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  1. Hi guys! I want to share the work of Asgardian-systems. Launcher and auto patcher source code (Visual studio 2017) MY website: http://asgardian-systems.eu Discord: https://discord.gg/tJUS4XQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AsgardianSystems/ Donate: paypal: [email protected] Download: http://infopade.com/1zAr
  2. Hi yeah im interested im using this package right now on this server:
  3. Afterlife Dayz OVerpoch Script Pack -7 custom build... (Basebor,Balota,Basenovy,Elektro (trader) Gem trader, Hilltop) -Wai Mission -Bank traders ( disabled) //MODULES// -abandonedvault -deathcorpse -drug_bust -gems -player_supply -weed Scripts: -safeZoneRelocate -Stormz Craft menu -AntiDupe -Tow/and Lift -Plot management (maintain) 10 days -New Effect map right click -remove grass, map right click -Custom trader -Added trader (Gem and sniper trader) -Custom loot -Remove zombies plot pole and trader zone -Tab menu script -Stary parking custom build script -Hard loot -Hotwire door and vehicles ...etc //Battleye// -Fix full script -Bec auto restart 3 hours Server start: -Restart.bat Donate paypal: [email protected] use it with health Afterlife Server scripts Download
  4. daryl922

    Maintain bug?

    Hi guys i want to ask you some help. It doesn't matter if we maintain the base, the server is randomly deleting the plots and doors after few days (randomly). Any solutions? Sql events: Hiveext.ini Plotobject.sqf Help please!
  5. Hi guys i want to ask you some help. Somehow we cant maintain, and the server is randomly deleting the plots. Any solutions?
  6. Help Server,rpt blacklist.sqf
  7. Server rpt PRELOAD_ Functions\init [[<No group>:0 (FunctionsManager)],any]"
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