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  1. Welcome, I am having an issue with the build cap on my frequency jammers. I checked the forums but most is about protected frequencies. I just cant find the file/s to lift my caps. Any direction is appreciated. Thank'ee sai
  2. i read that the terrain packs need to be before australia in the parameters. now i just get a 'warning prenold: object format blah blah blah e76_shop_multi1.p3d' several sources indicated that corrupt data was the problem and i have since redownloaded all @modfiles and replaced them including .pbo's in my mpmissions. now i read on the workshop that there is a final australia update that isnt available through steam yet, could this be the problem, that epoch updated for newer australia while i am using older australia?
  3. I changed the info in my server files and even found the ones in my documents but still i cant find a difficulty setting besides the one in sc\config.cfg which states: // MISSIONS CYCLE (see below) (epoch.Altis, epoch.Stratis, epoch.Chernarus, epoch.Bornholm) class Missions { class Epoch { template = epoch.Altis; // DO NOT CHANGE THIS, IT WILL BREAK YOUR SERVER difficulty = "veteran"; // difficulty settings: veteran == NORMAL, mercenary == HARDCORE }; }; i've changed this as well as the settings on TADST but it still starts a regular mission on my server as opposed to verteran, crosshairs and many dials in the hud for helis as well. how can i have veteran, limited hud for vehicles and no crosshairs? EDIT: TADST has a difficulty setting under the Difficulty tab at the top.
  4. I followed the directions under this thread, repacked my pbo game started fine but no status bar to be found.
  5. Followed all the steps, repacked my pbo game loads fine but no status bar. i didnt have an init.sqf so i made one it looks like //Status Bar if(hasInterface) then{[] execVM "addons\Status_Bar\init_statusBar.sqf"};TY for any advice
  6. So in order to play australia what keys would I need to take from where and put where? TY EDIT: nvm answered my own question by reading further
  7. how does the DB save? because I am a freshspawn everytime I connect to the server.
  8. As the description states, every time I disconnect and reconnect to my server (installed using this Youtube Tutorial by TheFlyingJet) I am a freshspawn back to square one deciding which manhole to take to adventure. So basically I would like a database that saves and maybe even a way to view the database and edit it.
  9. also when i download the epoch server files there is not a file called @EpochServer, only @epochhive.
  10. when i type the commands (steamcmd.exe +login username password +force_install_dir "c:Arma3Server" +app_update 233780 validate +quit) it does nothing, and if i dont leave a space at the beginning it gives me the "steamcmd.exe command not found" error. so im kinda stuck on one of the first steps. I know it is probably something stupid and elementary that I am overlooking. I will definitely jump on lingor soon.
  11. I was wanting to use lingor specifically, or australia, and on my pc for friends so free would be my budget.
  12. I have a few noobly questions: What is the difference between a dedicated server and a not dedicated server?What would i need to set up a server that would still run events even without anyone logged on?What maps can I play Arma 3 Epoch on?I had an Arma 2 Epoch server on my machine some years ago and I wish to do the same with Arma 3. I have looked at a few guides, including the one in the Epoch Wiki (wasn't able to get steamcmd working), and they all seem to advocate different methods. Any advice and points in the right directions are appreciated.
  13. nice. what be the benefit of not using eventhandlers?
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