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Personal safe slots


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Hi friend,

It's in dayz_code.pbo from your @DayZ_Epoch folder. 

You need unpack config.bin to get "CfgVehicles.hpp". There is possible editing slots. 

How unpack config.bin?

You can use ArmA Tools with "unRap" tool from this link:

Copy config.bin to folder with unRap.exe, then click 2x on unRap.exe, will ask you where is config.bin then show him and u will get many files .hpp from config.bin.

I will attach for you this file:

Copy all and put to new file, call it "CfgVehicles.hpp". Extension must be .hpp, not .txt. 

Vault Storage is on 1545 line.

class VaultStorage : Land_A_tent {
			placement = "vertical";
			vehicleClass = "Survival";
			displayName = "Safe";
			model = "\z\addons\dayz_epoch\models\safe.p3d";
			destrType = "DestructNo";
			armor = 800;
			transportMaxMagazines = 200;
			transportMaxWeapons = 25;
			transportMaxBackpacks = 10;
			lockedClass = "VaultStorageLocked";
			packedClass = "WeaponHolder_ItemVault";

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How can I change the number of slots in a vault for example from 200 to 600, or something?


Please note that Vaults were reduced in size recently (Weaponslots reduced from 50 to 25) in order to combat a problem where the server would simply remove _ALL_ items of either Weapon/Tool or Item type.

Increasing this size means you will run the risk of having this issue returned, if I understand the changelog from that patch correctly.

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