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[UPGRADED DEC2017][scarCODE] Virtual Garage System by IT07


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Virtual Garage I think.. I really like the heck out of this!!! but I keep thinking about how easy it is for players to loot and sell cars with it. From what I gather players can just walk up to a car, get in it to "own" it and immediately place it in their virtual garage out of harms way. Drive around some more, find another car, repeat until full. Player then goes to the trader and (please correct me if I am wrong..) is able to bring their car out of the virtual garage and then immediately sell them. Player has no risk of losing those vehicles to AI or other players and can make lots of cash. Not necessarily a bad thing, but def removes some of the challenge if that is indeed how it works... Maybe IT07 will chime in with some more details  ;)

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Nice work, nice GUI ^^


How does it manage inventory so far ? Do you store it and re-add inventory when taking out vehicles ?


Not related, but how do you make the text "typing" style for your invasion mission ?


Thanks :) Inventory has not been implemented yet.

To make text have a type effect; use BIS_fnc_typeText or BIS_fnc_typeText2.

I am using a customized version of that for VEMF.

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