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  1. The variable was introduced due to a problem with exiting safe zones causing godmode to be turned off. Basically, you entered a zone while godmode was active, then left the zone, your god mode was now off. This was a crude way of making sure the admin god mode was on or off as reflected by the admin mode settings.
  2. The test branch has it's own safezone system. Though it may be outdated by now. The mod is inherently insecure due to how it's positioned in the file systems, however, when it was created, that was the standard way of doing things. About two to three years after creation is when things started to go into the server files. This is actually continued from BluePhoenix's tools, which were taken over by Gregarious years ago, and after I started using them on my server and fixing them to suit my needs, he passed the project to me and moved on to Arma 3. With limited help from the community I was unable to keep things current after I started full time employment so it basically fell to patches that keep it running. The tools were eventually made as self sustaining as possible and as simple as possible to allow people to make the modifications or change whatever options they wished. This is what spawned the template files and configuration files. I often got a large number of messages asking how to make modifications and these changes greatly diminished those. The project was fun while in college, but after I got a job I had to choose between community work and free time. This was a pretty big learning experience for me as you can tell, considering my repository doesn't even follow a decent branching structure. I wasn't learning what I wanted to in school so I found my own work to teach myself and the project is a bit lesser for that, being a learning tool. The project has only survived to what it is now thanks to the few people like the thread owner. All of the new code that has been slated for the test branch is in there now. I hadn't been on github in a while so it took some time for it to be approved.
  3. The point of checking the log would be to post it here so I, or someone else, can fix it for the community. Don't worry about the repo thing. If you don't know about it, it is best I deal with it.
  4. Does anyone have some time to finish the 1.6 update? The main thing is to finish out the battleyes (annoying tedious). After that it would be great to get the new antihack to play nice with teleport if possible, but battleyes should make it 1.6 compatible for everyone. I work 9-10 hours now so I typically use my extra time for family. I do continue to watch this and the github for pulls. The community is doing a great job of answering questions.
  5. Hey man, you wanna throw that in a commit to the repo? It will log you as a contributor when you do that. It is very weird as to why that fixed it... As for the menu not showing check your rpt log and see if it gives you some insight.
  6. delete uisleep 1. Looks like it no longer allows that for some reason. You could try sleep 1 instead. If sleep 1 doesn't work it should be ok to remove it all together.
  7. The filters are not completed yet. You may have trouble with a few items. Posting known errors will help with that when I get some time free.
  8. Don't use that. That is a three year old solution that has been massively improved upon. You can go to the commit history of the repository and take an earlier version of the file, just don't go back to the dark ages. Has anyone else seen similar problems with god mode? Last time I used the tool I was blowing up zombies with a rocket launcher at my feet. I'll retest tomorrow.
  9. Sorry about the unacceptably long wait for that antihack fix. I've been extensively busy with work. It has been fixed, to fix it simply redo that one readme step where you replace the line for the antihack. No re-installation is needed. This should also fix the teleport problem.
  10. That makes no sense. Go into your server_log text file in the instance folder and copy the kick information. It will give us the code causing it.
  11. You can still use this one, just go through the errors and set the 5s to a 1s. Are you saying setting that last 259 error at line 261 to a 1 didn't work? If so set line 259 to 1 (instead of 261) and see what happens. The best option is to not set 5s to 1s, but to add exceptions, but both fix the issue and it's still more secure than turning off battleye.
  12. And I just found out one of the problems. Filters now consider comments and partial words. That's going to be a nightmare to fix... There was a recent arma update that screwed up a few things. One big problem the ai missions were having was that some of the boxes had their inventories set to 0 spaces.
  13. Are you sure that was 259 in varable value? I looked through the mod and that line in mine shows "\(", which isn't used anywhere in the mod. You may need to delete your local client data and rejoin the server. Sometimes the client data gets messed up and needs to be reset. Had a problem for hours that shouldn't have existed and after deleting client data it worked fine. It's a pretty clunky system they have. You can find it in the appdata where the client rpt is found.
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