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    • By Nytrex
      Hello there!
      Not my first work, but also not the best!
      I'm just starting a own server, and adding a bit of customstuff for the future players.
      I wanted to share that stuff with you, so you can use it aswell, if you going to like it.
      Screenshots at the end Quote
      Tested on a ARMA 2 DAYZ Epoch server -
      I also changed the important "Map_" classnames to "Land_" so there will be loot in all the barracks, and the Super market :)
      Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2winspp45saavs/balota.sqf
      1. Create folder for all your buildings in your dayz_server.pbo // Skip this if you already got one!
      2. Put the downloaded balota.sqf in this folder" 
      3. Go to your dayz_server.pbo again, head to the "init" folder, and add at the bottom from server_functions.sqf this:
      4. Repack your dayz_server-pbo, upload it again - There you go! 
      If youre are interested in the server, take look here: Community Server by Impact eSport
      Thanks for tuning in! If you find any bugs, just let me know them!
    • By Gabriel12237
      Hello Community i need help .

      Sorry for my bad english. Im from germany and i need help.

      I Have Advanced trading and Single currency 3.0 (without global banking) from zupa, and when i sell or buy in the normal trading menu , the trader dont use coins from me. With advanced trading menu the trader use coins for the item.

      Pls help me.

    • By chi
      I have looked but can't find any info on this anywhere....
      I wanted all of my buildables to be set to right click the toolbox. I have it all set up right with 46 items in the drop down menu. The drop down menu will not load and it breaks the crafting window when I load that many. I haven't tried to figure out how many possible entries I can have in the drop down menu without breaking anything, but i did just try to put 4 items in it and it worked fine.
      Does anyone know:
      ---how many entries the menu will hold without breaking
      ---If it is possible to change the max number of items it holds
      ---Or if i just have to make a second right click entry for the toolbox and have a whole other crafting window pop up with a different sets of items?
      Thanks in advance!!!
    • By mgm
      Following the forum software upgrade, this post became invisible. I can't seem to make it work any more not sure what's wrong and don't have the time to mess with it any more.
      Here is a quick fix, I took the code 1st post BB code and converted to HTML.
      Published the resulting HTML code in GitLab repo at https://gitlab.com/themgm/Arma_3_Misc/raw/master/HOWTO_setup_Arma_3_Epoch_Dedicated_Server/HOWTO_setup_Arma_3_Epoch_Dedicated_Server.html
      Sadly the one above does show as TEXT and not HTML web page.
      Here is a hack to the hack, I copy & pasted the code to a web developer pastebin-like site, here is the link:
      Until I have time to troubleshoot just use the above link please.
      To mods: this new forum software does seem to suck BTW :(
    • By Zupa
      Version 2.1 Released.
      Alternative selling/buying system. ( Run default & this one next to each other ).
      Config traders Single Currency & Default Currency Selling/Buying everything from and to Gear/Vehicle/Backpack Not supported
       No database traders (database traders make your server slow)  No ability to buy or sell vehicles. What was added to 2.0  Default Currency Supported Item Filter Info display of selected Item Buying to gear and backpack What was added to 2.1Fixed content display of vehicles and backpacks. Description
      Sell directly from backpack, gear or the vehicle ( close) where you were driver from. Decide which items you sell. Traders will only make it possible to trade the items they accept ( goes fully automatic, so only items they accept will be listed on the left).
      You push items to the right to sell, only the items on the right willl get sold.
      Safety measurements
      Double checks what was deleted from backpacks/vehicles so that people can not cheat. Can only sell from your backpack and the vehicle were u was the last driver from ( in 30m radius)  
      Update 1.0 - 2.0 instructions  Delete your old 'zupa' folder  Paste the new 'zupa' folder  Edit the config.sqf to match your server  Done https://github.com/DevZupa/AdvancedTrading/releases/tag/v2.1   Items only show for admins when using infiSTAR AH & Admintools ?! Update infiSTAR to latest version. edit config.sqf to reflect your server correctly.  
      Installation instructions
      Install Instructions
      0. Drop the zupa folder in your mission file   1. In your fn_selfactions.sqf
      _buyV = player addAction ["<t color='#0059FF'>Advanced Trading</t>", "zupa\advancedTrading\init.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; s_player_parts set [count s_player_parts,_buyV]; above
      // Database menu _buy = player addAction [localize "STR_EPOCH_PLAYER_289", "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\show_dialog.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; s_player_parts set [count s_player_parts,_buy]; 2. in description.ext, add the following on the bottom
      #include "zupa\advancedTrading\ZSCdefines.hpp" // if u don't have it from ZSC #include "zupa\advancedTrading\advancedTrading.hpp" 3. Add the following exceptions to your antihack if needed
      AdvancedTrading 711197 4. Edit the config.sqf to match your server.

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