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    Holy crap THANK YOU! This looks SO much better! I like the update it looks great!
  2. Hey BigMacUK! You helped me get my first scripts installed on my server a while back! If I were you I would check to make sure you have the latest 0320 BE filters using windiff or similar. !="EPOCH_(say3D|switchMove|storeCrypto|TEMPOBJ|packJack)_PVS" should be !="EPOCH_(say3D|switchMove|(store|take)Crypto|TEMPOBJ|packJack|selectedGender)_PVS" and !="EPOCH_(load|revive|dead|push)Player_PVS" should be !="EPOCH_(load|revive|dead|push|force|respawn|check)Player_PVS"


    Is there any way I can select a different theme/layout for the forum? I dont like this new layout at all.
  4. Look in the trader\init.sqf for this.. (this is for altis but should be similar for your map) [[18459.1,14259.2,0],340.199,false], //trader by mine [[13319,14523.9,0],143.067,false], //trader by stavros [[6193.02,16828.7,0],1.52142,false] //trader by kore Turn the "false" into "true" and it will create a blue marker for the BMTrader if you have BMTraders there and want them marked. I'm sure if you dig around some you can find out how to edit the marker. I think you could also add a marker position in your mission.sqm to do the same thing.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I'm not sure what the problem was but I reinstalled and its working again.
  6. Disabled all mods besides @Epoch and @epochhive, same RPT.
  7. Not sure what you mean.. 0320 was just released public yesterday.
  8. Updated @epoch Replaced a3_epoch_server.pbo and a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo in epochhive\addons Edited loots.h Updated EpochServer.dll Updated mission pbo description.ext. Updated Infistar. Updated BE filters. Updated Config. Checked it all 20 times but server wont start. Been all over the Epoch github and everything is up to date. Complete RPT below..
  9. I'm in the same boat, not on linux though. Did all the above, checked it like 10 times but server wont start. Been all over the Epoch github and everything is up to date. RPT below
  10. What is the .log entry? Also when you say, "it was fine before", what was changed on your server to make it "not fine after"?
  11. Inflated economies adds more realistic feel and give you more room to have a bigger gap in say armed vs unarmed vehicles.
  12. You need to add the right BE filters which are listed on the first page towards the bottom. Right under "Edit Your BE Filter" click the spoiler button and add all the BE filters to the appropriate .txt files.
  13. I guess they just did this yesterday. I wouldnt be surprised if they forgot to update the steam page accordingly. Theyve missed a few small details with the weapons pack so it is possible. All the CUP machine guns and snipers show up under assault rifles at my trader and from reading a couple other posts here they didn't add some handguns to the right spots either. At least with Mas weapons all my weapons at my traders were sorted correctly. Maybe I'm just being picky about silly details. I know they have a lot on their plate with weapons/terrains/vehicles. Still though...
  14. I just hope their vehicles pack wont be CBA dependent. Been looking forward to that one....
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