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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, We have put a lot of time and effort into our Epoch 1061 Overpoch server, we have a pretty good dedi box an i7 7700 but we got to ranked 13th and hackers started demanding we change things to suit their friends who play on the server. We did not give into their demands and banned the players, for this they keep crashing our server with a crash server sqf, also they keep taking over rcon when ingame (but am sure it just chat) spamming messages etc. We contacted our server providers and they said it's up to us for server security, but surely this is a criminal offence ? Does anyone know of how to stop these attacks please ? Somehow they can join servers when globally banned. Thanks in advance, Nick
  2. Was wondering if theres a way to kick new steam accounts say a new accounts that arent any older than 60 Days or so? Hackers just using new accounts.... Kinda annoying Thanks :)
  3. I know, we as admins, always have to deal with flood of hackers that love to run into a server and trash it for entertainment purposes. I was getting feedback from people saying BattleEye wasn't banning people for months or at least for a month on the min. I broke down and wrote to BE about this subject. BE (BattleEye) responded back with some very encouraging emails stating they are actively after users that are "hacking". They are very aware of the top gentlemen who are producing the bypasses. I find it encouraging that I did get good responses back from BE. I was honestly expecting a cut and paste response, no response, or some type of angry response. I've had conversations with Punk Buster about their system always failing which I was told in not so many words to choke on a summer sausage. NO anti-hack is 100% nor will it every be, but if you had complaints or concerns about BattleEye,. . . you shouldn't. They are keeping toe-to-toe with these guys (hackers/scripters). I know a few of the members of this forum are some of the more well known scripters: I expect some trollin' from this. BE in combination with some of the tools out there will help admins with their jobs but never expect to be 'hack' free. (Don't ask me to post my emails - I'm not going to)
  4. So long story short, i would like to setup a system that allows all of us server owners/admins to relay our problem children's info between each other. This would be a simple system where we all share something as simple as a googledoc that would allow us to paste hacker's, script kiddie's, glitcher's, duper's, and exploiter's info (UID, IP, GUID) and we could share this info so we can keep them off of all of the epoch servers. If anyone knows of a system that is already in place or would like to start one please let me know, i am more than willing to setup the framework and if anyone wants my Bans.txt just PM me and you will have it in your inbox.
  6. Had a hacker on tonight who kicked everyone on the server repeatedly He seemed to get them kicked via "CreateVehicle Restriction #61" where he got players to spawn "RUBasicWeaponsBox". Then to add insult he left map markers on the server which cant be deleted(which should come off on reboot). We have his steam ID and profile so currently reporting him. Other than switching on that darn infistar which i really dont want to, is there another way of stopping the map writing and spawning? cheers ned
  7. Sorry but there are so many (russian) hackers, Scripter cheater whatever! I hate it, the mod is no more playable any longer :angry: i played on Skaronator latest version(now), i will wait a few hours, maybe you find a solution, but it will be difficult because of the free arma weekend
  8. TXo1 2 jets killing people, thanks i know yall will take care of it, just a heads up .
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