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  1. How do I play a after letting DayZ Launcher install 1.0.7? I downloaded 1062 and replaced the @DayZ_Epoch directory but when I join a server I get "You where kicked off the game."
  2. Which file are you filtering these in?
  3. I'm looking to move an Epoch server to a Win server 2012 R2 dedicated server that already has a Life is Feutal server running on it using MariaDB. 1. Will Epoch work on MariaDB and are there any special instructions to make it work? 2. Does anyone out there have experience using MariaDB with Epoch
  4. According to infistars website he has a "Global (cloud) banlist" now. This may be what your seeing here. I've seen something similar in my RPT. "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: CONNECT - Vampire Vapes(765611981782XXXXX) - GLOBAL BAN: GLOBAL BAN: $1" Does anyone have any details on this?
  5. Here is a little Bat file you can run from your desktop to join your server without using launcher. 1. Save this as a .txt file on your desktop and rename it Launch.bat 2. In lines 4 and 5 check that these are the paths to Arma 2 and Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead directories on your computer. Change as necessary. 3. In line 6 Replace and 2302 with the IP and port of the server you wish to join 4. if you use a password place it after -password= (no space between the = and the password) I have a row of these on my desktop for servers I commonly join. To use this for Epoch in line 6 change [email protected];@Dayz_Epoch to [email protected]_Epoch
  6. The current version of InfiStar does not make bans so you will need to answer these questions so we can help you. What is in the A2_HACKLOG"DATE".txt about this player? (found in the server root) What versions of InfiStar are you running? What version of Epoch are you running?
  7. What is in the A2_HACKLOG"DATE".txt about this player? What versions of InfiStar and Epoch are you running?
  8. Jim90


    I still find this old Guide to BattlEye Filters posted by ebay very helpful. http://opendayz.net/threads/a-guide-to-battleye-filters.21066/
  9. Jim90

    Chainsaw Vs Cinder

    Has anyone made a script to stop chainsaws from cutting through cinder and metal? Something as simple as the fuel being removed as soon as the chainsaw hits the cinder or metal item should work.
  10. How to have an item sell at the trader but not buy. As ebayshopper says below setting the buy price to -1 will remove the item from the buy list. When you switch to sell mode it will still show in the list of items the trader accepts. Like this: class ItemTrashToiletpaper { type = "trade_items"; buy[] = {-1,"ItemGoldBar"}; sell[] = {1,"ItemGoldBar"}; };
  11. New version out. Happy Happy!
  12. What version are you using? I'm running v1438 with the dlls that came with v1437 We just did some testing and when an Admin Bans or Temp Bans it kills the player and he can just rejoin. Sometimes he comes back in beside his dead body and has his gear on him so we just helped him dupe. Really cuts down the value of admins when they cant even Ban a player.
  13. Remove his number from the Ban.txt file in the root of your server. Kicking players is the definition of Banned. Or are you trying to stop infistar from banning players at all?
  14. I'm thinking have random snowman armies show up in different locations around the map each restart. And have them guarding a crate so the first person that finds it gets the continence.
  15. You may not want to delete all of the dead players from your character_data, because when a player dies and doesn't rejoin right away his humanity data is stored on that last dead character until he joins again.
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