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DayZ SA PvP Game mode | Vanilla++ Project

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DayZ Deathmatch game-mode:

Newly open, fully modded game mode providing quick action for those who wish to practice surviving better in Chernarus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



-Global chat to satisfy your sh!t talking needs.

-Voting system (vote for next area to PvP in)

-New modded weapon collection

-leader board and score system (long term stats and progress all saved, system still in development)

-Killfeed UI

-Minimal mods to download


--> More Screenshots!

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    • By JohnyMST
      Hi guys,

      I'm hosting a deathmatch event on our server Tonight at around 7-8PM GMT.
      We need a lot of players so it would be awesome if you could join us for the fun!
      Last survivor that is alive wins: 1xCHINOOK, 1xSAFE, 1xBRIEFCASE
      You will be given starting gear before the match starts and will have 3 minutes to run into the maze and find a good place to start the war! :D
      There are ammo and weapon crates spawning in the maze so it's going to test everyone's skills in DayZ PvP ;)
      No shooting outside of the maze during the event.
      All inventory must be empty before entering the maze.
      You will be given the following gear as a starter:
      1xMakarovSD + 3xAmmo for MakarovSD
      1Bloodbag, 1Morphine, 2Bandages
      1Food, 1Drink
      Admins will not be participating in this event so it's all for players only.
      How it was in Europe

      Screenshot of the Maze made by BSB Network:

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