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    Hooty got a reaction from DaOne in DayZ SA PvP Game mode | Vanilla++ Project   
    These guys are killing the DayZ scene with their mods, and now a Fully Custom Death Match Server !!! Once again VPP 4 THE WIN!!! 
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    Hooty reacted to DaOne in DayZ SA PvP Game mode | Vanilla++ Project   
    DayZ Deathmatch game-mode:
    Newly open, fully modded game mode providing quick action for those who wish to practice surviving better in Chernarus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    -Global chat to satisfy your sh!t talking needs.
    -Voting system (vote for next area to PvP in)
    -New modded weapon collection
    -leader board and score system (long term stats and progress all saved, system still in development)
    -Killfeed UI
    -Minimal mods to download

    --> More Screenshots!
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    Hooty reacted to DaOne in DayZ SA PvP Game mode | Vanilla++ Project   
    nice spelling on that title

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    Hooty reacted to Merkadis in yRun WIPED 9/29|100K|Missions|KeyCards|SpawnSelect|Helis|KOTH|CarePackage| CheckUsOut   
    Definitely the best server out there if you're looking to throw down with others. Endless amounts of PvP action. Server owner is extremely active and always striving to improve the overall quality of the server in every aspect. If you haven't checked it out yet, you're missing out.
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    Hooty reacted to MrPopo in yRun WIPED 9/29|100K|Missions|KeyCards|SpawnSelect|Helis|KOTH|CarePackage| CheckUsOut   
    Itachi is wrong lol, must be confused for another server. This is my favorite server for sure, tons of guns and loot everywhere, great mods and PVP.
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    Hooty reacted to opdelta in yRun WIPED 9/29|100K|Missions|KeyCards|SpawnSelect|Helis|KOTH|CarePackage| CheckUsOut   
    Server rocks a high amount of players almost anytime. An active community on discord and on the forums. A really good balance of mods that improves the server's experience, feel and fun. Projects for the future, a really well located server host so you can get a great ping coast to coast and continent to continent. Not to mention that the staff, despite the low number, are always helping and working on improving the server and limit toxicity. 
    Play it and you ill definitely enjoy your time there.
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    Hooty reacted to daryl922 in Walking Dead Hilltop   
    -dayz_server create folder
    -Open server_functions.sqf
    -search "#include "mission_check.sqf""
    add it below
    execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\ChernarusBuildings\hilltop.sqf"
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    Hooty got a reaction from Airwaves Man in [Release] O9 Gambling Script [Updated for]   
    Thanks Dude!!!
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    Hooty reacted to Airwaves Man in [Release] O9 Gambling Script [Updated for]   
    Hey guys, this is the release of my O9 Gambling Script. If you like to add this feature to your server you can do it now with that offical release.
    Go to github download and install the files:
    O9 Gambling Script
    If you have cards you get a free gambling try.
    You can gamble for 1000, 2000 and 3000 Coins and get the price 1x, 2x and 3x. The script is not optimized but it works out of the box and can be used with overpoch.

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    Hooty got a reaction from JakeQue in Bases are decaying after force maintain   
    It is infistar I had the same problem when i updated it couple updates ago. Simple fix real easy.
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    Hooty reacted to Schalldampfer in Skalisty Island Treasure Hunting   
    Tiny update on github.
    [Fixed] clear announce before clear when ST_marker_island = false
    [New]  you can change graves to something else now.
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    Hooty reacted to S4M in New Custom Trader   
    For the epoch community!!!
    Hi mates, This is a simple and light trader that I use on my server.
    1. create folder "custom_maps" and put in your server.  // You can put the name that you want.
    2. put into the custom  folder "Shero_S4M.sqf"  // You can put the name that you want.
    3. in your server_functions.sqf
    Files Here!!!
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    Hooty reacted to juandayz in Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?   
    try use this code
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    Hooty reacted to gelo534 in [1.6 Harvestable hemp, smoking weed, pot farms]   
    class Item Your item Value Here [hello, what do you have to enter here?
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    Hooty reacted to Cherdenko in Farewell   
    Hello guys,
    im not gonna write a lifelong letter explaining why I'm gonna leave this forum for a while or even forever.
    Most of the people might know by now that its coz of a certain person which name i will not be naming.
    But first of all:
    I wanna thank you all for 2 epic years i got to participate in this community, with great scripters like @juandayz, @oldmatechoc, @iben, @Hooty and all the others which i might have forgotten. I wanna thank you guys for an awesome time in which i really learned a lot more then i could do by myself.
    My scripts will still be available but i wont be posting any new ones. (except my account getting rm from said person)
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    Hooty reacted to Richie in Farewell   
    It's a sad time to see anyone leave, you'll always be welcome back though @Cherdenko
    Thread locked due to the previous replies which are now removed, come on guys, let's try and get along with one another.
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    Hooty reacted to oldmatechoc in Parachute "Hack" fix   
    Message me if you'd like a new version.
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    Hooty reacted to JasonTM in [RELEASE] JAEM - Just another Evac-Chopper Mod v1.6   
    Thank you for testing. The problem is that the exitWith clause was nested in an if - then scope so it did not exit the script, just the original scope.
    The fix is to find this line in SetEvacChopper.sqf
    format["Making an Evac-Chopper costs %1 Coins", evac_chopperPriceZSC] call dayz_rollingMessages; and place this below it
    breakOut "exit"; I have updated this in github. Thanks again for the testing.
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    Hooty reacted to JasonTM in [RELEASE] JAEM - Just another Evac-Chopper Mod v1.6   
    This is a reworked and updated version of JAEM originally from @OtterNas3 This version is compatible with DayZ Epoch 1.0.7.
    A complete set of install instructions is provided on my github repository Download Here
    Let me know if you have trouble understanding them or if I made a mistake.
    New Features
    ZSC support -  you can choose between Epoch currency or ZSC to pay for your evac chopper. Deploy Anything - you can use Mudzereli's right-click actions to call the evac chopper instead of using the built in self-action loop. Plot pole and plot friends restriction - to prevent players from placing evac helipads in obnoxious places, they have to build them on their own plots or their friends plots. I have placed all of the config variables in one place in varables.sqf. The variables all have explanatory comments. Adjust them to your preferred settings:
    // Evac Chopper Config Variables evac_chopperPrice = 1; // This is the price players pay in full briefcases to set up an evac chopper (between 1-12 briefcases). Players must have the briefcases in their inventory. evac_chopperUseZSC = false; // If you have ZSC installed you can set this to true and have players pay the amount below to set up an evac chopper. evac_chopperPriceZSC = 100000; // Price for evac chopper if you have ZSC Installed and evac_chopperUseZSC set to true. evac_chopperMinDistance = 500; // Minimum distance for player to call evac chopper. Do not set this lower than 500. evac_chopperZoneMarker = 0; // Evac zone marker type (0 = Landingpad | 1 = Smoke). evac_chopperNeedRadio = 0; // 1 - Require player to have a radio in gear to call evac chopper | 0 - Doesn't require radio to call evac chopper. evac_chopperUseClickActions = false; // If you have Mudzereli's Deploy Anything installed and are going to use click actions to call the evac chopper, set this to true (disables call chopper self-action loop). Functionality Instructions
    if you have any other mods which save classname "HeliHRescue" to the database, be aware that this particular classname is used along with ownerID to make this mod work. If you already have an instance of HeliHRescue saved to the database with your playerUID, then you will get a message stating that you cannot create another when trying to set an evac chopper. To create an evac chopper you need a keyed helicopter, a plot pole, and the money to make the purchase. You have to have the key in your inventory to set and clear the evac chopper field. Walk up to the helicopter and you will get blue self actions for setting and clearing the evac chopper field. You do not have to have the key on you to call the evac chopper. There is a flight status monitor that appears in the same place as the debug monitor, so you will want to have the debug toggled off to view it. If you use Mudzereli's right click actions, make sure to set variable evac_chopperUseClickActions to true to disable the built in self action loop. If your helicopter is destroyed simply place a new one on the rescue helipad. The call evac chopper function finds the nearest heli (within 10 meters) of your rescue helipad. It does not return your money when you disable the evac chopper. Known Issues
    There is only one known issue at this time. If the player is killed while the evac chopper is in route, the helicopter will not return to base. The pilot lands at the evac zone, gets out of the heli and just stands there. The helicopter remains locked. The way the code is written, it looks like it should work, but everything I have tried thus hasn't fixed it. I might try using some diagnostic logs to try to find where the breakdown is later. As long as you don't die before it gets there, it's smooth sailing.
    OtterNas3's original release topic
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    Hooty reacted to salival in Delete vehicles parked in safezones on restart   
    Replace this line:
    default{_msg = format["%2: %1",_typeOf,_txt];deleteVehicle _obj;[_objID,_objUID,_msg] call server_deleteObj;}; With this line:
    default{_msg = format["%2: %1",_typeOf,_txt];deleteVehicle _obj;[_objID,_objUID,_msg] call server_deleteObjDirect;}; For what it's worth, this is a good script with a lot of features but it is very performance intensive since it scans every vehicle to see if it's in the safezone on server startup
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    Hooty reacted to Schalldampfer in [RELEASE] DZAI [Updated for 1.0.7]   
    Add [ _killer = effectiveCommander vehicle _killer; ] into fn_cuntkills.sqf like this:
    This will make humanity when you kill an AI with a vehicle turret weapon.
    (PvP kill in 1.0.6 already has this feature)
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    Hooty reacted to salival in [Release] Virtual Garage [Updated for 1.0.7]   
    Hi guys,
    Just pushed an update for Virtual Garage to remove vehicle ammo on spawn, heres the blurb:
    This is quite a requested feature since players are abusing the garage to get free rearms.
    Basically what this does is when the player stores a vehicle, the server (on server startup) will generate a random key.
    When the vehicle is spawned, it will check that key against the current server key, if they match, it means the player stored that vehicle this restart and the ammo needs to be stripped, if they don't match this vehicle was obviously stored on a previous restart.
    Thanks to @icomrade/@Dayz_Epoch for the random key code and to @icomrade again for the heads up on the turret code on the biki.
    See this commit for the changes: https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/commit/65a33e7b07efa71c0acfb87ce77cc044f254edb2
  24. Haha
    Hooty reacted to Cherdenko in Anyone in need of a coder?   
    Ive been here now for nearly two years (scripting since 3) and even i havent learned out. Over the while ive helped a lot of people without payment and also with them offering some and i denied it all the time, coz i like helping ppl with that stuff. i think salival summonded the point up quite good. You must either be darn good at setting up servers or there have to be extra actions included like bj.
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    Hooty got a reaction from Cherdenko in Anyone in need of a coder?   
    I have to agree with @DAmNRelentless Im a redneck and figured out most stuff on my own. If I can anyone can.
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