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Anyone in need of a coder?


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Hello LiamR,

I am looking to start a server, but have no coding/scripting past. So I would love to be in contact with you for all my needs in setting up and running a server.

If you are still interested let me know, and we can get in contact via discord or other means!


Tray McCloud


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On 11.12.2017 at 1:35 PM, liamR said:

started coding and scripting around 2-3 months

On 11.12.2017 at 1:35 PM, liamR said:

now i am extremely familiar with the language

On 11.12.2017 at 1:35 PM, liamR said:

most things working


I hope you really think about this offer. This guy is a new guy on Epoch Forum and said that he started 2-3 month ago and is now extremely (doubt that) familiar with the language. As I quoted he only gets "most things working" means he just follows install instructions from existing scripts. Everyone can do that and charging money for that is very sad. There are people that install scripts for you voluntary or you just follow the install instructions of the scripts you want. You could easily do that yourself. Please do us a favor and try it yourself before asking someone, that's how you learn it and how you become a good server admin.

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Just thought i'd weigh in on this.

I don't know what @vbawol stance is on people taking donations on here for doing work, but here's my opinion

The world works on payment for time spent on things, if you spend your hard earned time helping people, you should be able to take donations but DONT excpect them. HOWEVER.

I have helped a lot of people on here that have paid people to set up their servers and done either a shit job or not finished the job at all.

If you are serious in wanting to do paid work setting up peoples servers and writing scripts, you better do a bloody good job.

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Ive been here now for nearly two years (scripting since 3) and even i havent learned out. Over the while ive helped a lot of people without payment and also with them offering some and i denied it all the time, coz i like helping ppl with that stuff. i think salival summonded the point up quite good. You must either be darn good at setting up servers or there have to be extra actions included like bj.


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