scam and doesnt work, even though it works on ym sever, i got it to work, but i spawn in debug, sometimes i can move around in debug, sometimes i cant, when i can, i spawned in a heli and tried to fly, and then i get sent to lobby, I uninstalled the Anti-Hack and ran they epoch server by itself, but the problem persisted, and when i tried running around, i got sent to the lobby. I tried re-installing the whole MPMissions\DayZ_epoch_chernarus.11 and without the anti-hack, and Again i still spawn in debug, and i read it has to do with the init.sqf file in the MPMissions, i tried downloading a fresh one and installing that and the problem still persists, if anyone has any answers to help me with this that would be great thanks!
  19. 6 full cinder walls reverted to half walls upon the last server restart. Locked garage cinder door, full and 1/4 wood floors unaffected. (Melly's Tavi Server
  20. I was on the beta testing server today, and melly was filling up her Arm-SUV, and when she turned off the generator i still heard the sounds. now the way I found to fix this Is relogging but It gets kinda annoying after a little while. Is there anyway for this bug to be fixed?
  21. Hello, been playing the new update for DayZ Epoch for awhile now, and I have noticed every now and then, as my friends and I avoid and hunt the AI, there are occasionally vehicles (In particular SUVs) that don't allow us to enter them. Oddly enough we can refuel and salvage them, we can put gear in them, but it won't let us enter them at all. These are not bought vehicles or player-spawned vehicles. Also something noticed was whenever a player with a low humanity and a player with a high humanity tried to enter the same car it would let only one and not the other, we think it could be the humanity (hence why I mentioned it at all) but are unsure and this issue ranges from atvs to Helios. Sorry if my grammar or anything is bad, and look forward to anything advice on how to fix this issue.
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