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  1. Could it be code related? if so where would i look ?
  2. Yeah i tried Those settings but nothing i even tried Default is 6 and nothing :(
  3. Yes it does character,items and backpack items,vehicle gear its only buildables even a simple tent gone everytime i restart
  4. How would i Do something like that ? am sorry for asking i never had this problem before I am also running the latest version of infastar I had a problem where traders werent spawning vehicles after buying a vehicle but my problem was fixed by updating to latest version of infastar.
  5. I have Made an epoch server with the latest Server files. i have looked For a solution here but i cannot find anything when i place Wood walls,cinderwalls,vaults,ect Everytime i shutdown/restart these items are gone players keep their character gear and vehicle gear but not buildables. My hiveext looks like this for this specific setting CleanupPlacedAfterDays = -1. Is this something to do with latest version of epoch? or if anybody knows what it could be please Let me know thanks
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