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Jonathon Pfeffer

'DayZ' Not Opening on Steam!

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Hello friends,

I am encountering a serious problem on Steam. I have launched 'DayZ' last week from Steam. But strange when I am going to open this game on Steam, I failed. Its not opening properly. Has anyone faced this kind of issue before? Let me know your thoughts.

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    • By Ghostrider-GRG
      For a while now I have wanted to put together an addon that makes available additional storage containers and, in the future, other craftable items like heli pads, additional lights and so forth. To that end, and with quite a lot of help from Grahame, I offer V 0.1 of Extended Base Objects for Epoch. It offers a variety of additional storage containers and an easy method for installation.
      Installation: download from my github here:  https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/EB4E
      Subscribe on Steam here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1475332817
      Unpack your mission.pbo using PBO manager or its equivalent.
      Copy all files from the mapname.epoch folder to the folder created by unpacking your mission.
      Repack your mission.
      Copy @EB4E to the same folder containing @Epoch and @epochhive on your server. 
       Copy the key found in @EB4E\Key to the \keys folder on your server.
      Add "EB4E" to the -mods="@Epoch;blahblah;" parameter for server startup.
      Players can subscribe to the mod here: https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/EB4E
    • By Kovicson
      Was wondering if theres a way to kick new steam accounts say a new accounts that arent any older than 60 Days or so?
      Hackers just using new accounts.... Kinda annoying 
      Thanks :)
    • By Birgitte
      Hi guys,
      Looks like the steam patch last night screwed up both my servers, I can't find anything here about how to fix it and I can only see folks complaining on the steam forums. Anyone else having issues?
    • By Zedmag
      Ok guys, this is racking my brain. Ill set a few things first This is not my first rodeo.  I have privately hosted servers long before Epoch.  Then i got bored. Currently im hosting an Epoch with Overwatch server (Overpoch) Here is my current Server launch bat: (working) " start arma2oaserver.exe -port=2302 "-config=instance_11_Chernarus\config.cfg" "-cfg=instance_11_Chernarus\basic.cfg" "-profiles=instance_11_Chernarus" -name=instance_11_Chernarus "[email protected];@DayZ_Epoch1051;@DayZ_Epoch_Server" " Here is my client launch params in steam: (working) " -window -nosplash -mod=C:\@ArmaMODS\@DayzOverwatch;C:\@ArmaMODS\@Dayz_Epoch1051 " You will notice in the Server and Client params that i am not referencing the Arma 2 directory OR the Expansion directory. The Addons (from Arma2) folder is copied into the Arma OA directory on both the Server and the Client.  The Server and Client are on 2 diff machines. This current configuration works perfectly with NO issues. Lets get that straight.  Now with this said, Ive had friends join with out issues using this same client method. What ive noticed is people trying to join thru out the day and getting kick almost immediately OR sitting in debug (used spectate to watch). Yes, verify sigs are enabled.  This got me wondering why? Had another friend try joining and they used DayzLauncher. He would log in, then get sent to debug right after the lobby.  if he switched back to my method, joins right in with no issues.  Ok, so i tried joining with DayzLauncher, same thing, i get stuck in debug.  Ok this got me thinking how DZL is loading, its referencing the Arma 2 directory and the Expansion folder such as: " "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2;Expansion" " ok, so maybe thats my problem on my server. so I attempt to use this param on the server: " start arma2oaserver.exe -port=2302 "-config=instance_11_Chernarus\config.cfg" "-cfg=instance_11_Chernarus\basic.cfg" "-profiles=instance_11_Chernarus" -name=instance_11_Chernarus "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2;Expansion;@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch1051;@DayZ_Epoch_Server" " And this one on the Client thru steam: " -window -nosplash -mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2;Expansion;C:\@ArmaMODS\@DayzOverwatch;C:\@ArmaMODS\@Dayz_Epoch1051 " no dice, Session Lost.  Ok, Lets try DZL, nope, same thing, Session Lost.  Ok, lets try DZL and connect to someone else's Overpoch server,  SAME THING. Ask my buddy to try, Same result.  Reinstall EVERYTHING fresh. SAME THING. only a hand full of servers are able to be joined with DZL, and I tried almost EVERY Overpoch server i could find in DZL. Now, back to my method, I am able to join EVERY overpoch server i can find in the Server browser with out issue.  So im asking all the server owners and gamers to fill me in on the secrete here? People say the whole copy the Addons folder no longer works, but it seems to be the ONLY method that works for me in any configuration. Clients shouldn't have to do anything special to connect to my server, so how are all the Servers on DZL getting people to connect with out issues? Any help would be appreciated, though ive probably tried it. If you comment, ill respond with results.
    • By Jun_msk
      Hello everyone!
      Any player has the ability to create multiple parent accounts Steam. They get a new UID and a new GUID that is attached to the main.
      If you get bans bad players on the UID by using infistar, the guilty person may go to your server with the new UID without buying a new game.
      To track these multi-accounts I created a small script that checks Your server_log.txt and displays the list of violators.
      The script is here: cplace.ru/tvink.php
      You can use if your server is not allowed to have multiple accounts!
      Всем привет!
      У любого игрока есть возможность создать несколько родительских аккаунтов Steam. При этом они получают новый UID и новый GUID, который привязан к основному.
      Если вы баните плохих игроков по UID при помощи инфистара, то виновник может зайти к Вам на сервер с новым UID без покупки новой игры.
      Чтобы отслеживать такие мультиаккаунты я создал небольшой скрипт, который проверяет Ваш server_log.txt и выводит список нарушителей.
      Скрипт тут: cplace.ru/tvink.php
      Можно использовать, если у Вас на сервере запрещено иметь несколько аккаунтов!
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