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    • By WeepiestLem0n
      So I've been wanting to create a private ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch server for a bunch of my mates to play on, however I dont have a dedicated machine and want to run it on my PC. So I looked at the server download files on the GitHub page and followed the ReadMe, however I absolutely cannot figure out how to get the MySQL server and DB set up. I have downloaded MySQL Server on my PC and created the admin role, root passwords and ran it as a windows service. I now have no clue how to create the database and am wondering if anyone can help me set this up or let me know if I've done anything wrong. 

      I can add on Steam or Discord if need be for convenience.
    • By jackalopeday
      Every time i try and join my server its stuck at waiting for authorization and the logs say "failed to get id". Any idea whats going on here. I am very new to server hosting so please explain in easy terms. :)
    • By Cyrus
      I have been finding that some people on my server has been losing base walls and floors even though DZE_godmodebase = true; , it has no effect on anything built inside the plot radius. So i have come to the conclusion that base items might receive damage on age and this ultimately being removed by server cleanup script. So my question is if I drop this event below will that stop me and others from losing base walls and floor? Or at the minimum update it without any cinder wall items?
      like this  and set damage to 0.001:
    • By Dactyl
      I have a few noobly questions:
      What is the difference between a dedicated server and a not dedicated server? What would i need to set up a server that would still run events even without anyone logged on? What maps can I play Arma 3 Epoch on? I had an Arma 2 Epoch server on my machine some years ago and I wish to do the same with Arma 3. I have looked at a few guides, including the one in the Epoch Wiki (wasn't able to get steamcmd working), and they all seem to advocate different methods. Any advice and points in the right directions are appreciated. 
    • By Soldat5155
      So.. My server worked great not too long ago. Well I had to put it away for a few days. When I turned it back on, everyone logs into this multiplayer lobby now.. What am I doing wrong? Please help! Thank you.

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