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  1. A concerned Epoch fan posted info on both of the Epoch subreddits about some Australian kid who's making a plugin for Rust and launching a server next month using the Epoch name and (from a what I saw in the official video) many of its concepts. As the Epoch crew doesn't often post on reddit and I couldn't find a ready way to PM you guys, I thought you all might want to know what's going on so you can deal with any possible shenanigans. [snip]
  2. If you change that line to read [email protected];@Australia;@AllInArmaTerrainPack [email protected] players will not see a red dot next to @EpochHive (it will be hidden) in the lower right corner of the launcher window. This works for any serverside mod that players can't download.
  3. Rolling back your DB to get it to work only to have it die again would seem to indicate you have a corrupted database. To make life more interesting for you, Epoch build 0.3.2 just rolled out a short time ago so players subscribed to Steam Workshop are going to be unable to join your server anyway. This patch updates redis to a newer version (among other behind the scenes changes) so be careful what you do to get back online.
  4. I put in the coordinates for Altis into the HeliCrashes.sqf file inside the PBO, repacked it and the script worked fine. From OP: Map center points, thank you Aale and San :) Chernarus: [6968.66, 324.481, 8345.91] Altis: [14939.9, 0.0534991, 15083.3] Bornholm: [10058.3, 117.542, 9015.85] Stratis: [4031.66, 110.605, 4222.18] Taviana [12800,0,12800]
  5. FYI, in line 18 of the Helicrashes.sqf file there is a spelling error for the Navid: should be "MMG_01_hex_ARCO_LP_F" instead of "MMG_01_hex_ACRO_LP_F".
  6. Panduhh

    Off Rain

    Make sure you are running the latest @EpochHive\addons\a3_epoch_server.pbo or at least are using it to apply your customizatons. Inside the PBO file the referenced file should be \system\server_monitor.fsm Check the file dates.
  7. The Epoch GitHub repository will show you the changes without even having to download anything.
  8. https://twitter.com/Arma3official/status/623844207489323008 SECREP #00001! FROM: @TheBattlEye / TO: #Arma3 Users / UNIT: Main Branch / ACTIVITY: Anti-Cheat Update / SIZE: ~2.5 MB & ~102 KB From SITREP #00114: Together with BattlEye, we've decided to allow for the possibility to update the anti-cheat files on Arma 3's main branch more frequently. The motivation for this is to react more quickly and flexibly to new security threats. We want to do these small updates (only several megabytes) separate from game updates, so that we can rapidly isolate potential issues, and even revert changes if need be (for example if new restrictions affect too many players negatively by combating hacks too aggressively). There will not likely be elaborate change logs for these updates, but we will start a new type of Security Report (SECREP) on channels like Twitter to alert you about them happening. Subscribe to @Arma3official on Twitter to get notified of BattlEye updates.
  9. The Epoch mod team posted a temp fix with a server side only update (Server version build 9) on 11 June. Bohemia believes they have a permanent fix in Arma 3 build 1.48 due to release in a week or two. A fixed version of both Arma and Epoch are available in the respective Dev branches to test out.
  10. There aren't any BMPs in Epoch. You need to ask whoever put them in your server.
  11. Since Epoch doesn't use HMGs and RPGs it's hardly surprising frequency jammers do not work as intended if server admins add in extra powerful weapons.
  12. Nice work trying to fill an major need of the community but I'm afraid your choice of source was a bad one. While the Epoch wiki is the official one, it is woefully out of date (most A3 Epoch pages are based on v0.2.5.2) as more than a few major items have been added or altered since then. Your best course of action would be to get the data straight out of the relevant files in the mod itself. Not being a programmer or analyst, I could not presume to determine the effort required to parse the necessary data into a usable form. Unless you are getting the real data from the real source, your nifty tool is going to be fraught with errors and a tool that's broken is worse than no tool at all.
  13. There is a 2 min difference because you are using a different method of restarting your server than the one that is usually used with status bars. Simply adjust your countdown time the 2 mins between when your batch file takes your server down and when the timer in the status bar script starts running.
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