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  1. Hi man! loving the server! btw got my mates on here last night too - really good session. Only trouble is - i got killed by an NPC on a mission - chose my respawn point - respawned, unpacked the mountain bike, and suddenly found myself spawned in the sea, some way off Kamenka in the water. my friend suggested i use the suicide function through F5 menu. which i did, and the game crashed. Tried to Ctrl-Alt-Del eventually found myself back at my desktop - tried to log back in to the server, only to be met with a 'You Are Banned' message - not through BattleEye - and i'm able to join other Epoch servers.

    Can you help - unban me? or at least take a look into this? It's really weird, and as i said above, my friends and i are having a really good time on the server.

    Kind Regards


    1. FingertipPhil


      BTW the display if i do appear on the ban list is phil_


  2. Hi Zupa, Can anyone help me with adding other maps. When I create the sqf in the editor, I dont have the second set of co-ords and they dont work. Is there something I need to do for that? Put down a marker or something? Is seems like the second set of markers say where around 1 point the building items should be but I just cant figure out how to create those. Thanks guys
  3. Hey Zupa, Any news on the porting to exile at all? Its all gone very quiet! I see some servers have it installed. Im not sure if this is your work or someones ported it....? Any chance of a PM? Any chance of an update? Like I said befor if I can help, let me know. Cheers. ~iCE
  4. Thats fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work Zupa. Its much appreciated. If I can help in any of my limited ways, let me know! ie. Base design etc Cant wait for you to release this. Do you have any idea when you will be looking to?
  5. Hi Zupa. First if Thanks for all your scripts. You proabbly add more fantastic scripts than anybody and its sure my old arma 2 server wouldnt have been the same. Secondly. Id be interested in trying to export your capture points to the exile mod. Would you be ok with that? I understand its cheeky so I wouldnt add it to the exile releases, but alot of my players love your epoch stuff (as I do) and we could really do with some of your awsomness on the server! XP If you wanted to do a swap Id be happy to pass you my custom klen trader or create something unique for you. Thats the best I can offer, although I do think I cretae awsome custom map editions. My server is down so if you have a use, np. Images of klen. One, Two, Three Images of bash One, Two, Three, Four Thanks man. Repect, iCE
  6. It might be as straight forward as editing all the times you see epoch, to exile but you'll have to wait for a repsonse from Zupa for that, he may not want people to use the script on another mod. Obviously the classnames, coords etc would need editing. Its not cool to talk about a rival mod on the EPOCH forum though dude XP
  7. Did you swap out the files in the server pbo?
  8. Thanks for the interest. I will be upping the files for each custom addition from tomorrow on.
  9. I shared my admin base a while ago. The admin dome is optional of course!
  10. It is probably an issue with your class sensors. Make sure you have added 1 more to the total amount at the top. For example if you added this and it was your 19th class sensor it would be 20 in total at the top (as the first is counted as sensor 0). Alos make sure you have edited the "expActiv" in the mission file to the correct address. And that you have named the 2 files the same as the address. If you need any more help, Pm me and I can have a look at the sqf. ~iCE Ohh and the base inside was what had been built by the admin and myself.
  11. This is the way to run most AI mission systems successfully. You have an option in the GTX config to turn that to false. WAI, DZAI and DZMS all run perfectly with this method. Brilliant work Donovan! Just a quick question. Off the top of your head do you know how much of the marker script I should quote out so there are no markers, baring the suicide bomber? I had a quick look today and began getting errors.My players quiclly learnt the roots that they prefer to take and set up an ambush a little to easily! Thanks again bud, awsome script!
  12. HI Guys. I am having a real issue with this. I can get it to work and have no issues getting into the game or with infistar. The issue I have is that it doesnt show the buttons to kick, join, disband or leave group. All players have a tick next to there name also... doesnt that mean they are already in a group? Has anyone had any luck figuring this out? I had it working on my old server without infistar but just cant sem to work this one out. The instructions are a little outdated now here. Thanks for your time!
  13. it exists on some servers already. Maybe look a bit harder or use some common sense....
  14. Hey Nox, have you had any luck moving this server side? It's a great thing although it does open doors to lots of nastys.
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