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yRun DayZ StandAlone

Absolutely No Racism, Homophobic Words, Or Any Other Types Of Hate Speech In In Game, Discord, Or Our Website! yRun Is A Community For Everyone! 


                      Website: https://yrungaming.enjin.com/
                    Discord: https://discord.gg/EaSgghZ


                    Server Ip Address:


Be Sure To Read Our Servers Rules Before Joining!!!

You Agree To the Rules In the Link Below When Joining Our Servers!!!


We Share Bans With Over A Dozen Other Top Servers To Help Keep The Cheaters Out!!! 


 Servers Information

Custom spawn selection spawn points "NWAF, SWAF, and NEAF included"


Custom Loot Tables unlike anywhere else.  

High Loot.

Custom Zombie Loot.

Weapons spawn with mags and ammo .

Custom map edits "SWAF, NEAF, NWAF, Traders, and more"

Custom reduce rate of food and thirst.


Custom Weather No Fog or Rain.


Short  Nights.


Better sale of meat to increase hunting.

Random starting loadouts.


Traders with and without safe zones.

Key Cards.

Helis Cars and Trucks.

Virtual Garage for ALL Vehicles.

Custom Missions only found on yRun.

Care Packages.

King of the Hill.


Global Chat.


Kill Feed.


Compass Hud.


Interactive Player Map.


Party System.


Auto Run.


More Inventory Slots.


Modified Item Sizes.


Ammo stacks up to 4x more.


Unlimited Stamina.


No Collision On Building.

Custom Mining.

Mystery Box


Base Building Plus.


Code Locks.


Breaching Charges.

Door Only Raid.

Raid Only on Weekends.

No Wetness.


Modded Zeds and ArmA 2 Hookers.


More Camos and Gear.


Jogging  Zombies.


No Bare Foot Bleeding.


No Bleeding Hands From Ladders.


No Shoe Damage.


No Glove Damage.

No Breaking Legs.

Reduced Weapon Sway.

Warmer Temps.

Custom Scopes and Suppressors that fit MOST GUNS.


Custom yRun Mods.

"Dupe Fixes, Troll Fixes, Safe Zone Fixes, Custom Clothing, Custom Base Raiding,  Suppressors are quieter & more durable, Plus More Unique Features & More To Come"

Server Mods List



We are not pay2win! We are thankful for all donations as they are what keep yRun up and running. Sorry no donation perks can be handed out no exceptions!


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:rolleyes: at least its full lol. Its the internet, its full of toxic trolls. We have rules on whats allowed and whats not like racism and other touchy remarks. You say my admins dont care when they are very busy helping. As for the low number you cant just give anyone admin powers, that leads to badmin abuse. All in all sorry you had a bad exp.

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Server rocks a high amount of players almost anytime. An active community on discord and on the forums. A really good balance of mods that improves the server's experience, feel and fun. Projects for the future, a really well located server host so you can get a great ping coast to coast and continent to continent. Not to mention that the staff, despite the low number, are always helping and working on improving the server and limit toxicity. 


Play it and you ill definitely enjoy your time there.

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Definitely the best server out there if you're looking to throw down with others. Endless amounts of PvP action. Server owner is extremely active and always striving to improve the overall quality of the server in every aspect. If you haven't checked it out yet, you're missing out.

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    • By Harkness
      Please consider joining our custom Epoch | DayZ | Expansion | Namalsk or Takistan servers, we have 2 long term Admins on both UK/US continents and run our servers completely for charity and from 100% clean and renewable energy too!
      Click here to join our Discord for more information
      DayZSA Expansion Namalsk     |     DayZSA Expansion Takistan     |     A2 DayZ Epoch Namalsk            |             |
      Custom Content:

      - Armed Roaming / Dynamic AI Bandit Patrols
      - Custom Land and Air Trader Camps
      - Banking and Wallets
      - Customization Land Rovers
      - Advanced Weaponry
      - No Vehicle Crash Damage & Fix Vehicle Positions
      - More weapons packs, loot+, vehicles+, custom clothing & backpacks
      - Bounty Hunting
      - Unlimited Stamina
      - PvP & Raiding
      - Modular Vests
      - Igloo Crafting
      Thanks we hope to see you there!
      CPU: Xeon-X5690 @ 3.46GHz
      RAM: 16GB
      Storage: SSD
      Additional Features:
      ATM Banking | More Weapons | More Cars | More Loot | Namalsk Igloo | Light Saber Mod | No-Vehicle-Crash-Damage | Trader Wallet - Money/Item Storage | Custom Namalsk Spawn Selection | Custom Trader Cities | All items added to traders |Namalsk Airdrops | | Notification System | Territories System | Auto-run System | No Stamina System | Safezone System | Mission System | Skin System | Map UI and 2D/3D Markers System | KillFeed System | Towing System | Player Attachment | Custom lighting | Custom interiors | Custom ocean | Working Street lights | Builderitems | Gravecross | KillFeed | Notifications | Gravecross | Horn | Autorun | No stamina | MoreGuns | Street lights | Car Keys | CodeLock | Map UI and 2D/3D Markers | Global/Transport/Party Chat | Book (Server Info, Rules, player stats | party management | territory management) System
    • By C4-timah
      I sure this is possible, I've seen it on He-Man's server, but where are the options to enable these?
      1. How to you get missions to be announced over the epoch radio
      2. How to claim missions - currently no claiming required
      3. Extend safe zones around protected traders
      4. Add more missions beyond the default 12 bandit missions.
      I know this is a lot to ask. I'm new at this and the sea of forum posts are extremely elusive for the specific questions above. Links and comments would be greatly appreciated!
    • By Grahame
      I have ported some of the Extra Wicked AI missions from ARMA2/DayZ/Epoch's Wicked AI system. They are a purely derivative product based on this work:
      Missions ported so far are: Abandoned Trader, Ambushed HMMWV, Army Base, Drone Pilot, Old MacDonald's Farm and Slaughter House. 
      I will be continuing this work with the others when I have time.
      NOTE: In order to use these missions you will require CUP Terrains Core on your server. For those running non-vanilla ARMA3 maps, for example Chernarus Redux that should not be an issue.
      (1) Copy the files in the downloadable archive to your Wicked AI's missions/bandit folder.
      (2) Add the missions to the mission array in WAI's config.sqf, for example:
      wai_bandit_missions = [ ["abandoned_trader",5], ["ambushed_hmmwv",5], ["army_base",5], ["drone_pilot",4], ["macdonald",5], ["slaughter_house",5], ["nuke",4], ["Mi_48",6], ["MV_22",6], ["sniper_team",8], ["rebel_base",5], ["medi_camp",5], ["dropside",5], ["comm_center",10], ["C_192",11], ["destroyed_ural",11] RePBO Wicked AI and upload to @epochhive/addons and enjoy!
    • By iben
      All credit belongs to all authors of used source files:
      DayZ Epoch developers, collaborators and contributors (thank you guys for your excellent work!) @Markk311, @f3cuk, @Jossy, @BangL, @nerdalertdk, @Caveman - creators of this system @JasonTM, @salival, @ebayShopper - for keeping system alive, further developing and fantastic support Special Thanks goes to:  @_Lance_ for deep addon testing and most usefull feedback. Thanks to him we know, how IWAC works under heavy load on populated server (12 concurrent missions :)) @totis, who brings great ideas into this script and did a great tester job! @DAmNRelentless for offering German translation and taking care of addon Github repo. @salival for his ZSC remote msg script which we are using ... all great guys helping make WAI better (I'm pretty sure I forgot a lot of people...). Thank you all for your great job! ===
      Download v1.3.1 [Last update: 2018-01-16]
      ... once upon a time, *mr. yeahBUT* and *mr. no_name* chatting:
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      IWAC? OMG, what is it?
      A: mr. no_name
      Well, it's Autoclaim addon for WAI mission system.
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      ...yeah, but is it usefull? What it can do?
      A: mr. no_name
      Not sure about the first question part... but it could be.
      If one of your server rules says somenthing like: "Player has to claim mission in sidechat and mark mission on map with name", well, this addon is just for you.
      It's fully automatic, which means - no more sentences like: "I forgot...", "Who is doing mission xy?", "Could you please remove your marker once mission is finished?" etc.
      This little addon will make all the job for you and your players.
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      pffff... I have PVP server. Totally useless!
      A: mr. no_name
      Probably yes... Do you wanna hear more?
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      hmmm.. not really, but I have nothing to do right now, so continue...
      A: mr. no_name
      ...OK my friend. I have certainly nothing to do either, so I will... :) What's your question?
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      ok.. let's start with somenthing I can picture in my mind. Do you have any screenshot so I can see it in action?
      A: mr. no_name
      yeah, sure...

      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      What is that red circle around mission?
      A: mr. no_name
      This is somenthing I call it "claiming zone". You can configure it using these variables:
      iben_wai_ACzoneActivate = true; // Turn claiming border ON/OFF iben_wai_ACzoneMarkerColor = "ColorRed"; // Border color iben_wai_ACdistance = 1300; // Distance from mission center to claiming border ---
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      hm.. 1300m? It's a little bit too much. Should be much shorter distance.
      A: mr. no_name
      It's completely up to you. If you want to be loved by your snipers, set it to 400m and set AI skills to max - no kidding, I experienced this setup already :))
      Also remember - there is somenthing called timeout distance in WAI - you can search variable `wai_timeout_distance` in WAI config.
      If `wai_timeout_distance` < `iben_wai_ACdistance`, mission can dissapear in front of player's face (which doesn't mean it's a bad thing...)
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      Well, it's too bad. Can you imagine what happen if two or three missions spawns close to each other? You think it's not a problem player could claim multiple missions?
      A: mr. no_name
      How should I answer this question...? Let's start with this: When you try to setup any system, you should think about it.
      I mean - there are variables `wai_avoid_missions` and `wai_avoid_traders` in WAI config for example.
      Just use bellow formulas and you should prevent mission (mission claim zones) overlapping:
      wai_avoid_missions = ((iben_wai_ACdistance * 2) + 500); wai_avoid_traders = (iben_wai_ACdistance + 200 + 500); // ... also see picture bellow:
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      That's nice, but I've already experienced mission placement is not perfect... there is a chance player will claim two missions!
      A: mr. no_name
      In fact, it's not possible. If player is already 'claimer', he is registered and system doesn't allow him to claim multiple times (you can see it in the video at the bottom).
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      Alright... what's that flag with name? I don't want to expose player name!
      A: mr. no_name
      It's up to you again. You can configure all about player marker using these variables:
      iben_wai_ACshowNames = true; // If false, text = "Claimed by a player [realtime status info]" iben_wai_ACmarkerType = "hd_flag"; iben_wai_ACmarkerColor = "ColorBlack"; ---
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      ok... yeah, but it's too bad to expose player by setting marker on his position...
      A: mr. no_name
      You are not exposing his position. Marker is created in random spot within given range. You can adjust it by setting variable:
      iben_wai_ACmarkerRange = 400; ---
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      cool... so why not create flag object to be visible close mission? Cool idea, huh?
      A: mr. no_name
      yeah, sure it is :) You can use these variables:
      iben_wai_ACcreateFlagOjb = true; iben_wai_ACmarkerFlagClass = "FlagCarrierINDFOR_EP1"; // ... see the picture bellow:
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      How will player know about claiming is happening?
      A: mr. no_name
      You can enable message system and let player know. Just use bellow variable and install client side files: 
      iben_wai_ACplayerMsg = true; ---
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      Yeah, but... still. Why should all players force to read useless msg that are not about them?
      Also... that's server resources waste to broadcoast so many msgs...!
      A: mr. no_name
      Actually msg is private. Only player involved is informed and can see the msg.
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      Yeah... but there is couple more troubles. For example: Mission just spawn close to my position or I'm just passing by location.
      I don't want to be a part of mission fight, but still... I'm in zone... That's not good.
      A: mr. no_name
      You can use bellow variable and set it to some reasonable value in seconds.
      That gives passing by players enough time to decide to stay or leave claiming area.
      iben_wai_ACsafeClaimDelay = 60; ---
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      Too many troubles... what about players in bases?
      A: mr. no_name
      Just make your decision if you want to allow players fight missions from base or not. You can use following variables.
      This way you can force autoclaim system to ignore these players.
      iben_wai_ACplotRestriction = true; iben_wai_ACplotRange = 30; // If 'iben_wai_ACplotRestriction' is true, what distance from plotpole is not allowed? ---
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      Hm, but what if player claimed the mission and dies, loses connection etc. What then, ha...?
      A: mr. no_name
      As you can see at the above picture, there is marker with player name (or anonymous name) and so called `realtime status`.
      If player is alive and fighting inside claiming zone, status is `Active`. If player is gone - timeout is fired.
      That means, system will wait given time for claimer return. If timeout runs off, mission is free for claiming.
      You can set some reasonable time for timeout in seconds:
      iben_wai_ACtimeout = 300; ---
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      What about my admins? I don't want them to claim missions just because they are helping inside zone...
      A: mr. no_name
      Yeah, got it. You can exclude your admins from system:
      iben_wai_ACexcludeAdmins = true; iben_wai_ACadmins = ["0","0"]; // List your admins UID's ---
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      Wait! I'm using moving missions like 'patrol'. It's a nonsense to use autoclaim for that kind of missions!
      A: mr. no_name
      Agree. If you have any kind of moving missions, or custom missions you want to be free for all, just exclude them:
      iben_wai_ACexcludedTypes = ["patrol"]; ---
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      Ok then. So... I have couple more minutes before my favourite movie starts. So last a few questions:
      I believe you will face problems in such scenarios like: multiple players in the same time in the zone - who will be first?
      What about other players? And what about player or better players in vehicle?
      You will not be able to sort them out and it's gonna be chaos!
      A: mr. no_name
      Well, I made the best I could in given time and space. I don't want to go too deep, but imagin autoclaim system as somenthing like simple `memory buffer`.
      This buffer is **(a)** able to recognize all players in area (including all players inside vehicles); **(b)** is able to sort them out by distance.
      It's very small probability two players will reach the same distance in the same time - the only exception crossed my mind are players
      n the same vehicle - they share the same distance. But system is able to recognize them and sort them from driver to cargo.
      But anyway, system is able to handle these scenarios pretty well (at least I hope so according to test results);
      **(c)** System works in layers - from register list, wait list to claim list. Each layer is equiped by self-cleaning mechanism,
      so each list is real image of status in claiming zone. (self-cleaning means, once player leave area etc., he is kicked from list
      and next player in list takes his place - there are no `dead souls in list`).
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      OK... here we go. So another loop for WAI. It's already server performace killer as it is...!
      A: mr. no_name
      Hm... good point! And no, we are not creating any extra loop (not single one...). We are using already existing loops -
      and we are using these loops only and only if it's reasonable and exiting them immediately if condition isn't met.
      According to couple weeks testing on populated server with cca 20 players, no FPS drop was recognized.
      BTW: you can add some debug logs to loop critical points and see the result.
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      ...yeah, but I can imagine how installation is gonna be difficult...
      A: mr. no_name
      Actually, it's not. Visit this github repo and clone or download files. Follow repo structure and merge it with your server/client files.
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      That's all you can say about installation??? Are you serious??
      A: mr. no_name
      No and yes. One more thing - addon is designed the way so you don't need to touch any of WAI core files (except a few lines in init).
      If you will follow repo structure, you can quickly switch between default WAI files and addon files by setting bellow variable to true/false.
      iben_wai_ACuseAddon = true; // :: WARNING > If you don't know what I mean by "merge files" at this momment, // :: you should probably wait a little bit and learn, before you start to play with (especially) server-side files. ---
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      Hmmm... my movie has just started... have to go now. And BTW... your English sucks... and this addon too... bye...
      A: mr. no_name
      :( ... I know... bye...
      Later in time...
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      Hey! IWAC is now part of WAI by default?
      A: mr. no_name
      Yes, it is. Since v1.2. It's updated for Epoch
      Q: mr. yeahBUT
      I don't get it... Seems v1.3.1 is out and it's not the same version as WAI has inside the package. What does it mean?
      A: mr. no_name
      Well, it's just a little improvement. Couple days ago several people made a fix for "mission overlapping". We decided to stick with our approach.
       If you update to v1.3.1, you will get 2 new options in your 'customsettings.sqf' file (see bellow + detailed info in 'customsettings.sqf'_).
      Now, what is important:
      'iben_wai_ACcoordProtectorTimer' gvar means:
      "If you give me any value > 0 in seconds, I'm gonna protect your just finished mission area against new mission spawn for given time." Protection is processed only if: valid spot for new mission was already found; there is at least 1 item in 'iben_wai_ACprotectedCoord' array
      (that means, at least one mission was completed and coordinates has to be protected agains new mission spawn). If you decide to update and you don't want use this fix, just set 'iben_wai_ACcoordProtectorTimer' value to 0.
      Default position fnc will be used with default WAI fix (note: if you've already updated your WAI core files). iben_wai_ACcoordProtectorTimer = 300; // @since v1.3 if (iben_wai_ACdevmode) then { iben_waiACfindPosLimiter = 999; // @since v1.3 }; // :: If iben_wai_ACcoordProtectorTimer > 0 && iben_wai_ACdevmode is true, // :: you will see in your server RPT somenthing like that: // 19:14:07 "=== [IBEN WAI AUTOCLAIM ADDON, v1.3] || DEBUG [find_position.sqf] >> 'iben_wai_ACcoordProtectorTimer' active (300s) >> Initialising custom position FNC for mission coord protection..." // 19:14:07 "=== [IBEN WAI AUTOCLAIM ADDON, v1.3] || DEBUG [IBEN_fnc_AC.sqf] >> Currently protected missions coordinates (iben_wai_ACprotectedCoord) >> [[561.226,[12890.3,11228.4,0.0142517],"MainHero1"]]" // 19:14:07 "=== [IBEN WAI AUTOCLAIM ADDON, v1.3] || DEBUG [find_position.sqf] >> Spot found. Checking if spot is in protected coordinates >> iben_wai_ACprotectedCoord >> [[561.226,[12890.3,11228.4,0.0142517],"MainHero1"]]" // 19:14:07 "=== [IBEN WAI AUTOCLAIM ADDON, v1.3] || DEBUG [find_position.sqf] >> Loop complete valid position >> [6129.23,8784.35,0] >> in 1/999 attempts" ---
      The end.
      IWAC - private server msgs, map markers, status, respawn:
      IWAC - multiple claiming protection, exclude plotpole area option:
      That's all I've got... enjoy, have fun...
    • By totis
      I want a script that autoclaims a mission ,with player's name next to mission's name, by the first person who goes closer than 1000m from center of mission.
      Can someone helps me with this?
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