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player removal of building parts to get back

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I have it in the  configVariables.sqf


add this

DZE_modularConfig = [
        ["CinderWall_DZ", [["CinderBlocks",7],["MortarBucket",2]]],
        ["CinderWallDoor_DZ", [["CinderBlocks",7],["MortarBucket",2],["ItemTankTrap",3],          ["ItemPole",[1,3]]]]


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Just now, salival said:

What did your modular config array look like? This worked perfect for me last I checked.

its works without anykind of changes in remove.sqf? just adding the global variable in configvariables?

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7 hours ago, juandayz said:

its works without anykind of changes in remove.sqf? just adding the global variable in configvariables?

There are changes for remove.sqf, I realise now that because I don't have commit access on github and I have to do pull requests seperately, they come through seperate.

https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/commit/0507563e17b7e00e2bed0c23cc3e72ba9ababeb7 is the commit for remove.sqf

https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/commit/e1f48ea5579d65b36acf36d6f7d6e50def4042e8 is the commit for configVariables.sqf

So i'm guessing @SKS.Goliath is missing the remove.sqf part (which was easily done considering my first post)

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Hey guys,

For anyone else that wants to switch to this before the release of, here's a simple installation example:

1. If you have my zsc/vkc/vg or similar that uses the epoch dayz_code structure in your mission pbo, copy the supplied remove.sqf to your <mission folder>\dayz_code\action folder.

2. Find this line in your fn_selfActions.sqf: 

s_player_deleteBuild = player addAction [format[localize "STR_EPOCH_REMOVE",_text], "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\remove.sqf",_cursorTarget, 1, false, true];

Change it to reference the updated remove.sqf (if you use a different folder structure other than dayz_code like I do, you can edit this here (boooo!)) like this:

s_player_deleteBuild = player addAction [format[localize "STR_EPOCH_REMOVE",_text], "dayz_code\actions\remove.sqf",_cursorTarget, 1, false, true];

3. If you have a custom variables.sqf (which is where I put all my configVariables.sqf overrides, copy paste this into it somewhere at the top:

DZE_modularConfig = [];
	Array of classnames with magazine based loot to be refunded on deconstruction of modular built items that do not typically refund.
	For example:
	DZE_modularConfig = [
		["CinderWall_DZ", [["CinderBlocks",7],["MortarBucket",2]]],
		["CinderWallDoor_DZ", [["CinderBlocks",7],["MortarBucket",2],["ItemTankTrap",3],["ItemPole",[1,3]]]]
	This would refund 7 cinder blocks and 2 mortar for "CinderWall_DZ"
	For "CinderWallDoor_DZ" you would get 7 cinder blocks, 2 mortar, 3 tank traps and a random number of poles between 1 and 3.
	The refund amount can be an array where the first param is the minimum and the second is the maximum, it will refund a random amount between them.

4. Repack your mission pbo and restart your server.

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