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  1. Verify the mod, if not, change the order of the launch parameters
  2. this information is correct, yes, but if you ban their main (most likely what they are using) then they can't use any alts. So your tool basically ctrl+f Owner GUID then alerts you?
  3. i am, yes, a GUID ban will ban all shared accounts
  4. Player ID = Steam ID, as its a different steam account, its a different player id, but guid is linked to cdkey so can't be changed unless another game is bought
  5. Player ID changes, GUID doesn't as its the same CDkey, this tool is practically useless as a playerID ban will be sufficient.
  6. PlayerID = steamID example 76561198124298612 = http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198124298612/
  7. Pretty sure he had something on that he shouldn't, or he was running expansion beta wrong. Got him to boot arma with skipIntro [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch;@expansion\beta\expansion -noSplash -noFilePatching -world=empty
  8. I can make this in python if you want me to
  9. I've sent you a request through steam, should be quicker this way
  10. I understand that, but server scripts are updated very frequently to stop bug abuse etc etc
  11. You just joining the server straight with Dayzlauncher or are you lauching via dayz launcher then remoting in?
  12. What happens when there is an update? you must make people re download it with the updated version, or you could figure out a solution for that problem
  13. You would probably need to have some sort of client/installer to keep it all up to date
  14. Check your launch parameters
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