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Found 10 results

  1. In your: \Arma 3\@epochhive\addons\a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo are the different maps... unpack the pbo and open \configs\maps MAPUWANTTOEDIT.H [ It is divided into the different maps. (Stratis, Altis, Cherno, add more if u need ...) ] Example:Altis.H start with: propsPos[] = { //in the propsPos you can add houses, atm, waterbarrels or everything you want. just.... propsPos[] = { //trader city #1 {"Land_MarketShelter_F", { 13315.3, 14512.4, 0.0361125 }, 119.966}, { "Land_ScrapHeap_2_F", { 13315.9, 14499, 0.00584948 }, 255.706 }, { "classnameyouneed" , { X , Z , offsetY }, azimut } // add more if u wish, but the last one without comma Important is only the last batch may not a "comma" so, look at the "," at the end from the line. Build what you want with the A3 Editor, save coordinates for your cpp (press "copy Epoch CFG to Clipbord"), then past this in a empty txt file, or directly into the cpp. *with the custom pbo you can specify more features, such as set vector and so Repack the .pbo and ready *If you want to build with the MCC Sandbox Tool or Zeus, save with MCC Sandbox (press "save all sqm"), then convert the coordinates and add this into the cpp. (Use the Mission converter)* The coordinates: useful tools and links:
  2. Following the forum software upgrade, this post became invisible. I can't seem to make it work any more not sure what's wrong and don't have the time to mess with it any more. Here is a quick fix, I took the code 1st post BB code and converted to HTML. Published the resulting HTML code in GitLab repo at https://gitlab.com/themgm/Arma_3_Misc/raw/master/HOWTO_setup_Arma_3_Epoch_Dedicated_Server/HOWTO_setup_Arma_3_Epoch_Dedicated_Server.html Sadly the one above does show as TEXT and not HTML web page. Here is a hack to the hack, I copy & pasted the code to a web developer pastebin-like site, here is the link: http://output.jsbin.com/cejamiwaxa Until I have time to troubleshoot just use the above link please. To mods: this new forum software does seem to suck BTW :(
  3. Description: This trader is completely pre-configured and well working. It goes along with Zupa's currency system which allows traders to trade for money, you may also use this on servers without currency by changing a simple line of code. The safe zone coordinates have been given, and everything's perfect. Have fun with the system and let me know what you think. The trader uses all traders except blackmarket and helicopter traders, there is no banker as I used the storage script with Zupa's system. There is a helicopter landing pad, a wide car-park. It also includes map markers, e.g the black markers on the map when searching for a trader. I hope you enjoy my work and I'll be releasing more soon! Image of the full trader: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/37489965390073538/F3019F5D803021C13D9DD426C2B5E7C8DD94A60D/ Not Sure! I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be placed in the Epoch Bases section, as it's also a tutorial for installing traders, it isn't just the base. So if this has been released in the wrong place, please make sure you let me know and I'll see if I can get it moved. Also, it would be really nice if you guys could drop a comment on the homepage of my website!
  4. We all know that feeling, you just got your server tweaked and optimized just how you like it and an Epoch update comes out! OH NO! what do we do? Wait for the mod authors to release their own patch? Hell no! We diffmerge! If you followed my guide on how to override mod files, you may be asking "what happens if the files we overrode changed on an update?" well the answer depends if it was changed. Here is how you can locate all the changes if there are any and make the changes needed to keep your server running. What you'll need: Diffmerge, A working copy of DayZEpoch Server, modifications Difficulty: Advanced Scenario 1: An epoch mod update came out and you being a good admin want to make sure there were no changes made to your reference file. For this guide, we will assume you modified the variables.sqf by using my tutorial Locate the files you have made changes to Locate the original file Diffmerge the two files and compare changes, merging where necessary Right click your original file and select "Diffmerge->Open With Diffmerge" Click "Browse" on the 2nd line referencing the "right" file. Note diffmerge always goes from left to right. Meaning the file you wish to change or update needs to be on the right hand side! Here's what the diffmerge window looks like, note the changes in red. You can see where we added the new class reference. If we click the down arrow (Next Change) we can scroll all the way to the right and see where we added our new skin That's it. Just take a look at all the changes and use your reasoning to determine if you need to make changes. If you are being studious, you may have noticed a few more changes near the bottom of the file represented by the red "-" on the left. Ignore these, normally you would only see the top two changes.
  5. I added this since i have found little to no help on removing ammo from vehicles with multiple gunners. I take no credit for the script what so ever i just fiddled around with it until i got it working to my needs. If you use the fnc_remWepSG script and run a Epoch-Origins of Overpochins server and would like to make the Flying Fortress avaialble in traders without ammo at every restart just add to your "dayz_server\compile\fnc_remWepSG.sqf" and the ammo will be stripped upon purchase and each restart forcing player to use their own ammo. If you dont have this or know what this is, google how to remove ammo from vehicles in epoch. There is a cached version of the install process if the site is still down. If you cant download the sqf here is mine. Its quite easy to edit. Already includes Flying fortress,F-35,Apache,& all variants of the pook transport. As of now there is no way that i know of to acquire/add ammo to the F35 and Apache. I use them as vanity vehicles! Hope this helps! Any other vehicles that trouble you just ask and ill give them a shot on my test server when i have time! But its really easy to do. The only thing that needs edited is the classname usually. the numbers represent the seat. -1 is driver 0-(one less than how ever many gunners the vehicle has) are the gunners. not sure of passengers but they dont matter! Not all drivers have guns, wont hurt to have the command in but its not needed!
  6. EDIT: v0.2 is available for download! Please see the changes in the description for the changed instructions relative to v0.1! The relevant changes are in Step 3. Again, any feedback is welcome! Thank you for trying out my mod! Hello all, This is the very first mod I made, so treat it as a baby step. Hope you will find it useful. :D Any suggestions or feedback is welcome! KeepDocs Mod v0.2 Author: Kisvakond at epochmod.com/forum/ Contact: [email protected] A DayZ Epoch mod to keep players' HowTo documents otherwise consumed for crafting/upgrades. Use the DZE_KeepHowTos variable to control whether you like to lose your documents or not. DZE_KeepHowTos = true -> keep it DZE_KeepHowTos = false -> lose it (default Dayz Epoch feeling) Usage: Do your crafting or vehicle upgrade as usual. The document used will remain in your inventory. Installation NOTE: Use at you own risk! These instructions are for Epoch For future version, please check the github for updates or contact me if something is out of date! Step 1 Download the ZIP from the Github repo Step 2 Form the ZIP, extract the 'addons' folder into (your Dayz Epoch Server folder)\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions\(yourmisson) folder. Or just create the addons\KeepDocs folder and copy the fn_keepDoc.sqf file. If upgrading from v0.1 to v0.2, overwrite the file with the newer from GitHub! Step 3 If you already have a custom compiles.sqf, go to step 3c. If you don't have one, get it by extracting one from your dayz_code.pbo. a ) Locate dayz_code.pbo at (your Steam folder)\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\(your Dayz folder e.g. @DayZ_Epoch1051)\addons\ b ) Use you favourite PBO tool to open and extract dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf. Copy it to your mission folder, mentioned in Step 2. c ) With you PBO tool, copy the following files into the addons\KeepDocs folder in your mission folder: * dayz_code\actions\player_craftItem.sqf * dayz_code\compile\player_upgradeVehicle.sqf. d ) In your mission folder, open addons\KeepDocs\player_craftItem.sqf and search for the line: _inputWeapons = getArray (configFile >> _baseClass >> _item >> "ItemActions" >> _crafting >> "inputweapons"); After this line, insert: [CHANGE below] /* Keep the HowTo document on demand */ _selectedRecipeInput = [_selectedRecipeInput ] call fnc_keepDoc; e ) In your mission folder, open addons\KeepDocs\player_upgradeVehicle.sqf and look for this line: _requirementsMagazine = _upgrade select 2; After this line, insert: [CHANGE below] /* Keep the HowTo document on demand */ _requirementsMagazine = [_requirementsMagazine ] call fnc_keepDoc; Step 4 a) In your copy of compiles.sqf in your mission folder, replace the line: player_craftItem = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\player_craftItem.sqf"; to player_craftItem = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\KeepDocs\player_craftItem.sqf"; b ) Then, replace this: player_upgradeVehicle = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_upgradeVehicle.sqf"; to player_upgradeVehicle = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\KeepDocs\player_upgradeVehicle.sqf"; c ) before the line you have changed in step 4a, put this line: fnc_keepDoc = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\KeepDocs\fn_keepDoc.sqf"; /* Addon for custom craft and upgrade functions */ Step 5 a) In your init.sqf, locate the end of the variables. Look for //Load in compiled functions Before this line, copy /* Set up to keep howto documents after using them. To set back default behaviour (lose documents), set it to false. */ if(isNil "DZE_KeepHowTos") then { DZE_KeepHowTos = true; }; b ) Skip this if you already have a working custom compiles.sqf based on the original one. In the mission's init.sqf (located in the root of your your MPMisson\yourmisson), locate this line: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf" and replace to call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "compiles.sqf"; /* Compile Custom Functions */ That's all. Hope you like it! :D Kisvakond
  7. Edit: tutorial removed by request. will be working on a more specific tutorial in the near future.
  8. I want to look into how to make the traders look different by adding/removing buildings. I noticed on some servers their trader cities look completely different than mine. Does anyone know how to do and if there is any already made trader cities? Any help would be helpful and thank you.
  9. Ive seen a bunch of nice solutions on how to automate a server restart, and they all seem to be more effort than needed. Open your bec schedulere.xml and add a #shutdown command at the time you want it to restart. Open your server starter bat, and make it look like this: @echo off color 0a title DayZ Autorestart :top start "arma" /wait "Expansion\beta\arma2oaserver.exe" YOUR ARMA PARAMETERS HERE goto top Make sure this bat is in your main arma2 folder, and tadaa, autorestart. No need for fancy tools or fire daemon or whatever. Just batch and gooo! The same should be done with the BEC autorestarter: @echo off color 0a title BEC Auto Restart :top start "BEC" /wait "Bec.exe" -f "Config.cfg" TIMEOUT /T 10 /NOBREAK goto top Place this in your BEC folder and run it. The Timeout is to make sure BEC doesnt start before the server starts. Enjoy
  10. I am looking at the player_login.sqf and I want to give a custom inventory to players with a generation higher or lower than x. In this case, I want to give players who have been on the server for a while a backpack. I can handle the logic of the inventory, I just need to know how to get the generation number of the player. Thanks
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