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    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.88 BUILD 167

    Ghostrider, would you mind if I edited some of the code to work for Exile Mod and then allow people to use it? I just want to ask before I go and upload your work, you'll still be credited and nothing involving you is changed in the code. I just want your permission, ya know?
  2. Hey Zupa, is is possible to host this on my website? I have it working, but I can't add a server since I don't fully understand the "PPHP server url" thing.
  3. You little sh*t xD my friend was just asking me to try to make a virtual garage system for our server, but you beat me to it. Looks great man! I hope you release it soon :D
  4. It was more than a few minutes, but I figured out all my problems. It was a simple fix really. In my init.sqf I was executing them after (but not in) if(isServer)then { and also after if(hasInterface) then{ I have it like this as the first lines of my init.sqf and everything works fine! :) //HS-Trader [] execVM "trader\init.sqf"; [] execVM "trader\resetvehicleammo.sqf"; [] execVM "trader\HALV_takegive_crypto_init.sqf"; //End HS-Trader //Halv-Messages [] execVM "addons\messages\init.sqf"; //End Halv-Messages //Halv-Spawn [] execVM "addons\halv_spawn\init.sqf"; //End Halv-Spawn
  5. I wasn't assuming it was the script. I said "I don't think it was me." Not "It's the script and it is broken." Chances are it was me, but I didn't think it was. Don't get so defensive, man. I love your work and all, but that's kinda annoying. I just added it again, along with your messages & spawn selection. I'll get back to you in a few minutes with more info. Like I said I tried this yesterday, and that mission file is already long gone. Once again, I'll post back again in a few minutes.
  6. So... I added this yesterday and when players purchase the vehicle everything works fine. But when I sell the vehicle to a normal trader it makes the crypto I have on me go negative. I believe I bought a 5000 crypto armed offroad and then sold it to a normal trader and ended up with -2400 (or so) crypto. I don't think it was me as I don't think a minor installation error would affect the prices like so. Anyone else have this problem?