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[Release] Sobor Castle

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This is my first release, i made sobor castle 3 years ago, it needed alot of work and since i started making servers again i decided to fix it up, and here i am releasing my first ever map edit!

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jlpgxxk72u0triv/SoborCastle.sqf?dl=1


unpbo dayz_server.pbo

Place the file in day_server\map folder

open init\server_functions.sqf



execVM  "\z\addons\dayz_server\Map\SoborCastle.sqf";

// Precise base building 1.0.5
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\kk_functions.sqf";
#include "mission_check.sqf"



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    • By victorks
      my first work in editin :) https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/20180307202515_1-jpg https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/20180307202245_1-jpg DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oq97j7x59362kqe/CASTLEai.sqf?dl=0 AI M2 NEED WAI: https://pastebin.com/GJMnPvZP ON THE MAP: https://pastebin.com/cyqH9rNV  
    • By Blestda86ta
      server ip-
      *Server started 2 weeks ago*
      Some of our current scripts and features:
      -Virtual Garage
      -Single currency
      -WAI mission system with very high loot boxes and high-end armed vehicle missions
      -DZ mission system with very high loot boxes
      -Deployable gems into static weapons, toolbox into bike/mozzie, scrap metal with other parts into unarmed pook
      -Select spawn
      -Class selection with good weapons
      -Indestructible bases! (base raiding to be added in the future)
      -Full military (all vehicles/weapons)
      -Custom armed vehicles (SUV with YakB, Cargo plane with SPG-9, C130 with 2 GBU's, and many others!)
      -Events (gem ore veins, weed farms, drug bust, bombcrate)
      -Custom traders
      -Service points
      -Right-click scripts (map- locate vehicle, grass on/off, ambient sound on/off, color corrections) (binocular/vector- adjust view distance up to 5k with many other options) *No stupid GPS scans for players*
      -Key actions (right click your vehicle key to eject unwanted players from the vehicle, lock/unlock, and start the engine within 100m)
      -Weather effects, fog off!
      -Random selected fugitive when the server reaches 5 players (fugitive has to survive 20min to get a loot crate of gems/high-end weapons, but if he is killed the box will spawn and the killers can take the loot)
      -Yellow smoke works as tear gas (acts like being drugged for a short time)
      -Custom loot tables with high loot
      -Custom military loot area's with weapon crates
      -Custom map area's
      -Static weed field (great place to get money)
      -Vote day/night
      -1 Mill start in bank, max bank cap 5mil
      -Easy to get started and make money
      -Great server FPS
      -Report any glitches/exploits and receive a safe full of building supplies!
    • By iCEtIMed
      I made a Castle near Stary Trader which is used on my server as an admin base.

      Save the script in the spoiler as a .sqf file named StaryCastle and add it to the root of your server.
      Open your init.sqf and add to the very bottom,
      [] ExecVM "StaryCastle.sqf";            //iCEtIMeds Stary Castle
      (Or if you keep your custom edits somewhere else, adjust the address.)

      It is without all the ingame building.
      The install of the Castle is done.
      If you want to add a protective dome over it so only admin can enter the area then create 2 new sqf's and place them in a folder called admindome.

      Edit the IDs for your admin

      Edit the IDs for your admin
      Once you have these saved in the location you would like (for me I created a folder called admindome and saved them in that), you need to add a sensor.
      Open your mission sqf and find the Class Sensors
          class Sensors
      under that you will see
      you add 1 onto the number you have. For example mine said items=7; so I would change it to 8.
      then scroll down and find the last class item you have (it will always be one less thatn you have because it satrts with item0)
      add this to the bottom

      Remember to change the question marked locations to suit your item numbers and dome sqf locations. And also that it needs to be placed in the sensor code block. So there needs to be 2x }; befor you place the sensor and 4x }; after.

      In that I have my dome as item 5 and my gem tradre safe zone as item 6. (I have 7 items in total.)
      Now you shoudl have a protective dome over your castle.
      Enjoy guys.
    • By DY357LX
      A player was asking if the light on top of his base could be deleted.
      One of the Admins went up there, pressed the DEL key ("Delete Item?" appeared in the menu)
      followed by "1". Instead of the light being deleted, it deleted the castle wall. (Whoops.)
      We thought it would return after a restart but it hasn't.
      We've pretty sure it was the InfiStar antihack that removed the wall (rather than an Epoch function).
      Does anyone have any ideas how to restore the wall?
      (I'm thinking the 3D Editor but can't test it as I'm in work.)
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